Custom Videos

Interested in hiring one of the goddesses for a custom video?

  • Send us an outline of your idea
  • How much you’re willing to pay
  • Which Goddess you want to star in the video

Don’t be afraid to ask for anything?
We reserve the right to sell your custom video to everyone else. If you don’t want anyone to see your custom we will charge more to make up the difference.
A starting point for Customs is $100 per hour of shooting time. Remember you’re paying for a videographer, a model and a location plus equipment. Models usually charge $100 per hr. for their time.
If you ask for something really simple like Luna looking at the camera while she sits in a chair and the steth records her heartbeat. The price will be fairly low because it’s very easy to film and we could resell that.
If you ask for Luna to hold her breath for over 2 minutes under water while she walks on the bottom of the pool in full clothing with a bag over her head. That’s going to be difficult to film and we can’t resell it so the cost will reflect that.

Which models are available to shoot?
Look at the Fetish Goddesses page. Any site that’s had an update in the past month or so belongs to an active goddess who is still available to shoot.