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Wow wow wow super breath holds #2 cam a. She kills it with these breath holds with a time over 4 minutes and oxygen levels down to low 50’s even though her heart is beating around 109 bpm at the slowest. Nice contractions and squirming.
Wow wow wow super breath holds #2 cam b. We went over more techniques before she started. She really wants to make everyone love her so she tries very hard. Squeezing the blanket, flexing legs and arms, watching her oxygen levels on the machine.
Super duper ab pulse. This is definitely one of our best ab pulse videos ever because there is so much to see. Her abs are incredible but they are also pulsing in so many different places. The pulse around her belly button is unique and very interesting.
First heart ultrasound. She rests while the ultrasound transducer probes her heart chambers and valves. We briefly try a few different modes like color and b+m.