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Her boobies jiggle jiggle breath holds a. While holding her breath for as long as she can topless she shakes her perfect natural breasts in a variety of sexy ways. She stops ever 20 seconds to record her heart beat then continues. When contractions start she sits still.
Her boobies jiggle jiggle breath holds b. This is recorded in 60fps so movements stay sharp. She pushes the breath hold as long as she can at the end with the steth on her chest. Her legs come up as she squirms around.
Girlfriend lets you listen to her heart after exercise. Her best selling video ever is a video like this so we did it again. She exercises topless then steps up so you can place your steth where you desire.
Our best fast pulse ultrasound ever with heart hiccups. Wow I don’t know how the image is so clear even though her heart is pounding extremely fast and she’s breathing so hard. Usually lungs get in way. Shortly after lying down her heart stops then continues.