I’m happy to announce the opening of a new site. Divine-Lila.com
I’m happy because this new model is not only very fit with abs to die for she is also very eager to shoot these videos. She’s interested in all of it and has a good time shooting. I can tell already that she’s going to be one of the good ones who will have a lot of happy fans. If you like her look and want her to shoot a paid custom send it in. She will be shooting again this Sunday.
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine-Lila.
Nice 1st breath holds with ab pulsations cam a. She does the first with no instructions and then improves greatly with each attempt after that. She makes it over 3 minutes on her first day with some contractions. Very strong pulse in her abs and between ribs.
Nice 1st breath holds with ab pulsations cam b. The view from above. She was amazed at her last time of over 3 minutes and knows that she has plenty of room to go even longer with more practice.
Really sweet hunger growls and belly noises. Wow her stomach is starving and going nuts in this video. It started growling during the first video and this was the last video of the day so she’s really hungry. She was going straight to get something to eat after this.
ECG sampler with a bit of PVC. She lies on her back for 2 minutes, sits up, stands up, does squats, and holds her breath standing. When she exhales her heart gets a few pvc’s before recovering. Should be really interesting to see what happens during an experiment video.