Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Super duper breath holds cam a. Her only goal today is to set a new record breath hold for herself. She looks at the timer when she wants to stop and then keeps going. She gets really deep contractions and squirms around.
Super duper breath holds cam b. The view from above. She stretches out her ribs and diaphragm before starting. She fights really hard here and has some great heart audio. She’s getting close to 5 minutes.
Super sexy ab pulse oiled. She’s in incredible shape right now. The peak performance her body is capable of and those abs are toned. She stops breathing on the exhale to magnify the pulse. At the end she does one vacuum and pulse is still very visible.
Constant belly noises while resting. This was filmed a while ago. She’s getting constant grumbles from her upset belly.