Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Circe.
Proving that she can hold her breath for 10 minutes with HB. She’s upset that you don’t believe she can hold her breath for 10 minutes. She acts like she’s so confident and it will be so easy until those contractions hit hard. She does such a great job.
Proving that she can hold her breath for 10 minutes w/room audio. She deserves an academy award for her sassy acting. She has an excuse for why she didn’t make 10 minutes on her first 3 tries. On her last she swears she won’t stop until she passes out.
Expanded Description: Riley shot a video very similar to this months ago and it was a pretty good seller so I had Circe try it out and she kills it. After her 1st attempt she explains that she just didn’t prepare herself at all. So on the next she does 5 breaths before she starts. After failing again she says she just didn’t know how long it was and it felt like 10 minutes so she stopped. On the next attempt she times it with a stop watch to make sure she’s at 10 minutes. On her last attempt she passes out. She is actually holding her breath the whole time in each scene and her contractions are deep and powerful. You can hear the air trying to escape her mouth.
Jump Jump. She does a set of jump squats in her barely there bikini which struggles hard to keep her nips in. During rest she holds the steth on her chest expertly while flirting and posing for you.