Uploaded 4 new videos to Fetishgoddesses.com
HD Kayla vacuums with natural audio while she stares at you. She is staring directly into your eyes for almost the entire video. She performs nice deep vacuums for as long as she can with contractions. Room audio is recorded.
HD Kayla Back bend and more breath holds. She starts out with a very difficult back bend breath hold that includes nice contractions. Then she does regular breath holds while staring directly at you again. There’s something about that eye contact. Room audio.
HD Summer feels Kayla’s body during vacuums and breath holds. Kayla does multiple breath holds and vacuums while Summer feels her body. They start with back bends then more to regular floor holds. Room audio.
HD Summer breath holds on all fours with machine audio. The SPO2 records her heart rate and oxygen levels while also making a beep on every heart beat. Super strong effort on these holds with long contractions and oxygen in the low 30’s. Room audio.