Posted on August 18, 2022

Uploaded 4new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Sexy and sensual breath holding for you a.  She promises to hold her breath for as long as she can for you. While holding her breath she touches and massages her body in an erotic way. During contractions she tries to maintain sexiness but the struggle is easy to see.
Sexy and sensual breath holding for you b. She strips off her top and plays with her bottoms pulling them down very low. When she finally breathes at the end her breaths are very erotic with some moaning. It sounds liks she just had some great sex.
Full neck pulse with objects added. The visible pulse in her neck is everywhere. Both sides and the middle. A toothpick is added in the beginning and is later replaced by red jewels. They move as her arteries dance underneath.
Listening to her heart beat with red steth #9. She listens to her own heart with the popular red steth. She moves it to a few different places on her chest. 

Posted on August 15, 2022

On this filming day Anance's heart was throwing PVC's frequently for the entire time she was shooting. She had covid not too long ago and my only guess is that her new heart hiccups are related to that.

Uploaded 4new videos to Divine Anance.
Blood Pressure sampler with many PVC's.  She checks her own blood pressure while lying down, sitting up, standing up, and during exercise. She finds it's low and consistent. She gets numerous PVC's unusual heart beats.
Super neck pulse with a lot of PVC's. Her neck is arched over a pillow for a new kind of neck pulse and it shows a lot of movement from her arteries. About every minute she gets a string of 2-4 PVC's which you can also see in her visible neck pulse. Really fantastic video for neck pulse and unusual heart beats fans.
Self pleasure while you auscultate her chest with red steth #9 cam a. She uses her favorite vibe to bring herself to a squirting orgasm. You move the red steth #9 around to various auscultation sites.
Self pleasure while you auscultate her chest with red steth #9 cam b. The view from above. At one point she needed to stop for a minute and reset because she was so close but couldn't quite get there. You will see this change in her heart rate as It goes from fast to slow. 

Posted on August 12, 2022

Uploaded 4new videos to Divine Riley.
Super Vacuums with fear of being tickled by you custom a.  She is doing the deepest vacuum she can with her arms and legs stretched out tight. A stranger threatens to tickle her which causes her to pull her abs in even deeper and squirm around.
Super Vacuums with fear of being tickled by you custom b. In the bgeinning she is stretched out on the floor. Later she is stretched on the incline bench. She really tries to avoid your fingers but you get to tickle her sometimes. This is the lower side view.    
Super Vacuums with fear of being tickled by you custom c. This view is looking from her head towards her hips and you can see way down deep into her panties. Her entire kitty tattoo is visible. These tight panties really show the hip gap well.
Abdomen exam double cam custom. The dr. checks her ears, eyes and neck before listening to her lungs and heart beat. While she's reclined the Dr. Auscultates percusses and palpates both light and deep. She starts out clothed and removes clothing as things progress. 

Welcome to the new version of fetishgoddesses. It's a bit sparse right now but functional. I plan on adding some polls that customers can take part in soon. Also looking at making a smaller banner at the top of this page. Our Faq page was old so I'm going to be changing that up with more current questions and answers. 

Posted on August 5, 2022

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Anance.
Feeling her pulse with palm of your hand and fist custom a. You press you palm into her warm soft belly and feel the pulse around her belly button. Occasionally you switch to your fist. You can feel her pulse is strong.
Feeling her pulse with palm of your hand and fist custom b. She holds her breath twice just until she feels the urge to breathe again.
Doctor Stethoscope comparison. A new Doctor is listening to a patients heart with all of the stethoscopes at the clinic. He moves each one to the major auscultation sites for comparison.