Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Breath hold experiment a. She holds her breath until she gets a few contractions then tries to exhale and inhale a small amount of air so she can keep going but stay in the contractions zone. She breathes a bit too much and it doesn’t work out like we planned.
Breath hold experiment b. The view from above. Both angles have heart beat audio. Because this didn’t work out as planned it’s being sold for a discount.
Vacuums and measuring custom a. She measures her waist, chest and hips. Then measures her waist again while doing the deepest, longest standing vacuum she can. Then she does more vacuums sitting on a chair and with her back arched on the floor.
Vacuums and measuring custom b. This is an alternate camera view from floor level of her deep back arched vacuums. Both cams have room audio only.