Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Circe.
Trying to break her breath hold record cam a. She tries her hardest to break her personal best breath hold time and gets very close. Long intense contractions and big gasps for air after each attempt.
Trying to break her breath hold record cam b. She probably would have beat her record but earlier in the day she did hours of intense cardio at the gym. She was complaining that her heart and lungs actually felt sore and tired.
Neck pulse on both sides slow and fast. She rests while we record the neck pulse on her right side. Then we record it after some cardio. Half way through she turns around so we can see the other side of her neck.

Great news. The oh so beautiful Jadis Is coming in to shoot new videos soon. If you have a paid custom video Idea for her send it in pronto. The average custom video price is $200. It can be much more depending on difficulty or in very rare circumstances it could be closer to $100 but never less than that.