Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Lengthy abdomen exam custom. Dr listens to her lungs and heart before starting the abdomen exam. Auscultation, percussion, light and deep palpation are all performed. Filmed from two angles. All room audio.
Really good ultrasound. The ultrasound is capturing super clear detailed images of her heart’s chambers and valves today. Nice multi chamber views. Her valves hang open for a long time because her heart is relaxed and slow.
Yoga and squats workout. She does another yoga exercise in the beginning that shows off her body nicely. Then she switched to more traditional squats.

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Julia bike workout and chest pulse. She rides a bike every day for many miles so her heart laughs at this exercise and returns to normal very quickly. During rest the camera is on her chest for visible pulse.
Julia visible pulse in abs chest and neck. The camera pans from her abdomen pulse to her neck pulse. Nice rhythmic movement in her neck artery.
Monica visible pulse in abs and neck. This is the same video as Julia’s. Buy them both and compare somebody who works her body very hard every day to someone who doesn’t.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Breath holding topless cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while lightly posing and recording her heart beat. She does some nice back arching and ab flexing during contractions.
Breath holding topless cam b. The view from above.
Yoga teacher lets you hear her heart beat during routine. She does some ass up yoga and wow her ass is looking mighty fine. Her toned legs really look incredible and her heart has some nice weird reactions.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Listening to School girl Cleo’s heart with two steths. You listen to her heart with the Littman master cardiology and the red steth #9. She takes her top off to give you easier access when needed. Near the end she does some cardio to really get things thumping.
Close up visible pulse feeling it with your fingers a. She sits on the stool while you feel the very visible pulse at the center of her chest. You can see her heart moving the skin and your fingers.
Close up visible pulse feeling it with your fingers b. Her heart beats rapidly and acts weird like usualĀ  She had to stop filming for a bit during this video when she started to feel sick from holding her breath while upright.
Mermaid in lingerie performing for over 22 minutes underwater. She’s smoking hot in her black lingerie teasing you and slowly stripping. She can’t help but touch herself in erotic ways she’s never done for us before but you will have to buy the video to see that.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Super breath holds cam a. She does three very nice breath holds with long contractions and almost passes out twice. You can see her get some pretty good samba and uncontrollable shaking after each attempt.
Super breath holds cam b. The view from above. She makes it well over 4 minutes on her second and third attempts.
Visible pulse up close with ECG. Nice strong visible pulse as she hods her breath sitting up. The EKG captures some heart skips and unusual beats. Filmed from two different cameras and merged together.
Leg workout while hooked up to the ECG. She does squats and then rests on the stool during recovery.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Belly exam all palpation custom video side wide. This is a custom video payed for by a customer. The Dr. palpates her abdomen lightly and then deeply. Room audio.
Belly exam all palpation custom video side close up. This version is zoomed in on the abdomen.
Belly exam all palpation custom video cam b. The view from higher up and near her head looking towards her hips.
Super sexy school girl shares her heart beat. She looks amazing in her school outfit as she teases you and gets your heart racing as fast as hers. This is a very hot video with sweet heart beats.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Moxxi.
Cardio and close up breast pulse. She does some cardio to get that heart thumping and then sits on the stool for a close up of her large tits. They shake and jiggle from her pounding heart. Nice heart audio and multiple angles.
Visible pulse from her first day. This video was filmed on her first day and just never released until today. A visible pulse is recorded mostly in her abs but you can see it in other places as well.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Abdomen massage custom video a. This is a custom video paid for by a customer. She gets a nice relaxing abdomen massage with oil. At the end she’s sad that it’s over so I left that part in the video.
Abdomen massage custom video b. The view from cam b.
Balloon breath games with a vape a. She fills up balloons with vape smoke and numbers them. She also does a breath hold and then exhales into the balloon. And finally she fills up as many balloons as possible on one breath with no breathing in between.
Balloon breath games with a vape b. The view from above. These balloons are extremely difficult to blow up.