Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Lux.
Her best breath holds in a few years cam a. She’s been working really hard on her breath hold times. She makes it to 3:28 with a low oxygen number of 53% after fighting through contractions. ECG records her heart and she’s getting some interesting beats.
Her best breath holds in a few years cam b. The view from above.
Intense bike workout with heart in the mid 180’s ECG. She pedals and rests 3 times and each time is more intense than the last. Her heart gets racing to about 185 and then refuses to go below the 150’s. In the 180’s it stumbles a few times.
Intense bike workout with heart in the mid 180’s zoom. This version shows the wide view while she’s pedaling but zooms in as soon as she stops to show her heart pounding in her chest and abs.
Intense bike workout with heart in the mid 180’s cam b. This is the view from the other side. It’s zoomed in on her chest the whole time and you can really see her body rocking hard from those rapid fire beats. She had to lay down for a while as soon as I said cut.

I found the original HD files of Rumor underwater and decided to make them available in 1920x1080HD with much better detail. These are a huge improvement over the originals which were 702×406 and used a much lower bitrate. Her underwater videos are some of the best we’ve ever recorded. Her video with Alex is the best selling video ever across all of the sites because it’s scorching hot!

Uploaded 3 Newish videos to Divine Rumor.
HD Underwater sexy posing. She`s wearing small pasties which barely cover her nipples and the results are awesome. Her toned body catches the light just right. She gets great contractions on her 1st time under. Nice handstand walking across the bottom.
HD Underwater swimming with pasties. She swims and plays around underwater doing somersaults, handstands, rolls, mermaid swims and more. As an awesome bonus, each time she comes up for air she bounces on her feet causing her breasts to bounce in a heavenly way.
HD Mega hot Underwater kissing with Alex. They kiss each others bodies for a while before finally coming together in an embrace. Their underwater make out session is beyond beautiful. This is probably the hottest underwater video we`ve ever produced.

Uploaded 2 new videos to New Goddesses.
Riley breath hold with pressure on chest custom video. This is part of a custom video she filmed. She holds her breath for as long as she can while a good amount of weight is pressed onto her chest. Steth records heart audio.
Riley belly exam custom #2. She shot two belly customs on the same day. One was long and released a few weeks ago. This is a shorter exam that focuses mostly on palpation. Room audio no steth audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
3 nice breath holds with more heart hiccups a. She does 3 good attempts with long contractions and she gets more heart skips like her last breath hold video. This time the skips get worse with each attempt. Her abs move so much during contractions that she looks like a belly dancer.
3 nice breath holds with more heart hiccups b. She tries really hard to break a new record for herself. Nice visible pulse between ribs.
Full Littmann master cardiology stethoscope experiments. She listens with the Littmann while sitting, standing, during and after squats, during a long single squat and during after riding the bike. A second steth in her top records audio for the video.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Iris.
Strong effort breath hold to 3:30 cam a. She really pushes herself with long contractions and a best time of 3:30. Nice heart audio with interesting beats. Oxygen and pulse rate are shown on the vitals monitor.
Strong effort breath hold to 3:30 cam b. The view from cam b. Oxygen gets into 40’s on the last attempt and her lips are very purple.
Nice belly noises with big variety. She’s getting all kinds of noises here.
Listening to her own heart with full stethoscope. She listens to her own heart while sitting up, standing and after exercise.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Siera.
Breath holds with strong contractions a. She gets back into the breath hold game with a great first video reaching 3:25. Her abs flex extra hardcore with every contraction. If you remember her previous videos you know she’s one of the best breath holders ever.
Breath holds with strong contractions b. The view from above.
Belly noises after a sip of soda. Her belly is making a pretty good variety of noises here from hunger growls to bubbles and pops.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Sexy breath holds with oxygen a. She tries oxygen breath holds for the first time and ramps up the sexiness with each attempt. She arches her back and plays with her bikini bottoms, pulling them down to show more skin.
Sexy breath holds with oxygen b. At the end of the video she looks pretty proud of herself. She makes some nice facial expressions during this video and makes it sensual.
Visible pulse after jogging. She gets her heart racing with some jogging in place and then rests on the floor so we can see her chest and abs bouncing around to the beat.
Magical heart video listening together. She listens to her own heart beat in various positions bopping her head to the beat. She gets some weird cycles of gradually increasing bpm followed by a crash down to half speed. Extremely clear audio. Short interview at the end.
Expanded description. This is truly a magical video for heart beat fans. Her heart is so clear you can hear every part in great detail. She’s into it and having fun. Her heart is doing some weird things and at the end she talks about it. She’s also looking extra pretty today.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Hungover breath holds with crazy heart reactions a. Her heart is pounding extremely fast and every 5-10 beats it completely skips a whole beat. I’ve never heard anything like this before. It happens on all three holds but is the worst on the first hold.
Hungover breath holds with crazy heart reactions b. She’s very hungover during this shoot but still pushes herself harder than we’ve seen in a long time. She gets really long contractions. Her crazy heart beat is still the star of the show.
Visible pulse while hungover. Her alcohol infused heart is beating a little erratically here but not skipping beats like in her breath hold video. The audio is very clear and she stops breathing a few times without realizing it.