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Very good belly noises. She’s getting constant belly noises here and it’s a very nice variety of all kinds of sounds.
Great breath holds cam a. She does a great job of fighting the urge to breathe while getting nice long contractions. Her lips turn blue and she gets nice heart reactions as oxygen levels drop.
Great breath holds cam b. This is the same as cam a except for the angle.
Heart beat during and after squats. She gets her heart pounding hard and fast with squats and then stops to rest.

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Breath holding in pink bikini cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded. She’s watching the timer and trying to push herself to certain goals.
Breath holding in pink bikini cam b. Really nice heart beat audio. She squirms around a bit at the end of each hold.
Heart beat recorded in all positions. We wanted to see how her heart sounds when the steth stays in the same spot but she changes her body position to different angles. She does upright, left side, right side, face down and face up. She falls asleep at end and is scared awake for funny blooper.
I thought she might have fallen asleep so I yelled WAKE UP! and she immediately shoots up off the floor with incredible speed arching her back quite a ways in the process. It was pretty funny so we both laugh our asses off.

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Smoking custom big clouds with heart beat. She takes huge drags and creates enormous clouds of smoke. The cam is further back so you can see more of the cloud and where it goes. The break between drags is short so there are a lot of clouds.
Smoking custom big clouds regular audio no hb. This version has no heart beat so you can very clearly hear her taking each drag and blowing it out.

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Visible pulse breath holds on side and back a. She holds her breath to get a nice visible pulse while on her side. Later she is on her back and we add a small dog shaped toy over the area that moves the most.
Visible pulse breath holds on side and back b. Close up view.
Visible pulse breath holds on side and back c. View from the other camera. This camera actually shows the visible pulse better.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Breath holding with back arched over pillow a. The way she lays on the pillow gives a really good arch to her back and makes her ribs stick out nicely. She pushes herself well at the end of each hold moving her legs and feet around trying to get those extra few seconds.
Breath holding with back arched over pillow b. The arch might look even sexier from this angle.
Visible pulse with weight on abs and heart tour. There’s a good amount of movement from the weight every time her heart beats. About half way through the weight is moved to a new spot. Steth is moved a few times for heart beat variety.
Cheapest steth versus most expensive steth. Here we compare the cheapest steth available $13 with the most expensive steth $230. They are placed in the same spot on her chest back to back for a good comparison. Then they move to a new spot for a full tour.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Iris.
Impressive Breath holding cam a. It’s been a few years since she has held her breath and she starts out with a bang. Nice long contractions and good times. you can see her chest moving up and down with each heart beat.
Impressive Breath holding cam b. The view from above.
Jumbo jugs heart beat front. She’s gained some weight since you saw her last and a lot of it went to her breasts. In this video we focus on her chest while very clear and fast heart beat audio is recorded.
Jumbo jugs heart beat side. Side view.

I’ve wanted to incorporate 3D VR into our sites somehow and with the new Lenovo Mirage Camera I think it’s time. I’ve been watching 3D VR videos since the PS4 Pro VR system and the Samsung galaxy gear came out. When done right the videos are absolutely freaking amazing. It’s like you are really there. I’ve watched a video where a smoking hot model in a bikini was leaning in so close to the camera that I smelled her breath for a second before remembering I was watching a video. You can pause these videos at your favorite part and perv out for as long as you want. I plan on selling 3D vr 180 videos on our sites and making some free videos available on youtube. 180 is way better than 360 because the resolution is much higher so everything is clearer. 360 is very hard to watch if you’re sitting down because you have to keep looking backwards and all over. With 180 degree video you see everything in front of you, directly to each side and straight up and down. This Lenovo camera is so new that it’s not even out yet for the general public but it’s coming very soon. I’ve seen sample videos from the camera on youtube VR via the PlayStation VR headset and the quality is the best I’ve seen anywhere. You will be able to view the videos on any VR device, even the very cheap google cardboard. The only problem is I can’t afford the $300 price tag so I’m looking for a donation or donations so we can get this thing. It will cost about $350 for the camera, shipping and a large memory card. It takes micro SD and all of the cards I own are regular SD. If you can help pay for this or pay outright for it message me. 3D VR videos will change your life.

You can also buy the camera from my Amazon wish list and it will be sent directly to me. If anyone does by the camera I will take this post down.

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Difficult bike workout breath holding chest pulse a. This is a custom video order. She rides the bike hard after smoking a lot to really get her pulse pounding and then she stops so we can see her chest and body moving with each rapid beat. On last 2 sets she holds her breath during rest multiple times.
Difficult bike workout breath holding chest pulse b. This is a close up of the area with the most movement. Her entire body shakes with each powerful beat. Camera angle changes slightly with every new set.
Difficult bike workout breath holding chest pulse c. The view from the other side of her body. The combination of smoking and hard cardio made her feel sick but she pushed on through to the end.
Breath holding with long contractions a. She has a goal of 4 minutes and feels good that she will make it today. She doesn`t but she gets some nice long contractions trying.
Breath holding with long contractions b. Included more deep breathing before she starts in this video.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Peyton.
Ultrasound of heart after exercise. Her heart is pounding hard and fast from exercise. For some reason she’s smiling a lot and looking extra gorgeous in this one.
Neck and ankle pulse custom after exercise. She does a cardio workout before each scene starts and then her neck and ankle pulse are recorded. her neck pulse is very good but her ankle pulse is almost non existent.
Blood pressure experiments. She checks her blood pressure numerous times while at various states of physical stress. She starts out sitting and gradually works her way to exercise.