Phyra moved to the other side of the country a few weeks ago but then moved back a short time later.
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Heart problems during standing breath hold game. Wow what a great video. Her heart is beating unusually fast from the beginning and only has more problems as she holds her breath. Eventually her bp drops so low that her heart almost stops and she is forced to sit on ground. Then she does a single breath hold with an extreme fight and long contractions.
Expanded description. Trust me this is an extremely good video. She tries to do the 1 minute breath holding game where she gets to take a single breath every minute but this time she’s standing which is much more difficult. Her heart is having problems throughout the video with irregular beats and tempo changes. Then the audio volume seems to get turned way down but it’s actually her heart beating so softly and slowly that it almost stops. It sounds like the volume goes from an 8 out of 10 down to a 2 out of 10. You can see confusion on her face and a serious unease before she rapidly sits down before she passes out. Then she lays on the floor recovering for a while as her heart goes back to normal although you can clearly hear valves fluttering open and closed.
She felt bad that she couldn’t finish the 1 minute game so she does a single breath breath hold with no preperation and makes it over 3 minutes. She struggles hard, fidgeting and moving her legs and hips around while pushing through a very long set of contractions.
Workout lay down visible pulse after scary breath hold. This was shot right after her crazy breath hold video. Her heart is still beating super fast and so loud that I had to turn the mic volume way down. She exercises while recording hb then lies on floor for visible pulses. Her heart is pounding out of control.

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Blood pressure experiments. Her blood pressure is checked multiple times while she does a variety of things from resting to working out. Nice clear heart beat audio as well.
Self pleasure orgasm different angles a. Every time she gets near orgasm she pulls back a little bit so that when she finally has an orgasm it is powerful and longer than usual. Filmed from her head towards her hips.
Self pleasure orgasm different angles b. This is the view from her hips towards her head. She naturally starts holding her breath as she gets closer to orgasm.

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Ultrasound during breath holds with contractions. She holds a full breath the 1st time, half breath 2nd time, full again 3rd time with extra packing. Nice clear ultrasound images that actually get even clearer during contractions which is unusual.
Jump rope skills pay the bills. She jumps rope in her bedroom for fun and exercise so she’s had a lot of practice. Here she shows her skills then stops to record her heart beat. Her heart takes longer to slow back down after each set.
Weight on abs visible pulse wide angle. We set a large heavy weight on her abdomen before she holds a deep breath. You can see the weight moving and a visible pulse in multiple other places on her body.
Weight on abs visible pulse close up. The cam is zoomed in closer on the area with the most action.

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Bike workout visible pulse over the shoulder. She pedals the bike fast and on the hardest setting to really get her heart pounding. When we stops to rest the view changes to over her shoulder for some very nice chest pounding action.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Visible pulse topless full chest shaking cam a wide. She holds the deepest breath she can and then keeps packing in more air until she’s about to burst. Very nice visible pulse between her ribs. and her entire chest and breasts move with each beat.
Visible pulse topless full chest shaking cam a close up. The cam is zoomed in on the area that moves the most during her breath holds. Very nice movement recorded.
Visible pulse topless full chest shaking cam b. This is the view from her hips towards her chest. You can really see the breast movement even more in this view.
Visible pulse topless full chest shaking cam c. This is the view from the other side of her body. Again you can see the pulsations in her chest and breasts very easily because they are strong.