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B holding over 10 minutes straight crazy HB cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can and then when she has to breathe she takes a little baby sip of air trying to keep her body in the contraction zone. She stays in that zone for over 8 minutes with a total time over 10 min.
B holding over 10 minutes straight crazy HB cam b. She gets PVC’s, Arrhythmia, and other unusual beats during this incredibly difficult hold. You can really see the struggle on her face. This is by far the best anyone has done on this type of video.
Expanded description. When other people have done this video they usually breath a little too much each time and lose the contractions for a little while. Pixie takes in very small amounts of air so her contractions never stop from the 1st one around the 2 minute mark. As time goes on her heart gets some incredible reactions. You can see how hard she’s fighting by looking at her face. Most people who try this never even make it to the 10 minute mark.
Fast ultrasound as she rides the bike. The ultrasound probes her heart while she gets it pumping by riding the stationary bike.
Tub mermaid. Her 1st time looks like she’s been doing this for years. Eyes open, graceful movements, smiles, and long breath holds. She does almost two minutes on 1st attempt and many in the 2:30 to 2:40 range after that.
Expanded description. Again she really kills it on her 1st underwater video. She looks totally comfortable and so cute. She gets some good contractions during her many long breath holds and she really pushes that last on extra hard. She comes up choking on water. You get to see her take her last few breaths before going under each time and a little bit of her recovery afterwards.

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Breath holding hands and knees. She tries breath holding on her hands and knees for the 1st time. The 3rd attempt is the best with the longest contractions. She does one last attempt while leaning on the stool.
Ultrasound of fast heart while using bike. She pedals the new stationary bike while the ultrasound probes her heart.
1st time underwater in bath tub. She has been practicing in her bath tub at home and finally gets the chance to make a video. Her beautiful bright blue eyes and dark, hair and lingerie make for a sexy combo. She makes it to 1:50 on 1st try and over 2 minutes every time after that.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Breath hold domination cam a. She dominates this breath hold competition with Lux even though Lux was the favorite coming into the competition. Awesome fighting and contractions from both. Pixie’s heart beat.
Breath hold domination cam b. This is the view from their hips to their heads. You hear Pixie’s heart beat and both of their breath sounds. Notice these friends hold hands for some of this.
Experimenting with full Littmann stethoscope. She starts lying on her back and later transitions to sitting up and standing up. She does a variety of breath play and bending in different directions to see how it effects her heart.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Workout lay down experiment. She does a sexy leg workout and then lies on her back. Her heart beat is recorded the whole time. Next she lies on her right side and then her left side. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time.
Breath hold contest with Pixie above. They are pretty evenly matched and Lux is the favorite going into this with a best time of 4 minutes but Pixie wins all three contests. They both get fantastic contractions. You hear only Lux’s heart beat and breathing from both of them.
Breath hold contest with Pixie cam b. This is the view from the hips looking to the faces. The contests are close but Pixie is able to push harder on this day. Videos with Pixies heart beat go up tomorrow.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Belly noises. She’s getting fairly consistent belly noises here and towards the end she starts moving her belly around to induce extra noises.
Ab pulse oiled slow and fast. Her abs are oiled up for this video. She starts resting and later the pulse is filmed after cardio exercise which really makes the pulse pound.
Super bike workout in 180’s. Just like her friend Lux, Pixie gets her heart up to the 180 bpm range. This is really interesting since her heart always beats much slower than Lux. A second camera shows the bike screen. This is another one of our best bike videos with perfect audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Lux.
Sucking cam a. Haha funny play on words here. She starts with super vacuums then goes straight into a full b hold. Next she does a full breath hold but sucks in her abs like a vacuum. On last attempt we add the belt and oxygen.
Sucking cam b. This is the view from above. She gets great contractions and nice times. Of course she keeps those gorgeous eyes open the whole time. Crystal clear heart beat audio.
Sucking cam c. This is the view from her head looking to hips. On last attempt she does a regular vacuum for as long as she can then takes one breath of oxygen and keeps going to 5 minutes. As her chest caves in during contractions she gets some unique beats.
Holy crap super fast heart beat on new bike. She tries the new recumbent bike that allows for less shoulder movement and gets all the way up to 180. You get to see the bikes LCD screen which shows her pulse, calories burned, speed and more. The bike LCD and vitals monitor seem to agree on heart rate.
Expanded description. Since there is virtually no shoulder movement with this new bike the heart beat audio is perfect at all times. The LCD screen and the traditional vital signs monitor we usually use were very close regarding her pulse rate so they must be accurate. About 60% through this video she has to stop because she pushed herself too hard and looks like she’s about to die. After resting for a short time she continues for another couple of minutes with about 10 minutes total of pedaling. When she rests you can see her pulse pounding so hard in her abs as she struggles to catch her breath. You also hear crystal clear hard breathing audio during most of this video with no other noises in the background. This is definitely one of our best bike or exercise videos ever.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Incredible outs with 2 pass outs cam a. One of our best customers asked us to shoot some extreme exhale breath hold videos and Pixie is the 1st to try it. Wow she passes out on the 1st two attempts where she goes as long as she can with zero air in her lungs. Then we mix it up on the last attempt.
Incredible outs with 2 pass outs cam b. Wow she really kills it in this video. Two complete pass outs with samba and quivering face, funny breath sounds on recovery, confused look on face, more breath holding without realizing she already passed out. On last attempt she does pushes.
Expanded description. These are probably the best exhale breath holds since Siera did her insane pass outs many years ago. Crystal clear heart beat audio and breath sounds.  After her 1st hold she described the feeling of passing out. First she begins to hear loud music but there was no music playing. For minutes after she wakes back up she hears a loud buzzing in her ears. She said that it was actually kind of fun. On her last hold she was told to do a full air in push and then let half the air out and continue to push. She was still completely out of it from her pass outs that she forgot what she was doing in this last attempt but she still goes well over 3 minutes while pushing the whole time and after exhaling some of her air.
Hardcore belly breathing after extreme workout. She does a really long cardio workout which is much longer than we show in this video and then she lies on the floor and gasps for air with great movement in her belly. It’s similar to the Custom belly breathing video Natasha filmed minus the POV hand on her.
Expanded description: The custom belly breathing video after extreme exercise that Natasha shot last month sold better than we anticipated so we’re trying it again with a few changes. It’s an experiment to see how important the POV hand on her stomach is. In this video of Pixie she really works out extra hard so she is dying when she lies down and really gasping for air. Her belly is filling completely with every inhale. You hear crystal clear breath audio only. No heart beat.

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Rear view squats. This was her idea. She wanted to do squats with a chair where you get a nice view of her ass. After doing squats for a long time she finally sits on the chair to rest. Heart beat is recorded the whole time.
Head to toe pleasure. She brings herself to orgasm as fast as possible which happens to be under 2 minutes on the 1st one. The next O takes longer. This head to toe video shows her flexing her legs and pointing those toes so hard you will wonder how she doesn’t get a cramp.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Breath holds with oxygen cam a. She does two nice breath holds with the oxygen and her best time is about 5:30. Nice long contractions that just keep going on forever along with crystal clear heart beat.
Breath holds with oxygen cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She gets about 4 minutes of contractions in this video.
Super incredible fast neck pulse. This was filmed on the same day as Lux’s awesome neck pulse video and like hers this is one of our best ever. Tons of fast movement from the artery’s with a nice double tap for every heart beat.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Lux.
1st breath holds on oxygen a. She was really excited to try this after she did so great on her last regular breath hold video but she finds that this is not any easier. She fights through long contractions to a best time of 4:24.
1st breath holds on oxygen b. Perfect heart beat, breathing audio and great willpower make for another fantastic video. She may be disappointed that she didn’t get into the 6 minute range but you won’t be. She keeps checking the timer.
Incredible fast neck pulse. This is definitely one of our best neck pulse videos ever because she works out before each scene begins and her heart continues to beat at a fast rate for a long time. There is a ton of movement rippling across her skin at a rapid pace.
ECG workout. She does a leg workout while the ECG and steth record her heart. Nice clear and fast heart beat audio with good readings on the machine.