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Super deep mega breaths with packing a. She takes the deepest breath she can and then exhales all of it over and over in a variety of ways while her heart beat is recorded in all it’s crystal clear snappiness. She also holds a breath in and keeps packing in more air until she’s completely filled.
Super deep mega breaths with packing b. This is the view from above. Very awesome heart audio and great inflation and deflation for those who love that kind of thing. You hear heart beat audio and breathing audio.
Breath experiments standing. She does pushes, regular holds, exhales, bend overs, and workout breath hold combos. All of these things cause her heart to react differently. She gets some great slow downs where her heart goes from racing to barely beating on the bend overs.
Ultrasound of fast heart. The cardiac transducer shows images of her heart chambers and valves after she exercises. Her heart goes from beating very fast to beating slowly within a couple of seconds. It beats fast for a while but then transitions to slow almost instantly.

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Feeling her pulses. You feel the pulse in her toned abs, apical area, chest and neck while she looks up at you with desire in her eyes.

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Hard cardio workout. She does cardio exercises for a long time and each time she makes it harder in an effort to get that highly conditioned heart to beat fast.

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Ultrasound of abdomen from Dr. Pixie. Pixie examines Lux’s abdomen while also recording fairly good belly noises. She really enjoys finding all kinds of things inside of Lux.
Ab pulse. The pulse in her abs is recorded and this video is all the more sweeter since her body shape creates a concave tummy even when she’s not sucking it in. Sweet golden light falls upon her flawless skin. Nice rippling from every heart beat.
OMG unbelievable belt restriction breath holds a. These are some of the best breath holds we’ve ever recorded. She beats her best ever time of 3 min on the 1st hold. Then she does 3:46 and 4 min. Super long contractions and fighting. PVC’s and irregular beats near end.
OMG unbelievable belt restriction breath holds b. She keeps checking the timer and fights for a very long time. You keep thinking she’s going to stop but she keeps on going. At the end of 2nd and 3rd holds she does that thing where she starts to pass out and lose air uncontrollably.
Expanded description. Trust me when I say you have to buy these breath holds because they are among the best ever. She was disappointed in her breath hold video sales so I told her it’s because she’s new and people are waiting to see her get better. This is all the motivation she needed. It’s like a light switch was flicked on and she suddenly had the willpower to go until she starts to pass out. She starts to lose consciousness at the end of the 2nd and 3rd holds. She was shaking and unable to stand for a while after these colossal efforts but made a full recovery. If you like videos like this support Lux by buying both versions of this video. It will motivate her to make more.

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Balloon breath hold awesomeness a. She breathes a breath back and forth between the balloon and her lungs until she runs out of oxygen. The last one is with 3 breaths and she last about 5 minutes. Heart beat and breath sounds.
Balloon breath hold awesomeness b. This view is from above. It’s a really strange feeling running low on oxygen but still breathing in and out. Pixie handles this freaky sensation like a champion. She gets her usual awesome splits on S2’s during each inhalation. Nicely emphasized with the low oxygen.
Ultrasound in left lateral decubitus position. The cardiac transducer probes her heart while she is in the Left lateral decubitus position.

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Sexy breathing time side view. This video has crystal clear breathing audio and no heart beat. She starts every breath with a vacuum and then starts to inhale until she is overfilled with air. Sometimes she holds the vacuum for a while others it’s a short time.
Sexy breathing time Head to hips view. This is for belly and breathing fans. Her somach goes from super skinny to sticking out and completely full of air. She also changes body positions numerous times.
Sexy breathing time close up hips towards chest. She’s proven that she has ultimate control of her gorgeous abs and ribs and in this video she continues to show that talent off.

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Gettin down in Squat town. She does a whole lot of squats while her heart beat is recorded and then rest. On the second set we add weights which makes it twice as hard. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time.
Belly admiration. This is specifically made for fans of toned tummies. She moves her beautiful belly around in various ways and does some deep breathing. Includes regular breath sounds and no heart beat.
Ultrasound of heart during self pleasure. She uses her vibrator while the Ultrasound images her heart. Like usual her heart beats super fast before and during orgasm.

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Dr. visit for heart pains custom full Littmann Master cardiology. A customer paid us to do a heart exam similar to one done on Eva. Doc checks pulse in neck, wrist, palpates and auscultates chest sitting up, reclined and in left lateral decubitus position. Super incredible ultrasound at end with multi chamber views.
Erotic breath holds no heart beat cam a. She imagines that breath holding is a huge turn on so she’s feeling herself as she slowly gyrates around. There is no heart beat audio, just crystal clear breathing sounds and gasping.
Erotic breath holds no heart beat cam b. This is the view from her head towards her hips. Her rib cage stands out nicely and you get peeks down her school girl skirt.
Erotic breath holds no heart beat cam c. This is the view from her hips towards her head. Great ab contracting and underside of ribs here.
Erotic breath holds no heart beat all 4 cam. This has 4 cam angles in one. The cam from above ran out of battery on the last hold so cam a expands to take up some of that space.

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Her best breath holds ECG 3 cam. She does her best breath holds by far in this video with a best time of 3 minutes that includes nice long contractions and repeated checking of the stop watch. The view alternates between 3 different camera angles.
General ultrasound of heart. She starts on her back and finishes in the left lateral decubitus position. View of chambers and valves at work.
Visible pulse in chest and more cam a. She holds a deep breath in as a visible pulse is recorded in the little dip between her ribs where her bikini string shadow falls across. You can also see a pulse from the steth down to her belly button.
Visible pulse in chest and more cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Perfect heart beat audio.

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Pixies revenge cam a. Pixie lost the last breath hold competition she was in with Iris but this time she dominates all 3 competitions. Poor Iris tries really hard squirming all over the place as she fights through contractions with her hand over her mouth to prevent accidentally breathing.
Pixies revenge cam b. Pixie does a breath hold by herself and then Iris does one by herself that is supposed to be longer than Pixie’s but she can’t make it. On the last one they are lying side by side for the final competition.
Expanded description. The best part about this video is how hard Iris fights to win. She lifts her ass off the ground and squirms around during some intense contractions. To be fair she was feeling under the weather this day and her heart is beating pretty fast.
Dr. Lux examines Pixie’s abdomen ultrasound. Lux is the doctor as she examines Pixies abdomen with the Ultrasound transducer. She gets some great visuals but Pixie’s belly is the quietest we’ve ever heard.
Doppler workout. She listens to her heart with the doppler while doing a leg workout. Great audio of her heart beating to a fast beat.

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Super deep stretch breathing. She expands that beautiful rib cage to it’s maximum in a variety of ways while standing. She turns so you get different views and really arches her back. Near the end she does a back bend for a very long time with more deep breaths. No HB only clear breath audio.
Expanded description. This is for those who love to see ribs, deep breathing or sweet abs moving in and out. Her rib cage expands as she begins to breath in pulling in her tight abs and then her belly begins to fill with air until it is completely filled and even with her ribs.
Breath hold experiment. She starts with a breath hold on her back but she has to stand after 1 minute to finish the hold. On the next one she is on her back for 1:30 before standing and on last she is on back for 2 min before standing. It’s challenging and interesting with good heart beat audio.

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Visible pulse after exercise. She does a cardio workout before each scene begins. You can see the her whole body pulsing. Her chest ,abs and steth move the most.
Listening to her own heart with full Littmann stethoscope. She listens to her heart with the full Littmann Master cardiology III stethoscope while exercising and gets great audio. The audio is good during exercise and during rest.

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Belly breathing custom. In this custom video she works out and then lies on the floor so you can feel and visually admire her abdomen as it rises up and down during recovery breathing. She also holds her breath a few times and finishes with some heavy breathing on hands and knees.
Trying for low oxygen levels a. She tries a variety of breathplay to see which one gets her the lowest oxygen levels. Perfect heart beat audio.
Trying for low oxygen levels b. This second view is from her hips looking to her head.

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Belly sounds as she sloshes things. She flexes and sucks in her abs in a variety of ways that illicit constant belly noises. One cam is zoomed in on her glorious midsection while the other is the traditional longer side view.
Neck eyes. What are neck eyes? That’s where you can see her neck pulsing away while she stares deeply into your eyes. The lighting is set up more for the neck pulse than her eyes but it’s still pretty awesome to have this green eyed beauties attention.
Auscultation of her heart with Full Littmann. You use your Master cardiology III stethoscope to listen to the major auscultation sites of your girlfriend. You can tell she’s into it because her heart speeds up a few times. She does a bit of breath play for you.

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2nd breath holds cam a. She does 3 breath holds while perfect heart beat audio is recorded. Her pulse rate hovers around 100bpm the whole time.
2nd breath holds cam b. This is the view from her hips to her head. Nice visible pulse in the valley between her ribs, belly button and chest.
2nd breath holds cam c. This is the view from her head to her hips.
ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a standing breath hold while the ECG and steth record her heart. Just standing gets her heart rate in the 120’s.

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Breath holds with belt restriction cam a. This view is from the side. She does 3 great breath holds with the belt cinched tightly around her waist. We decide it can go even tighter on the 2nd and 3rd attempt. Great contractions and willpower.
Breath holds with belt restriction cam b. This is the view from above. The belt pulls in her waist and forces her ribs to stick out more. Perfect heart beat audio and breath sounds.
Breath holds with belt restriction cam c. This is the view from her head looking to her hips at first and later it’s the opposite direction.
She hears the doppler for 1st time. She experiments with the doppler audio and listens along with us. Very good audio of her relaxed heart beat from various places and orientations.