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Selene listens to Bree’s heart during fun time a. Bree’s vibrator is too loud so her heart beat has been replaced with audio from just after this video that is absolutely clear. At the end when her vibrator turns off, the normal heart beat audio returns.
Selene listens to Bree’s heart during fun time b. It takes her a while because of nerves but she does have a real orgasm near the end that is pretty strong. She accidentally smacks Selene in the head.
Eva pulses with back arched over pillow. With her back arched over the pillow and oil on her sexy abs the camera focuses on her ab pulse and later the apical and ab pulse.

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Super incredible belly noises double steth. Her belly is going absolutely ballistic with all kinds of loud crazy noises. Each steth goes to a different speaker so you hear a stereo effect. Two cameras capture the action.

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Breath hold workout. She does a workout while recording her heart beat. She makes it more difficult by holding her breath numerous times during the workout.
School girl cardio. She does a pretty hardcore cardio workout in her cute school girl outfit and then stops to record her heart beat. She’s more flirty and smiling more in this video.

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Breath holding with mask cam a. She does 3 very awesome breath holds here while wearing the scuba mask. After her second attempt she goes straight to deep breathing for the 3rd attempt and the camera never cuts away. Each hold is longer than the last and all are over 3 minutes.
Breath holding with mask cam b. She has a very noticeable visible pulse in both cams. There is a lot of movement. Perfect heart beat audio as her oxygen levels go up and down between that 2nd and 3rd breath hold.
Expanded description. It’s kind of amazing that she goes the longest on the 3rd attempt because she doesn’t do a whole lot of breathing and she starts immediately after the 2nd attempt is over with no rest. Her lips look full and awesome as is usually the case when they wear the mask.
Feeling her pulse with your finger a. You place your finger or fingers over the spot in her chest where you see the skin moving up and down with every heart beat. She holds her breath for you and then packs in extra air. The camera zooms in to show your hand and finger moving up and down.
Feeling her pulse with your finger b. Same as cam a except for the angle. It’s a bit harder to see the movement but you get a wider angle.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Nude Goddesses.
Bree super deep breaths wheezing a. She takes the deepest breaths she can and does a full exhale before the next. She is wheezing for some reason on every breath. She holds it occasionally and packs extra air in until she’s completely filled.
Bree super deep breaths wheezing b. Same as cam a except this angle is from above looking straight down. Nice heart beat audio… and wheezing haha.
Eva super sexy strip tease. Eva is at her sexiest in this video as she slowly teases you and strips out of her clothes. Since there is no steth on her, I recorded her heart beat just before this video and subbed it in. She’s in rare seductive form in this unique video.
Expanded description. So the heart beat in this video is from when she stops breathing so there is no breath sounds just crystal clear heart beat but you also hear the sounds from the room like you are there. When she moves you can hear her clothes rubbing against each other, when she smacks her lips or talks it’s crystal clear. The heart rate slowly increases in a natural way as she works herself up. I think she’s sexier than ever in this one.

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Topless workout increasing intensity. She does three different workout and rests three times while her heart beat is recorded. During rest she is very flirtatious and gives peaks of her skinnier body.

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Your ear on her chest during fun time. You rest your ear on her chest as she goes to town with one of her vibrators. This is also her point of view. You can see how her breathing really intensifies and how her body contorts when she’s in the moment.
Ab torture on the incline bench. She lies back and holds a position on the ab bench until her abs are on fire then she sits up and goes back into it again. Good heart beat audio since she isn’t moving up and down very often. She rests sitting up and lying with her back arched over bench.

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Bree breath holding cam a. She does regular breath holds for as long as she can while perfect heart beat audio is recorded. She doesn’t push through contractions at all so this video is reduced in price.
Bree breath holding cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Nude Goddesses.
Bree feeling her pulses cam a. You feel the strong pulse in her abs, chest and neck while perfect heart beat audio is recorded. She takes deep breaths occasionally.
Bree feeling her pulses cam b. This is the view from your eyes.

Uploaded 3 videos to Divine Pixie.
Her best breath holds cam a. After watching her friend Iris turn out her best breath holds with much longer contractions Pixie has her own breakthrough and gets her longest contractions so far. She has to cover her mouth at the end and she keeps checking the watch.
Her best breath holds cam b. Nice rib and ab flexing during much longer contractions and the pressure makes splits on S2 deeper and wider than normal. Plus she got unusual bouts of tachy-arrhythmia out of nowhere during each breath hold. Great hold times and perfect hb audio.
Expanded description. This is definitely one of Pixie’s best performances. She exceed 3 minutes on her last 2 attempts and gets nice heart magic during all three breath holds. Awesome rib action as she struggles through these and the pressure from contractions makes her heart sound like it’s splitting in half on S2’s. Super clear hb audio the whole time.
Trying for 200 BPM. She does the same exercises as Iris but her heart doesn’t race as fast or take as long to slow down so she does a 3rd exercise which is squat jumping. The machine has trouble getting a good reading of her pulse but her heart is beating fast for her.

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2 days no food Incredible Belly noise volcano. This is an amazing video for belly noise fans. She has not ate anything for two days then she eats a breath mint. Her belly gets really weird loud outbursts. It grumbles like a volcano and then erupts into a cacophony of crazy noises.
Expanded description: She has not ate anything for more than two day but she did eat a breath mint and drink some energy drink just before this video was filmed. This video is a miracle because her belly is never making any noises. Here it’s making so much noise that it’s one of our best videos ever.
Super fast HB trying for 200. Wow she really kills it in this video. On her first set of squats her heart is racing at 195bpm. By the time the machine shows the true pulse rate it’s at 186bpm. Second set is jumping jacks and she reaches 195 on the machine. Then her heart takes forever to come back down.
Expanded description. She does each exercise until she can’t handle it any more and she is in competition with Pixie who did this same video immediately afterwards.
Breath holds with oxygen cam a. She tries oxygen for the first time but the sickness she’s had for way too long causes a pain in her chest. She gets her best contractions ever with a lot of squirming around and checking the clock. Unfortunately for her the contractions start early.
Breath holds with oxygen cam b. The oxygen is of no benefit to her today so she does the last one with no oxygen. All three breath holds are really great for those who like to see the willpower and struggle during long contractions.

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Workout orgasms x2 . She does a workout that gets her highly conditioned heart racing and then immediately drops to the floor to see how quickly she can orgasm with her toy. Then she does it a second time. Very unique new video with great heart action.
Expanded description: This is a pretty cool idea. She goes straight from working out to working on an orgasm and she’s able to orgasm fairly quickly. A second camera records her legs because I received a few emails about how incredible her toned legs look as she flexes them as she nears orgasm.
All about that bass. We’re focused on her super toned legs and ass in this video as she does an endless number of squats. Seriously most of the video is working out with very little rest. Two camera angles alternate as perfect heart beat audio is pumped to your ears.
Listening to her heart with ear on chest. You rest your ear on her chest and listen as her heart beats millimeters below. After a while she works out for you so you can hear her heart pounding harder and faster.
Belly noises and heart whoosh. She’s getting pretty good belly noises and you can also hear blood whooshing through the artery under the steth. It sounds like she gets heart irregularities a few times but it’s probably just from breathing.

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Nice belly noise combo. At first her belly is making great grumbling and growling noises from hunger but after a while it dies down so she starts flexing and moving her stomach which kicks the noises back into overdrive. She sucks in her stomach and bulges it out like she’s pregnant.
Tooth pick pulse breath holds cam a. She holds in a breath and when it gets difficult she keeps packing in more air until no more will fit in her lungs. The toothpick moves up and down and side to side with every powerful, loud heart beat. It’s been a long time since we did one of these.
Tooth pick pulse breath holds cam b. This angle is from near her hips looking up towards her face. It looks completely different but every bit as good or better than cam a. This shot is a bit wider so you can see breast and ribs.

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Visible pulse in ribs side angle. You can see a great pulse in her ribs as she breathes and it is magnified when she takes a deep breath and holds it. The pulse is visible in many places at once and accompanied by perfect heart beat audio.
Visible pulse in ribs above angle. This cam is directly above her and records some nice pulsating action. You can see her entire body moving with each heart beat.
Visible pulse in ribs opposite angle. This cam is up near her face looking towards her feet. You can see the pulse moving between multiple ribs and the steth is shaking with each beat.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Iris.
3 of her best breath holds cam a. She has pushed herself to a new level in breath holding with nice long contractions and a lot of squirming around, checking the timer etc. Great stuff for breath hold enthusiasts. Her heart beat is crystal clear.
3 of her best breath holds cam b. She reminds me of aphrodite who never got good contractions and then one day like a light switch clicking on she all of a sudden figures out how to go much longer.
Doctor Pixie ultrasound exam. Doctor Pixie captures images of Iris’s chambers and valves with the ultrasound transducer and the steth records perfect heart beat audio.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Nice breath holds cam a and b. Iris did a breath hold video just before Pixie so Pixie is trying to beat Iris’s times on all three breath holds and she does it on the first tow holds and comes within second on the last hold. Perfect heart beat and great effort.
Doctor Iris ultrasounds Pixie’s heart. Doctor Iris explores Pixies heart with the Ultrasound transducer and gets some great images of valves and chambers at work. A second tech helps control the machine and puts it into M mode for a bit at the end. Perfect heart beat audio.

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Bree awesome belly noises. Her belly is very active and loud in this video.
Eva girlfriend experience auscultation and palpation. Eva allows you to listen to her pristine heart sounds with your full Littmann stethoscope. She exercises so you can hear it beating faster. Then you palpate her chest with your hand. Audio of her heart from earlier is subbed in for this scene.
Expanded description. Since there is no way to effectively record her heart audio while you are palpating her magnificent chest, I recorded audio of her heart while she’s not breathing and subbed that audio into this scene. It sounds very realistic.

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Auscultation during fun time cam a. You listen to the major auscultation sites of her heart as she brings herself near orgasm a few times. When she finally allows herself to orgasm it is powerful as she utters oh my god with her head back.
Auscultation during fun time cam b. Same as cam a but this is the view from your eyes. She has an extra strong orgasm in this one because of you being so close and her new vibrator. Her heart pounds hard and fast at the moment.
Nice belly noises. It’s very unusual for her to making good belly noises so enjoy this one. We try to record a video like this every time she’s here but get nothing but silence.

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Oxygen breath holds cam a. First she stretches out her ribs and lungs with a super deep mega breath and packing until she can’t pack any more. Then she does 2 great breath holds after taking her last breath from the oxygen bag.
Oxygen breath holds cam b. This is the view from directly above as she does her two oxygen breath holds and stretching.
Oxygen breath holds cam c. This view is from down low near her hips looking towards her head. All three views are really good for fans of tight abs abd ribs. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time.
New kind of neck pulse. She’s lying on her side and the artery combined with the perfect light angle makes for a great video for visible pulse fans. After a bit of naked neck the tooth pick is added. It waves back and forth as well as up and down with every heart beat.