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Natasha big deep breaths hb. She takes the biggest deepest relaxing breaths she can and blows most of it out while the steth records her heart. She does some packing and changes position a few times.
Quinn neck pulse. The pulse in her neck shows nicely. The camera zooms in for a very close look and the angle changes many times. Perfect heart beat audio.
Quinn ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises, holds a breath and does a bend over while the ECG records her heart. Quinn get a scrumptious blood ejection murmur on S1 in this video. If you’re into that, don’t miss this one.
Quinn ECG bike workout. She alternates between riding the bike for a few minutes and resting for a few minutes while the ECG and steth record her heart.

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Heart trouble during workout. Dramatization. She is working her lower body when she experiences chest pains. She drops the weights to make things easier but the pain gets worse until she collapses on the floor. Her heart is skipping beats with all kinds of problems.
Visible pulse face down on exam table. She did a video like this over a year ago and it was popular so this time we oiled her up and tried some new lighting angles. Nice pulse between her ribs the whole time and it changes when she holds her breath in.
Expanded description. Harmonia’s heart has always sounded great but the new super clear audio technology brought out sounds never heard before on her. While she’s actually laying on the steth this time, the first 5 mins or so, you can hear a distinct mid-systolic click that’s clear as day. Later when she holds her breath, her usual sweet S2 splits are even more clear and pronounced. So, you’ll get a feast for your eyes and ears in this video.
Belly noises from fish tacos and sangria. She washed her delicious fish tacos down with sangria and then recorded these noises. She’s getting a nice variety with some good n loud growls.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Isis amazing heart tour. Wow what a treat this girl’s heart is. Not only is it incredibly clear with an awesome cachunk on every beat, she also gets some nice long pauses at regular intervals. Steth bobs up and down on her chest with each beat. Erb’s point and pulm sound especially nice.
Expanded description. This has to be the best heart tour since we’ve opened the sites. Each auscultation site has its own delicious flavor for your ears. We can thank the new clear audio technology for bringing out the sweetness. Also, her heart gets a great periodic pause before S1. This happens most during expiration (exhale). Sometimes the pause is so long you’ll think the audio dropped out. Plus, you can see a nice visible pulse rippling through her abs and the steth is bobbing up and down with each beat.
Isis 1st breath holds cam a. She starts out a little above average and by the last attempt she is over 3 minutes with oxygen down to 66%. I’m sure that’s the lowest ever for a 1st breath hold video. The star of the show however is her heartbeat. It changes tone from beginning to end.
Isis 1st breath holds cam b. She has some great potential as a breath holder considering how low she gets that oxygen. Her amazing heart beat changes tone as the video progresses. After she lets the air out she gets some more nice pauses followed by a good hard pounding beat.

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Eva ECG pleasuring herself breath hold a. She gets her heart racing with her vibrator and as she gets close to orgasm she holds her breath trying to time the orgasm with when she’s running low on oxygen. ECG records her heart the whole time.
Eva ECG pleasuring herself breath hold b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Eva rides you cam a. She is grinding hard core on your man bits as you feel her lovely lady lumps and record her heart beat with your steth in hand. She holds a few breaths for you so you can hear a different heart beat.
Eva rides you POV cam b. This is the view from your eyes as you have too much fun with Eva.

Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.
Natasha stomach vacuums a. She’s very good at this. She blows most of her air out and sucks in her stomach as hard as she can which makes her ribs stick out. The heart beat audio is phenomenal.
Natasha stomach vacuums b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She’s able to hold a vacuum for quite a while.
Eva ECG experimentation. She does a variety of breath holds, bend overs and exercise to see how it effects her heart and she gets some nice results. She looks mighty fine in her blue lingerie. The ECG is jumbo size.
Quinn abdomen pulse. You can see the pulse throughout all of her abs and between her ribs later in the video. Again the heart beat audio is beyond pristine. In the beginning she is breathing deeper than normal but after a minute she is breathing normal.

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Quinn breath holds cam a. She is a horrible breath holder but her heart sounds amazing and it’s nice to hear it without any breathing sounds. She also looks good while holding her breath.
Quinn breath holds cam b. The 1st attempt is with no direction and then I teach her how to hold it longer.
Quinn leg workout with great heart audio. She does squats while her heart beat is recorded and the audio is super clear. I leave the volume alone so you can hear her heart getting louder as it pounds faster and quieter when it goes back to normal.

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Normal belly noises. She’s getting the normal belly noises here. Nothing too amazing.

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Eva heart trouble during breath hold. This is a dramatization! Eva starts a breath hold standing up but almost immediately starts feeling chest pain. She collapses on the floor while her very erratic heart beat is recorded. She tries to get up a few times but collapses all over again.
Expanded description. I’ve had a few people recently mention that this is their favorite type of video and we haven’t done one for a few years so here you go. I have to charge a bit more for these because it takes about 10 times longer to edit this video.

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Eva super sexy breath holds touching a. You feel her amazing body while she does numerous breath holds for you. You play with her breasts, feel her abs and her ribs. She gyrates to your touch and enjoys every minute of it.
Eva super sexy breath holds touching b. This is the POV camera from above.
While the doctor is away Eva will play. Eva is ready for an ultrasound of her heart when the Dr. is called away. She gets bored and starts playing with the machine. After seeing an image of her heart she decides to grab her vibrator and have some real fun.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Natasha breath holding cam a. She does her 1st breath holds and is pretty good at it. Her 1st one is without any direction and she makes it to almost 2 minutes. By the end she’s close to 3 minutes. Beautiful visible pulse in her chest.
Natasha breath holding cam b. Crystal clear heart beat audio and she gets some contractions. This is her only breath holding video.
Natasha ECG bike workout. She pedals on a hard resistance to really get her heart pounding and then rests. Each time she exercises at a harder resistance and by the end she’s in the 170’s. She looks like she’s really pushing herself here.

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Beer belly noises. She chugs some beer while recording her belly noises. You can hear it whoosh down her throat and into her stomach. She also gets a variety of belly noises. You can hear her commenting on what she hears.

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Quinn visible pulse between ribs. She has a great pulse between her ribs near her bikini top when she holds her breath. The camera angle and lighting change multiple times and the heart beat audio is awesome. She has a very clear heart.
Quinn heart beat tour. Wow her heart sounds amazing. Of course it’s recorded with the new technique that really brings out the full dynamic range from thumpy bass to crisp highs but her heart is just clear as can be. She holds her breath once at each auscultation site.

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Eva ECG pleasuring herself with vibrator a. This is similar to her first self pleasure video but this time the ECG is recording her heart. Again she is in the zone, tuning out outside influences and concentrating on her real orgasm.
Eva ECG pleasuring herself with vibrator b. This version shows more of what she’s doing with her vibrator. You get a better view of her whole body.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Natasha heart beat tour. The steth records unbelievably clear heart audio at the major auscultation sites as beautiful Natasha takes slow relaxing deep breaths. She holds a breath once in each location. Super slow, relaxed heart audio.
Natasha ECG sampler. The ECG records her heart as she lies on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and holds a breath standing. HB is in the 40’s during the first part then she almost passes out during the breath hold where her heart again slows way down. Crystal clear audio.
Expanded description. Her heart is in great shape but it sure isn’t happy when she does standing breath holds. After about 10 seconds she almost falls over and has to put her hands on her knees to stay upright. Her heart immediately slams to a very slow bpm and her face turns color. It takes her a little bit before she can stand back up all the way. Her heart eventually returns to normal but it takes it’s sweet time. She tries to talk about what she just felt but the voice mic isn’t on so you can’t really understand her.
Natasha cardio workout. This pint sized cutie can really work that body. She does jumping jacks and jogging. During rest she records her pounding heart. After each set it takes longer for her heart to return to normal and on the last set it doesn’t seem like it ever will.

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Double steth belly noises. She’s getting some pretty good noises here after eating tacos and drinking a beer. Steths are placed on each side of her stomach, creating a stereo effect. you can hear noise move from one side to the other.
Heart experiments new sound. She does a variety of breath holds, outs, pushes and bend overs while the steth records her heart. This is the 1st video recorded with a new method which creates even clearer heart audio than usual.
Expanded description. It’s never easy to get clear heart audio on Harmonia and it’s extra hard during exercises or experiment videos like this one. With this new technique of recording, her heart is very clear at all times and movement noises are greatly reduced.

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Eva breath hold pleasure. I told her about Danica’s explosive orgasms from breath holding and Eva was eager to try it out. She does surprisingly long holds considering her heart rate and the oxygen she’s burning. The two cams switch back and forth during this video. Another masterpiece.

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Remember all videos on the New Goddesses site are recorded in 4K and downscaled to 1920x1080p HD.
Eva pleasuring herself to sound of heart beat a. She starts out listening to and getting aroused by the sound of her heart beat when she suddenly wonders what it would sound like is she was using her vibrator and having an orgasm. She naturally holds her breath for about 10 seconds over and over again.
Eva pleasuring herself to sound of heart beat b. Great heart beat audio the whole time and her orgasm is very real. She does not add extra moaning or exaggerate her orgasm. Everything is recorded as if she was home alone with no camera.
Expanded description. Wow what a treat to have such a beautiful creature share her intimate moments with us. Her natural sensuality is intoxicating. Once she starts with the vibrator she’s in the zone, concentrating on pleasure and forgetting about everything else. I noticed that she was holding her breath over and over again throughout the video and commented on it when she was done. She didn’t even realize she did it.
Eva topless breath holds cam a. She does 3 sweet breath holds while topless. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time along with plenty of breathing before and after the breath hold.
Eva topless breath holds cam b. This cam is from a low angle near her right hip looking back up towards her head. There’s a pretty nice visible pulse under the steth and under the wire.
Eva topless breath holds cam c. This angle is from above.