Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
POV feeling apical pulse a. You place your hands on her chest paying special attention to her apical pulse. Her heart beat is recorded with the steth. You can feel her highly conditioned heart thumping with authority.
Feeling her apical pulse b. This cam is not POV but you can see the apical pulse very easily. It’s a great closeup that shows her skin pulsing under your fingers.
ECG standing breath hold surprise. She does standing breath holds and pushes while the ECG and steth record her heart. She immediately gets awesome reactions including nice long pauses and super slow downs.
Hungry Kakia eats some broccoli. She’s hungry but not making a lot of noises so she eats broccoli and that’s when things get good. Nice variety of loud noises and general digestive tract sounds.

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Perfect ECG readings during squats. She does a leg workout while the ECG records the best heart readings you have ever seen during a workout. She gets a nice pulse rate and the audio is pristine.
Faster ECG readings while riding the bike. She rides the bike 3 times and rests 3 times while the ECG records her heart. Each time she ramps up the workout causing her heart to beat harder and faster. Perfect ECG readings.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Basterimintation breath play standing a. She holds her breath in a variety of ways while standing and gets an awesome variety of heart reactions. Later she adds some bend overs with exhales and exercise. Huge variety for you to enjoy including super slow beats and a rare PVC for Bast.
Basterimintation breath play standing b. Not only is her heart doing all kinds of tricks, it’s also never sounded better. This is like the buffet line of heart audio.
Sexy girl kettle bell workout. She uses her personal kettle bell to get her heart racing really fast and then stands in front of you making some seriously hot eye contact as her heart beat is recorded. These are some of her fastest beats recorded with the steth.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Freya.
Incredibly fast heart beat breath holds a. Her heart is pounding so fast you would think that she’s running in place. It only slows when she gets contractions. Then after she lets the air out she gets truly awesome heart pauses on each attempt which are visible on monitor.
Incredibly fast heart beat breath holds b. I don’t know what was up with her heart on this day but it sure is producing some sweet magic. It’s unbelievable how long her breath holds are considering her heart sounds like a humming birds, haha.
Super fast heart from cardio. She does jumping jacks to get her heart pounding into the 180’s and possibly higher. During the exercise you can hear liquid sloshing around in her stomach. Very awesome heart beat which she is keen to watch on the monitor.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Breath push variety lying down a. She takes a deep breath in and pushes as hard as she can while lying on the floor in a variety of ways, on her back, left side, right side. Later she changes things up even more with pushes after exhale.
Breath push variety lying down b. Her heart beats slower and slower as she pushes. There will be times when you think the audio cut out then all of a sudden another unusual heart beat then nothing then a beat. Her whole upper body turns very red.
Belly noises without hunger growls a. She is getting consistent noises here but no loud hunger growls. Lots of bubbles and some good loud digestive tract noises. Later she starts pressing the steth into her stomach for a different sound.
Belly noises without hunger growls b. Same as cam a except for the angle which is closer and focused on her stomach from above.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Artume.
Fast heart beat from cardio. Her heart is really pounding with force in this exercise video. She does jumping jacks to get it up to speed. Perfect, amazing audio of a heart hard at work. She’s looking pretty hot and cute here.
Exercise bend over slow and stop. She does some exercising and then bends over in a variety of ways. Her heart goes from racing and pounding in her chest to super slow with a good pause.
Ultrasound in lateral decubitus position. The inside of her heart is examined with the ultrasound ultrasound transducer while she is on her side. Nice view of her valves flapping open and closed. She gives some cute looks to the camera.

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Bast beads visible pulse a. She holds a breath in while the visible pulse is recorded. Beads that spell her name are placed over the area that moves the most. Camera and lighting angles change multiple times for a big variety of visuals.
Bast beads visible pulse b. She does surprisingly long breath holds considering she does no breathing beforehand. Perfect heart beat audio. The visible pulse is very pronounced and powerful like usual.
1 Breath hold with oxygen and one without a. She does a breath hold over 5:30 with oxygen and then does one without oxygen for more than 3 minutes. Very awesome visible pulse in the usual spot. A nice shadow from her rib falls across the pulse making the movement more visible.
1 Breath hold with oxygen and one without b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Also has a great visible pulse.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Jingle buns. She shakes her voluptuous booty in a variety of ways as bells on her bottoms jingle. She actually gets her heart beating nicely in this fun video. After some sexy booty shaking she switches to more traditional exercises that still jingle the bells.
Super breather and 2 holds a. She does sexy deep breathing at a fast pace and for over 3 mins each before holding her breath. She does 2 good breath holds in this video, the rest of the time is deep breathing. Amazing S2 splits during and near stops at end of holds.
Super breather and 2 holds b. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is something in her body preventing her from becoming a good breath holder. She gets a chest pain as soon as contractions start and they start way too early.
Visible apical pulse with ECG readings. Her apical pulse is nice and visible at the base of her breast. ECG readings and perfect heart audio accompany this visual delight. The camera angle and zoom  factor change multiple times.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Artume.
Breath holds sitting up cam a. She does some really good upright breath holds while perfect heart beat is recorded. Her times are great for sitting up and she gets nice contractions with good movement in her abs.
Breath holds sitting up cam b. Her heart responds nicely to these upright breath holds. 1st it’s beating fast and then as soon as she starts holding the breath, her heart slows down. More fluctuations after she lets the air out.
Neck pulse. Her neck pulse is recorded while she rests on her back. Nice relaxing heart beat audio.
ECG breath games with awesome pauses. She holds a breath in while standing and then blows all of the air out. Right after the exhale her heart slows way down and she gets some nice long pauses. Heart events show up on the ECG. Sweet pounding and fluctuations on exhales and recoveries.

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Two breath holds with nice long contractions a. She gets to take her last two breaths from the oxygen bag and ends up getting contractions for about 90 seconds. Great fight and will power along with a red face and popping veins.
Two breath holds with nice long contractions b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Good heart beat audio and regular breathing sounds. The lighting is reversed on the 2nd attempt.
Booty time. She works out her glorious buns while wearing those ridiculously short, shorts.
Hunger growls after 22 hours without food. Her belly was growling as soon as she walked in the door. She has not ate anything since lunch the day before. Nice long hunger growls and a big variety of noises.

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Topless belly noises cam a. She’s getting consistent pops and gurgles with occasional loud growls, squeals and other noises.
Topless belly noises cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Peak a boo workout with special surprise. Bast works out her legs with some squats and lunges, totally unaware that her pretty bottoms loosen up each time she lunges, showing her lady bits. Of course the panties are see through so you’re getting a nice view even during her rest portion.
Expanded description. Her panties are see through but the design makes it hard to see all she has to offer. When she does her lunges the panties loosen and there is a gap that is large enough to show everything. I told her about it right after this scene and she was OK with uploading the video. Sorry you can’t see anything in the sample pics.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Freya.
Breath holds on hands and knees. She does some great breath holding on her hands and knees, getting nice contractions. On 1st one she’s holding the steth on her chest. On the rest she doesn’t use the steth until after the breath hold is over. You hear regular room and breathing sounds.
Expanded description. She gets awesome rib contractions and her abs move in and out quite a bit. On the 1st hold she had trouble holding the steth steady, mostly because their arms get really tired in this position. So for most of the video she does the breath holds with no heart beat and then grabs the steth while she’s resting on her knees.
Totally awesome, very different visible pulse. She sits up and holds her breath to show off the visible pulse between her ribs like, Bast, and Luna before her. Her pulse is very different and amazing however in the way it visibly beats. Looks like nothing seen before.
Expanded description. This pulse is something you have to see for yourself but I’ll try to describe it. With the other girls the space between the ribs moves in and out with each beat. With Freya that space barely moves at all but the area on the left and right side move away from each other. It looks like her ribs are moving away from each other with each beat and there is a lot of movement there. The camera alternates between a closer in shot and a wider shot showing her face.
Changing pulse rate with her mind. She starts out standing with the pulse oxymeter on her finger. She tries to raise and lower her pulse with her thoughts. Later she sits down and tries the same thing. She is able to change her pulse rate by about 20 bpm from fastest to slowest.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Working out the guns. She uses two large weights to work her arms and shoulders. She uses way more weight than anyone else which gets her heart pounding pretty hard.
Bike workout while listening to doppler. She rides the bike while holding the doppler over her heart and listening with headphones. She rides for a while and then rests. She got some really awesome fast to super slow swooshing sounds during recoveries.
Ultrasound of fast heart. The ultrasound probes her heart right after she runs up and down stairs. Her heart gets some nice action during the transition from fast to slow. Really cool how you can see the valve just hang open for so long because of the slow beats.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Artume.
Underwater bubbles and talking. She starts with blowing bubbles in a variety of ways, then she moves onto talking underwater. She gets a few laughs, giggles and screams in there too.
Visible pulse in chest. The visible pulse is recorded in her chest between her ribs, in her abs and in her neck. She holds her breath in for some parts and breaths normally for others.
Nice leg workout with medium fast heart beat. She does squats while the steth records crystal clear heart audio then she stops to rest. She repeats this 3 times.
Ultrasound of fast heart. She exercises before the ultrasound probes her pounding heart. She’s on her back in the beginning and in the Left Lateral Decubitus position later.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Deep down belly noises. She pushes the steth deep into her stomach where it captures nice noises. Lots of gurgles with some hunger growls.
Feeling her neck pulse. You feel the pulse all over her neck while she’s topless. Your fingers are visible moved with each crystal clear heart beat.
Visible pulse variety. She’s lying on her back as her super pulse is recorded. The beads from her bikini top bounce up and down with each heart beat. Later her earring is placed over the spot. She holds her breath until a contraction is about to happen then she crams in more air.
1st pushes with awesome results. Hard to believe but this is her 1st breath hold pushing video. She tries it sitting on the floor, sitting up on knees, and standing. She does inhale pushes, exhale pushes and combos of both. Big variety of heart magic including PVC’s and super slow beats.
Expanded description. I don’t know how we managed to go this long without trying this video. I thought she had already done it long ago. As she pushes her heart races out of control and as soon as she releases the air it slams to almost a stop. Unlike others before her, her heart continues beating super slow for quite a while before it slowly creeps back up to a normal pace. On one of the exhale holds her heart made very wide S2 splits with no air (extremely rare) then she gets some of the sweetest PVC’s on her final recovery.