Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Freya.
Hunger growls and belly noises a. She listens as her belly makes some pretty good noises. Some of the noises are nice hunger growls.
Hunger growls and belly noises b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Belt restriction breath holds PVC’s cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while the belt is cinched very tightly around her tiny waist. Nice contractions and awesome, multiple PVC’s.
Belt restriction breath holds PVC’s cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Intensifying cardio. She does one of her hardcore cardio workouts and then rests while her heart beat is recorded. On the next she adds a second exercise making things harder and longer. She makes the last one the hardest. Very fast, pounding heart beat recoveries.
Pushes lying on back and sitting up A. She does a few pushes while lying on her back, then graduates to sitting up. Her face and chest turn colors and the veins pop out as she pushes. Nice heart reactions.
Pushes lying on back and sitting up B. Nice PVC’s and other heart magic during this difficult video.
Using the Ultrasound on herself. She takes control of the ultrasound and checks out her own heart. She gets surprisingly good images of chambers and valves as she explores.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
The 10 minute challenge cam a. She does the same challenge that Kakia tried last month. She has to go for 10 minutes while holding her breath. She takes a single breath when she needs to but tries to take as few as possible. She does it in 7 breaths and almost makes it to 11 minutes.
The 10 minute challenge cam b. After making it past the 10 minute mark she’s told to keep holding that last breath for as long as she can and she makes it to just under 11 minutes. Lots of great contractions and heart beat variety.
Double neck pulse. Her neck pulse is recorded from two different angles and combined into one video. The neck muscle from her ear all the way down to her collar bone moves with each beat. Perfect resting heart beat audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Freya.
Belly rolling, vacuums, stretching cam a. In this awesome videos her heart beat is recorded as she rolls her ab muscles in a wave, does a variety of vacuums and stretches out her lungs. The controls she has over her abs is amazing.
Belly rolling, vacuums, stretching cam b. While showing off her muscle control she contorts into various positions. Perfect heart beat the whole time.
Bike workout ECG with BPM in the high 180’s. She rides the bike and rests 3 times. Each time she ups the resistance and pedals faster, resulting in a faster pulse rate. On the last one she is in the upper 180’s.

The videos from Kakia below were shot earlier today.
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Breath hold opposing positions a. She does the 1st breath hold on her back, then on her right side, then on her left side and finally face down. Her heart sounds different in each position. On the last recovery, she comments on her heart then it gets a few good skips shortly after that.
Breath hold opposing positions b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Super steth sampler. She tries 6 different steths including all 3 Littmanns. On steths with two sides she tries both sides. The same microphone is used in each steth and steth head is placed in same place on her chest. 1 short breath hold with each steth.
Expanded description. She tries every steth we’ve ever used from the under $20 walmart steth to the most expensive Littmann. This is a great sampler because only the steth changes. We remove the microphone and place it into each new steth. She holds a breath in for about 25 seconds with every steth and after she lets the air out she gets a great heart pause. The most surprising thing about this steth sampler is that the $18 walmart steth sounds about the same as the $280 Littmann.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Breath holds hands and knees cam a. Since she is able to push the contractions longer now it’s time for her to do a new set of breath holds on her hands and knees. She gets some great contractions with good breath hold times and Bast’s first recorded PVC’s (heart skips) on 3rd recovery.
Breath holds hands and knees cam b. On the 2nd one her heart pounds extremely hard and loud. On the 3rd it does the same but she also gets some sweet Arrhythmia after she lets the air out. She gives both cams a ton of love with her sexy eyes.
Red rubber workout. She uses the red elastic tubes that haven’t been used in about 2 years to work her upper body while her heart is recorded. During rest she puts the pulse oxymeter on her finger to check her pulse rate. Again she’s smokin hot and sexy.

Freya’s videos tonight are as good as our videos get. You will be missing out if you don’t get all 4 of them.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Freya.
Breath hold variety with sweet heart reactions a. 1st she does a hold while watching her oxygen levels on the machine and she gets very awesome, long contractions. Since she’s pushing herself harder than ever, her heart has awesome reactions with numerous pauses and minor PVC’s.
Breath hold variety with sweet heart reactions b. She does 3 different breath holds and gets her best contractions ever on all 3. On the 2nd one she stretches out. On the 3rd she looks at you the whole time except when she looks at her oxygen levels.
Expanded description. Wow she’s really pushing her self hard already. She gets some of the sexiest contractions ever with a lot of movement in her ribs and abs. Her oxygen levels get low. After she lets the air out she gets a couple light PVC’s and every time she exhales she gets a nice long heart pause.
Ultrasound of fast heart with pauses. The ultrasound is over her heart right after a hard workout. Her heart is pounding very hard and fast as it returns to a normal pace the ultrasound captures some great pauses in the beat.
Holy Crap 1st pushes with major Arrhythmia. She does pushes in a variety of ways and gets MAJOR arrhythmia upon exhale that lasts a while, and she gets some of the best arrhythmia since Pele days. You’ll hear everything from tachycardia, sinus arrhythmia and PVC’s galore.  Awesome video.
Expanded description. I had a feeling she would pass out if she tried this standing up so she starts lying on her back. Her 1st attempt goes well but I tell her to push even harder and make her face more purple. She follows the directions and on her 2nd and 3rd attempts she gets the major arrhythmia followed by long pauses with each exhale. Then she tries it sitting up which surprisingly doesn’t work as well. On the last attempt she does it lying face down.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Heart pain breath holds cam a. She tries to set a record for herself after a ton of breathing but the Stabbing heart pain during contractions is unbearable. Next she tries blowing some air out during contractions, then she tries a BH with half of a breath. It’s a big variety.
Heart pain breath holds cam b. She always touches her chest in the spot where the stabbing pain is the worst as soon as she lets the air out. Despite the pains she gets her same long contractions as usual and the heart beat audio is perfect.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Breath holds with oxygen heart slow a. She does 3 breath holds with the oxygen and doesn’t set any records but she does get some heart magic. It beats unbelievably slow and during contractions just before she has to breathe her heart gets a few skips and pauses.
Breath holds with oxygen heart slow b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Hardcore squats with heavy weight. She does squats with more weight than anyone else attempts and it causes her heart to pound really loud and fast. She changes her orientation to the cam on the last one. Great heart beat audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Even better visual pulse cam a. We took what we learned from her recent best selling pulse video and made this video even better. It’s blow your socks off incredible how much her chest moves with each beat and her heart is pounding so fast.
Even better visual pulse cam b. Wow, the light skips across her skin at the perfect angle, showing a huge area of skin moving with each very fast heart beat. She does breath holds with packing. Totally different lighting set up this time.
Workout and bend over heart beat. She works her sexy body and then bends over during rest to see if her heart will slow way down. During the exercise her heart is pounding really fast and hard.
Topless underwater hotness. She continues with super long underwater breath holds. On the 1st time under she strips her top off and her breasts look awesome as does the rest of her body. This sensual video is probably the best UW video in at least a year.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Freya.
Awesome 2nd breath holds cam a. 3 nice breath holds with good contractions and some really sexy rib and ab stretching at the beginning as she prepares. After letting the air out she gets big heart skips on the recovery. Visible on machine at same time. Clock on 1st attempt is wrong.
Awesome 2nd breath holds cam b. Because she’s pushing herself harder and getting longer contractions her heart is reacting nicely. The stretching she does at the beginning really shows off how much control she has over her incredible ab muscles. Very sexy movements.
Expanded description. If you like ribs or tone abs, this is a dream come true. She stretched out her ribs by doing vacuums and holding as much air in as possible while stretching to each side. When she gets contractions her ribs and abs move more than most. Her heart is beating very fast during breath holds but slows as she runs low on oxygen. After she lets the air out she gets nice long skips each time she exhales. You can see a big dip on the machine at the same time as the skip.
Sweet heart tour. She rests on her back while the steth is moved to major auscultation sites. Absolutely pristine audio that changes considerable with each location. She does some breath play. Freya has perhaps the clearest heart sound of any goddess so far.
ECG squats. The ECG readings are nice and clear as she works out. Her heart is pounding very hard and fast.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Feeling the blood flow through her neck. You feel her bulging neck artery with your hand while she rests. Later she takes a breath and does a push which causes the artery to harden and stick way out for you to feel. She does 2 breath exercises too.
Evil arms. She works muscles that don’t usually get worked with hand weights and the results are entertaining. You hear her funny comments with perfect room audio and her heart beat is pristine. She does jumping jacks for the last set.
Expanded description. Since Harmonia has over 600 videos I’m letting her talk more in some of the videos to mix things up. She’s getting to show the fun side of her personality with witty comments and reactions. The discomfort of working these muscles makes her heart beat hard and fast. This video is called Evil Arms because she txt me the next day saying how sore she is from the “Evil Arms” workout video.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Belly noises with pasties cam a. Her belly is making fairly consistent noises with some good growls and grumbles that make Kakia laugh.
Belly noises with pasties cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. There is no room audio, just steth audio on both cams.
ECG while riding the bike. It’s amazing how clear her heart is while she’s riding the bike. Great view of valves and chambers during the exercise and rest.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Ooh lala tank time. She performs underwater in the tank and it is amazing. Super long breath holds, sexy faces, flowing hair and open mouth. She tries her hardest to remain pretty while her body is going through looong contractions. Last one she really fights to stay under.
Expanded description. Every part of this video is fantastic for underwater and breath holding fans but the last scene is the best. She has contractions for the usual amount of time and starts to go up for air but changes her mind and pushes herself back down to continue. The contractions keep getting worse and she starts to go up but then changes her mind again and continues her sexy routine despite her face spasms and her body contorting. She ends up staying under an extra 20 seconds past the time she was headed up for air with a total breath hold time of 3:10.
Oh my, girlfriend topless. Your hot girlfriend asks if you want to listen to her heart while she’s topless. After a while she does a breath hold and some exercise. She looks even hotter up close, no wrinkles, or blemishes, just gorgeous eyes.
Heisenbast cam a. She does an awesome lung-rib stretching routine with packing and contractions before the 1st breath hold attempt. Next she breathes until she’s high as a kite before starting. Different lighting set up makes for unique shadows on her sexy body.
Heisenbast cam b. Hard to say what the best part of this angle is, her heart rippling under the skin or those sexy see through panties. She gets a head ache and a chest pain on the second BH probably because she packed too much air in her lungs.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Freya.
Super vacuum girl cam a. Wow does she suck. Seriously nobody can do a vacuum better than Freya. Valkyrie and Luna are equal but not better. Awesome heart beat magic, slow downs and more. Visible pulse in abs during vacuums.
Super vacuum girl cam b. This cam is like a whole different video. Her heart beat changes so much with her breathing or lack there of with nice pauses. She changes body position numerous times and the cam angle also changes.
Ultrasound of heart. She’s resting on her back as the ultrasound probes her heart for the 1st time. She’s very interested in what she sees on the monitor. Great images of chambers and valves at work.
OMG ECG sampler. This is the best ECG sampler ever. Perfect readings from the machine at all times along with perfect heart beat audio. Her heart is beating fast. During breath hold she passes out while standing and gets serious heart fluctuations. Read longer description.
Expanded description. Shortly after holding her breath she starts to fall over and tries to cover it up in a humorous way but a second later her face turns very red and she gets a look of concern as her heart skips a huge beat and a bit of arrhythmia. Her face twitches a bit and you can see that she doesn’t know what’s going on any more. She totally blacked out for about 10 seconds without falling over. As soon as she comes too again she tries to talk but I tell her to remain quiet so we can hear the heart. Her face is really wild during the black out. Image55 in the thumbnails is from the part where she is very confused.