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Back arched pulse in abs. Her back is arched over the big pink pillow. She’s breathing normally as the pulse in her abs is recorded. The steth records perfect heart beat.
Workout bend over heart slow. She does a leg workout to get her heart beating fast and then during the rest portion she bends over 3 different times. Each time she bends over her heart slows way down.

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Rappaport steth experimenting. She’s using both sides of the Rappaport steth on her chest in a few different places. She does some breath play and a bit of exercise. Both sides of this steth sound great.

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Breath holds doggie style a. She is extra sexy in her demeanor and her ribs and abs look incredible from these angles. She also pushes herself nicely and gets great contractions and some amazing, erratic heart reactions this time. Her toned, tight body is beyond belief.
Breath holds doggie style b. For the discriminating female heartbeat enthusiast, this video is a must have. Juno’s heart provides an assortment of lovely beats here. Tachy-arrhythmia, fixed S2 splits and pauses. She does some very respectable hold times while looking sexy as hell.
Super hot leg workout. Words can not describe how sexy she is in this video where her heart also gets racing nice and fast. Her beautiful ass is hanging out and she’s showing it off. Amazing how someone so skinny can still have such a perfect round back side. She is such a sexual creature.

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Doppler workout. She holds the doppler on herself and listens with headphones while she does a leg workout. She gets great audio of the blood swooshing through, and valves flapping away. She moves the doppler around to find a variety of sounds.
Visible pulse in abs stretched over bench. She is in her sexy one piece and stretched out with her back arched over the incline bench. This pulls her abs in and you can see a great pulse. Later she removes the one piece so you can see her bare skin.
ECG holding a painful position. She stays in one position for as long as she an stand the burning in her muscles while the ECG and steth record her heart. She starts in the lunge position.

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Regular breath holds oiled up a. She does 3 nice regular breath holds while her body is oiled up. Extra breathing before she starts and after she finishes. Great breath holds with her usual long contractions and discolored face. Plus, her heart throws a few PVC’s during holds.
Regular breath holds oiled up b. Same as cam a except for the angle. You can see the whole side of her chest pulsing with every heart beat.

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3 breath hold = 3 Pass outs and major samba. She does 3 breath holds and passes out on all 3 of them. At the end of each one she gets major samba where her whole body is shaking and quivering for a long time. She loses control of every muscle.
Expanded description. The samba she gets at the end is way more than anyone else has ever had. Her arms, hands, legs and torso are all moving uncontrollably and her face is purplish. Leading up to the pass out her heart is not happy.
Standing ECG breath hold heart stops.  As the breath hold goes on her heart keeps beating faster and when she lets it out there are a few seconds of really hard pounding followed by a slight pause and then very slow beats. You can see it on the ECG too.
Expanded description. Her heart was getting major slow downs and pauses in just about every video we filmed so we hoooked her up to the ECG and had her do some standing breath holds. Every single time she does a breath hold she gets the same heart reaction.

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Workout in the mountains. She really enjoyed these mountain videos. She does a leg workout in the thin mountain air while the steth records her rapidly beating heart. The audio is the same exact quality as in the studio, using the same equipment.
Super neck pulse. While talking to her I noticed a serious neck pulse so we filmed it. There is a ton of movement from the artery over a large area. Towards the end I add a red jewel which bounces and on the pulse and flickers in the light.
Double steth belly noises. She’s getting some good noises here. Our two best steth and microphone set ups record each side of her belly at the same time.

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Doctor visit for chest pains. This is a custom video. Bast complains of chest pains she had earlier in the day. Special attention is paid to extra long palpation of chest and auscultation while sitting up and lying down. Short history questions and blood pressure at the beginning.
Expanded description. The Doctor does a realistic examination but spends an extra long time when auscultating each site and palpating each area. For the sake of realism Bast is topless under her gown and her breasts are in view. The Dr. also palpates and auscultates her neck and femoral artery. The bell and diaphragm of the steth are used.
Awesome visible pulse in chest a. The pulse between her ribs while holding a breath in is powerful. Her cute bikini top has beaded strings that fall right over the spot, so they move and shake with each heart beat. Later the shot glass in placed over the spot. The pulse very strong at all times.
Awesome visible pulse in chest b. This is the same as cam a but the camera is zoomed in on the pulse area from above. Perfect heart beat audio.

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Breath holds with belt restriction a. She does a regular breath hold for as long as she can while the belt is cinched as tightly as she can get it around her tiny little waist. Then she does a second breath hold with the oxygen. Great contractions and awesome faces during struggle.
Breath holds with belt restriction b. Her face reactions near the end of each hold are the best thing about these videos. She really looks like she’s struggling to keep the air in.
Girlfriend makes you a surprise video. These girlfriend videos have proven popular and nobody has portrayed a sexy vixen quite like Juno. She found your stash of heart beat videos and equipment and wants to prove she’s better than those video girls. So freaking hot!
Expanded description. She is a sexy kitten from beginning to end. She hits various auscultation sites, does some breath play, some exercise, and some bend overs. When she bends over her heart screeches to a halt. The BPM cut in half immediately. She is recording herself with the camera set up on a tripod. She turns it on in the beginning and walks up to shut it off at the end.
Underwater breath holds in the tub. She gets oxygen for three different breath holds in her sexy new bikini. Her mask stays clear so you can see her incredible, bright eyes. She slowly moves around and appears to be gyrating. She explodes out of the water gasping for air each time.

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Vacuums in various positions a. She does a bunch of stomach vacuums with no air in a good variety of positions. Heart beat is recorded the whole time. She starts on her back and side but later transitions to sitting up.
Vacuums in various positions b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Palpating her oiled up body. She wanted to feel some hands on her body and suggested we shoot this. You feel the pulse in her chest, abs and more. You also feel her sweet body and breasts. Notice how her heart changes with your touch.
Expanded description. She asked to shoot this because she likes these videos the most. She enjoys hands on her body, massaging. She would be quite happy if we could shoot videos like this all day.

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Super mega breath stretching oiled cam a. She breaths in and out as deeply as possible and occasionally holds it in and packs the air until her lungs are about to explode. She is stretching out with her arms over her head the whole time. Perfect heart beat and breath audio.
Super mega breath stretching oiled cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Nice belly noises. Her noises start out a little slow but quickly build into a continuous stream of all kinds of noises. She never touches her stomach or flexes her abs. All of these noises come naturally without any input from her.

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ECG pushing heart fun. She does breath hold pushes and gets some great heart results including super slow downs and a few short pauses. The ECG shows these heart reactions while the steth records the audio.
Breath holding boob play cam a. She plays with her perfect 10 boobs while breath holding. After a little while she stops to record her heart beat with the steth. She keeps alternating between boob play and steth recording. Very sexy video.
Breath holding boob play cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Her amazing breasts look so awesome in this video and her heart beat audio is perfect.
Ultrasound of abdomen. The ultrasound captures some great images of her digestive system and more. You can see food and liquids moving through as well as her pulse in arteries and organs. Some nice belly noises accompany the great visuals.

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Ultrasound while not breathing. She stops breathing numerous times with various amounts of air in her lungs. The ultrasound produces beautiful images of her heart as it transitions from plenty of oxygen to no oxygen.
Palpation all over. The bell of the steth is on her chest recording perfect heart beat audio while you feel the pulse in her abs, chest and neck.
Cardio with ECG. She does a fast heart beat workout to get her heart racing while the ECG is recording. She gets it going nice and fast considering what great shape her heart is in these days.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Her best breath hold ever cam a. She does a breath hold with oxygen for over 6 minutes. What really makes this a good one is that she wanted to quit at about 5:10. I asked her to look at the time on the watch I was holding and she forced herself to go 40-50 seconds longer than she usually would.
Her best breath hold ever cam b. For the last 40-50 seconds she is fidgeting, shaking her hands, flexing her hands and generally moving around as she forces herself to keep going and going. By far her best contractions and fighting to keep going. She seems on the verge of passing out at the end.
Expanded description. She fights super hard to make it over 6 minutes. Near the end her arms and hands are all over the place as she pretty much freaks out. She keeps flexing her hands and moving them towards her nose plug than putting them back down. She also shakes her hands back and forth like they are going to sleep and she’s trying to get the feeling back in them. At the end when she lets the air out she loses control of her mouth a little bit and seems to be on the verge of passing out. Of course the heart audio is great during and after the breath hold.
Fast heart beat jumping exercises. Once again she is so damn hot through this entire video. She really knows how to work a camera. She does a jumping lunge exercise and then records her heart with the steth. Awesome heart audio to go with her sexy personality.

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Breath hold pushing experiments a. She sits up and does a regular breath hold 1st. Then she tries pushing during the breath hold. Then she tries blowing all of the air out. Then she does a push followed immediately by all air out. Lots of heart variety.
Breath hold pushing experiments b. Her heart reacts nicely to all of the different stresses it’s put under.
Jumping heart beat. She does a difficult leg exercise but feels she’s going to injure herself so she switches to jumping like a ballerina. After a short time her heart is pounding hard and fast.

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Palpation of chest during breath holds a. You palpate her chest as she holds her breath for as long as she can and your hand remains while she is catching her breath and her heart is pounding extra hard. Her heart rocks her whole chest with every beat.
Palpation of chest during breath holds b. The 1st breath hold is a regular one and the next 2 are with oxygen.
Workout in the coolest heels ever. She does an ab workout while wearing her new sparkly heels that change color in the light. Each exercise accentuates the heels and her sexy legs. During rest the show continues. Very sexy, especially if you like shoes, feet or legs.

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Breath hold with pressure on chest a. She does 3 nice long regular breath holds for as long as she can while you press down on her chest and abs with a fair amount of pressure. Great heart beat audio.
Breath hold with pressure on chest b. Same as cam a except for the angle. These are extra hard for her because she is getting over a cold and she is fighting the urge to cough the whole time.
Head stand and back arch ECG. She does a really long head stand and then a back arch while her heart is recorded with the steth and ECG. After each one she rests for a while in a sitting up position. Interesting to hear her heart working to pump blood in the opposite direction.
Doppler tour of heart. She rests on her back while you move the doppler around her chest, scoping out the best spots for valves sounds and blood whooshing. Overall great audio and she is listening along with you.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Heart tour with bell and diaphragm. She lies on her back as the bell and diaphragm are moved to the major auscultation sites. Absolutely pristine heart beat audio and a good variety of sounds.
The buns. She starts with stretching and then dives into a nice ass workout. You get a great view as she gets her heart rate up and the heart beat audio is sweet.
Underwater in the tub with oxygen. She takes her last breath from the oxygen and stays under for as long as she can while posing and looking around underwater.
Neck pulse. Her neck pulse is recorded along with her heart beat. The lighting and camera angle change a few times.