Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
Breath hold clothes change cam a. She dances around and strips out of her clothes while holding her breath for as long as she can. When she can’t hold it any more she stops to record her heart beat. Very sexy and fun.
Breath hold clothes change cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She’s super sexy and cute and her personality and sex appeal really shines in this video. Great heart beat audio during breaks.
Jumping topless heart beat, breath games. She jumps around while topless to get her heart rate up and then stops to record with the steth. Jumping makes her heart pound pretty hard and fast and she sure looks great doing it. She also holds her breath to see how it effects her heart.
General ultrasound with M mode. Great images of her chambers and valves working away. The M mode side scrolling view is activated along with the regular mode.

Valkyrie had a pretty successful round of custom videos this month so were doing it again on July 7th. If you have a custom video idea and can afford to pay for it by the 7th, send it over. She’s a pretty good actress and if you offer enough money she may even do something you haven’t seen her do before. She’s saving money for a 5th wheel travel trailer and she wants it badly.
And of course the other models are also ready to do customs. Bast has recently shown some great breath holding and underwater abilities.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Rhiannon.
The knocker shocker. She bounces her large breasts, and plays with them in just about every way imaginable then stops to record her heart beat with the steth. She also turns around and bounces the lower half. Very sexy, fun video.
Breath holds with blood pressure. She does 3 regular breath holds for as long as she can while the steth records her heart beat and the blood pressure cuff records BP. The breath holds are long with great fighting contractions and her usual orgasmic looking endings.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Detailed abdomen exam with lots of Palpation custom. This is a custom video that someone paid for. Special attention is paid to the Palpation, it is extended and very thorough. Dr asks med history, checks vitals, percusses back and abdomen, palpation light and deep, thyroid and femoral artery checked.
Expanded description. Besides the info above, the Dr. also records her heart beat with hand under gown. Listens to her lungs in 6 places on her back, Palpates her lower back and kidneys from the back. Palpates the liver and spleen from the front, Uses the bell of the steth over her artery above belly button, Records femoral artery with bell and palpates same spot, Palpates neck and glands, Listens to abdomen in 9 places, grid fashion, Palpates abdomen lightly in same 9 spot fashion, Palpates deeply in same places, Has her raise her legs up and does both Palpation’s again. This is a very thorough exam lasting 43 minutes. Our longest video ever.
Unbelievably hot 1st time underwater nothing on face. This is her 1st time ever going under water without pinching her nose. She looks incredible during every second of this video. Mouth and eyes open, beautiful moves, incredible face expressions. 1st breath hold is 2:30 and she gets to 2:50 on the 2nd.
Expanded description. I’ve seen a lot of woman underwater and many of our models do a great job, but nobody has ever done this good on their 1st video. Most models have trouble making it over 1 minute on the 1st time under, mostly do to the nose and eye discomfort. She does 2:30 on the 1st try and looks unbelievable while doing it. All of these are regular breath holds without the help of oxygen. She plays with her hair and touches her face in beautiful ways.
Super long breath holds cam a. These are regular breath holds without any help from the oxygen bag. The 1st one is 3:25 and the next two are over 4 minutes. She gets her best contractions yet and the oxygen levels are going down. I have no doubt she will be our best breath holder.
Super long breath holds cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. You can really see the visible pulse between her ribs here, rippling with each heart beat. Steth captures perfect heart beat audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Breath holding nude gyrating cam a. She does regular breath holds for as long as she can while fully nude. She seems to be gyrating a bit and thinking about naughty stuff. Nice long contractions like usual and perfect heart beat.
Breath holding nude gyrating cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Jumping heart beat. She jumps up and down as high as she can which really gets her heart pounding fast, then she attaches the pulse oxymeter and records her heart beat with the steth.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Breath hold contests with Bast. This camera features Valkyrie closest to the cam twice and Bast closest once. You hear Valk’s heart beat when she’ closest and Bast’s when she’s closest. Really close contests with Basts best breath holds so far.
Exercise alternating heart beat. They take turns doing the same exercises. While one is exercising we hear the others heart beat. They do the same number of reps. Great interaction, perfect heart beat.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
Girlfriend experience POV. She decides to make a heart beat video for you while you’re at work, with plans to email it to you while you’re still there. She’s just like a girlfriend and experiments with her heart beat.  Her sultry voice alone makes this video worth buying.
Belly noises and growls with Steth. Her belly is going pretty crazy with hunger. She never eats before the shoots but does drink some coffee. Really loud and long growls and squeals. This version has the steth audio only.
Belly noises and growls with microphone. Same video but recorded with the Mirophone over her belly. It only records the louder grumbles, growls and squeals.
Super Boobs. I’ve seen some great breast bouncing heart beat videos before but this is definitely the best. She does everything you can imagine and it all looks incredibly awesome. She stops to record her heart beat a few times. Super sexy video. If you like breasts this is a must buy.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Breath hold contest with Valkyrie. These contests are very close with each of them winning one. The 3rd attempt is the tie breaker and Valkyrie wins by less than a second. Bast gets her best contractions so far. You hear whoever is closest to the cam’s heart beat.
Expanded description. All of these are over 3 minutes. They are evenly matched and praying that the other gives up first. They switch places each time so you hear Basts heart beat on the 1st and last contests and Valkyries heart beat on the 2nd contest. Quite a difference in heart beats by the way. Valkyrie’s is beating way too fast on the 1st contest. The cam b version of this video will be uploaded to Valkyries site soon. It is filmed from the opposite side and has Valkyrie’s heart beat twice and Bast’s heart beat once.
Valkyrie Listens to Bast’s heart beat. They start lying on the floor and later stand up. Valkyrie steths Bast’s chest in multiple places and asks her to do things like breath play and exercise. Valk places her hands on Bast’s body to feel her pulse and she also listens with her ear on chest.
Ultrasound of fast heart. She exercises to get her heart rate up before the Ultrasound transducer hits her chest. Great images of her heart beating hard and fast.
ECG lower body workout. She does squats and then rests while the ECG and steth record her heart beat. The way she is looking at you the whole time is smoking hot. Awesome personality without saying a word.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Breath controlled orgasms cam a. She has to hold her breath until told she can breathe. I watch carefully and push her to have multiple orgasms before I allow her to breathe. When she finally gets to, her orgasm is way more intense than ever before. Long contractions.
Breath controlled orgasms cam b. Perfect heart beat is recorded. She really enjoys being controlled and told when she can orgasm. Letting the air out each time triggers an orgasm along with 1-2 orgasms during the breath hold. She gets a very red face as she looks at you pleading for air.
Expanded description. She is a very experimental woman who loves some really wild things in the bedroom. She associated being told when she can breathe with being told when she can orgasm. When she’s finally allowed to breathe, her orgasm is very intense and loud. Her heart beat instantly starts racing as soon as the vibrator is turned on each time and is all over the place during the physical challenge of keeping the air in during a time when all she wants to do is breathe fast and deep. I believe she pushes herself longer here than in any other breath hold video and she never takes a breath without being told to do so first.
Belly noises while nude cam a. She’s hungry like usual and her belly is making some good noises with a few really loud squeals and growls. She’s nude.
Belly noises while nude cam b. This is the same as cam a but the camera is zoomed in on her stomach the whole time.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Hypnotizing heart beat custom. This is a custom video that someone paid for. She hypnotizes you and tells you to listen to her heart beat in a very sensual and seductive voice. Highly erotic.
Exercising and heart beat for Bast cam a. Bast asks Valkyrie to do a variety of fun exercises while lying on the floor. During rest Bast moves the steth to various auscultation sites and asks Valk to hold a breath in or out as she feels the pulse with her hand.
Exercising and heart beat for Bast cam b. This is a fun video with two very hot women. Bast feels Valkyries pulse in numerous places.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
All of these were shot earlier today.
Breath holding balloons cam a. She blows the air back and forth from the balloon and her lungs for as long as she can in a variety of ways. She gets low oxygen numbers in the 40’s and manages some good long times. Crystal clear hb audio picks up some of her best recorded S2 splits.
Breath holding balloons cam b. In the 1st scene she is constantly blowing the air back and forth. In the next she breathes into the balloon whenever she starts getting low on oxygen. On the last she breathes in or out whenever I point to her. Incredible heart fluctuations on inhale/exhale.
Loud belly noises cam a. This video contains audio from the steth only. She is starving and has not eaten anything since the night before. She’s getting some really loud, long squeals and grumbles.
Loud belly noises cam b. This version only has audio from the mic dangling above her belly so it only records the loudest noises and squeals. This version is also shorter than the steth version.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
The 1 minute game cam a. She is able to keep herself very calm with a slow heart beat as she takes a single breath every minute. When she reaches 10 minutes she holds that last breath for as long as she can.
The 1 minute game cam b. Great self control when she lets the air out and takes each new breath. Perfect heart beat audio and she is looking into the cam the whole time with her gorgeous eyes.
ECG Sampler. She lies on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a standing breath hold while the ECG and steth record her heart. It’s amazing how slow and steady her heart is from being in such good shape. She is sexy, cute and a it flirtatious.
General ultrasound of heart. Her heart is easy to record with the steth and easy to see with the ultrasound transducer. Nice chambers and valves at work. She is absolutely fascinated by what she sees on the monitor.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Ultrasound of heart while using vibrator. She experiences multiple orgasms while the ultrasound transducer is over her heart. She is a very kinky woman, trust me, and these Dr. videos are a major turn on for her. Her heart is all over the place.
Boob bounce jiggle fest. She bounces and plays with her rather spectacular breasts then stops to record her heart beat. During these rest periods she looks into your eyes like she wants to rip your clothes off and ravish your body.
POV girlfriend experience. While you’re away at work she decides to make a heart beat video for you. She talks to you in a natural way and does a variety of experiments while exploring the major auscultation sites.

Custom video time. 
Valkyrie really enjoys making custom videos and she is shooting tomorrow. If you have a custom idea you want her to shoot, visit the custom videos link in the menu.
Trilogy will be here shooting this Wed and Thur. If you have a custom idea for her send it before she’s gone again. She lives in another state so she’s only here once every other month.
Our newest Goddess Bast is ready to shoot her 1st custom and she will be here tomorrow with Valkyrie. A custom with two hotties will be twice as much $ but worth it. 🙂
Aradia, Harmonia and Rhiannon can shoot customs too. Flora is pregnant and will be gone, probably for good.
Custom videos usually range between $100 – $200 but can cost more or less depending on difficulty and time required to shoot it. If we can sell your custom to other customers the cost is less. Most customs are very specialized and will not be purchased by anyone else.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Visible pulse during breath hold packing a. Very strong pulse can be seen between her ribs and under her scar. Her whole chest moves sideways with each heart beat. She holds a breath in and keeps packing in more air until she can’t anymore.
Visible pulse during breath hold packing b. Filmed at the same time as cam a but from above.
Workout bend over heart beat. She does a workout and then bends over a few times during rest. She holds a breath in or blows it out before bending over. Good heart beat audio and she looks mighty hot.