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Workout listening with steth. She works out and rests while listening to her own heart with a full steth. She experiments with breathing during rest.

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Breathing from balloon during workout. She takes one big breath and fills the balloon, then takes another full breath and begins breathing the air back and forth from the balloon while she works out. She almost passes out standing then does pass out lying on her back.
Expanded description: She is seconds away from passing out while standing up. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and I have to tell her to sit down but she’s too out of it to hear. On her next attempt lying on her back she is holding her ass up in the air while doing the balloon breathing. At the end she passes out and collapses to the ground. On 3rd attempt she makes it through without any passing out.
Neck bulge pushing with red face. This is a custom request. She takes a big breath and holds it while pushing as hard as she can, trying to make her face turn red and her neck veins bulge out. She succeeds on both counts but gets a massive headache each time so it’s a short video.
Workout while listening with full steth. She does a variety of workouts and listens with her full Rappaport steth while we listen with the usual setup. She switches auscultation sites on each set and does a little bit of experimentation. Sensual performance.

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Breath holds with oxygen cam a. Since she set a new record for herself while kissing Aradia I wanted to try the oxygen again. She does 3 nice long holds with the 2nd one being the longest. Nice contractions, good heart beat and sensual body language.
Breath holds with oxygen cam b. Her heart is beating very fast on the 1st hold of the day but she controls it well on the 2nd and 3rd. Very erotic looks at you when she’s resting.
More of the girlfriend experience cam a. She talks to you, her boyfriend while you record her and she listens to her own heart beat. She’s natural, sensual and does a few experiments. She also strips off her clothes as things progress.
More of the girlfriend experience cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.

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Heart beat with extra cardio. She looks super hot in her workout gear as she does more extensive cardio than usual. She jogs in place does jumping jacks and then records perfect heart beat with the steth. Nice fast pulse with a few erratic beats.
Sexy underwater with nothing on face 2. She does long breath holds underwater in her new yellow bikini while there is nothing on her face. She lightly caresses her own body and turns onto her sides for a different view.

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3 long breath holds cam a. She does some of her best regular breath holds ever and gets long contractions. Her goal is to make her oxygen levels go down lower by 10 each time. So if she hits 70% on the 1st attempt, she has to hit 60% on the 2nd.
3 long breath holds cam b. You can see the steth moving up and down on her chest with each heart beat in this angle.
Leg workout with perfect heart beat. Like Harmonia’s recent video, her heart beat audio is perfect while working out and while resting. She starts working out again while it’s still beating pretty fast. Plus she covers most auscultation sites throughout the video.

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Neck Pulse stick wagging. The white stick is placed on her neck where it wags, bobs and weaves with every heart beat. It really moves a lot since it’s placed over the rather large artery in her neck. Camera angle changes a few times.
Super sexy workout with pristine heart beat. Wow she just looks incredible in these tiny little yellow shorts and the heart beat is absolutely flawless. It’s crystal clear during the workout and during rest. Her movements and personality are a match for how hot she looks.

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New breath hold experiment cam a. 1st she does a regular breath hold for as long as she can and it’s a good time. Next she does all of the breathing and starts to hold but after about 30 seconds she lets it out and starts breathing again. She does this again and then starts the real hold.
New breath hold experiment cam b. Both of these are great breath holds with nice heart beat audio.
Expanded description. On her 2nd breath hold she doe 2 or 3 short 30 second breath holds before doing the one where she goes as long as she can. I noticed some of our models set their personal breath hold record when they started a hold and then had to start over for some reason like a cough or laugh or technical problem etc. So we wanted to see if this would work on Flora.
Ab workout on the incline bench. She works her sexy abs on the bench and then stays stretched out over the bench during rest. On the last set she sits up like normal during rest. Nice heart beat audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Breath hold workout heart beat. She does a god workout and then during rest she holds her breath while standing. Her heart has some nice changes because of the breath holding and she gets a good pause in her heart beat at least once.
Belly noises while hungry. Her active belly is making good noises like usual. She enjoys listening along with you.
Dr. Valkyrie listens to Aradia’s heart. Valkyrie pretends to be a Dr. for her friend. They joke around and Valkyrie throws a few kisses in there to see how it effects the heart beat. She also asks Aradia to hold in breaths or blow them out and hold.

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Unique yoga workout with heart beat. She does some of the unique exercises that she does at home as part of her daily workouts. It’s a combination of fast breathing and some exercise. Heart beat and room audio.
Double steth workout with blue pants. She’s wearing her sexy, skin tight blue pants as she works her legs with the two best steths on her chest. She changes steth positions before starting each set. Great heart beat audio here.

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Underwater in bath with new bikini. She’s rocking a sexy new bikini while doing long breath holds with nothing on her face. Her eyes are open and she slowly moves around changing body positions and feeling herself.
Breath hold variety experiment cam a. She starts with no preparations and no air in her lungs, then a no air with breathing before she starts, then a full breath in hold with no prep, and finally a full breath in with prep. Nice heart beat and fun to see who these effect her oxygen levels.
Breath hold variety experiment cam b. She gets good contractions on all of these.
Double visible pulse stick wagging. The longer stick is placed in a few different places on her chest and abs. You get a side view and a front on view at the same time. She holds her breath sometimes to isolate the pulsing in the stick.

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Self pleasure with HB and palpation cam a. She is more comfortable this time and less nervous so her orgasms are more intense and louder. You can see she is enjoying them even more than her 1st video. When you palpate her chest, it assists with increasing her pleasure due to her sensitive breasts.
Self pleasure with HB and palpation cam b. Heart beat and room audio included. She gets multiple orgasms in a row and her heart reacts nicely. You place your palm on her chest to feel her heart beating, which only turns her on more. Big speed up in heart rate when she gets there. All real orgasms.
Kissing Valkyrie breath holds. They are up on their knees for added difficulty as they hold they’re breath for as long as they can while kissing. Valkyrie struggles to stay conscious at the beginning of each BH an has to wait until she is able to sit up all of the way. Heart beat swaps between them.
Expanded description. There is a steth on each of their chests but you only hear one heart beat at a time. When you are hearing Aradia’s heart beat there is a green heart icon near her and when you’re hearing Valkyrie’s heart beat the Heart icon moves over to her side. They both get great contractions. Aradia gets some of her best ever as she tries to keep up with Valkyrie.
Sweet belly noises. She is getting consistent noises with some nice loud growls and grumbles.

Dear religious guy who can’t stand to see two girls kissing or touching each other. Look away now. Don’t read tonight’s update. You won’t like it.

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Long breath hold kissing with Aradia. They both take their last breath from the oxygen and hold it as long as they can while kissing. Valkyrie does her longest breath hold ever at over 5 minutes. They both get super long contractions. Both hearts recorded but at different times.
Expanded description: Wow Valkyrie’s meditation has been helping her a lot in the breath hold department. Despite having someone laying on her and using energy to kiss along with what her heart is already doing from the excitement she really pulls off an amazing breath hold. Aradia is on top so she’s using a lot more energy but she sure does try to compete with Valkyrie’s time. When she eventually gives up she takes another breath and starts holding it again. The Person on bottom always has the steth recording her heart. On the 2nd breath hold they run out of air at different times and after a couple of quick breaths start holding it again.
Aradia listens to Valkyrie’s heart for fun. This is two friends having fun while one of them listens to the others heart. She asks her to do some breath play and surprises her with some sexy kisses.

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Listening to own heart after exercise. She does a sexy topless workout and then during rest listens to her heart with the headphones. She experiments with her breathing so she can hear how it effects her heart beat and it makes a big difference. Just breathing in or ot drastically changes tempo.
90 second breath hold game cam a. Since the 1 minute breath hold game was too easy she has to go 1.5 minutes inbetween each breath this time. She finds it much more difficult but still makes it longer than some of the girls do with the 1 minute game.
90 second breath hold game cam b. There is no heart beat audio in cam a or b. But there is clear room audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
1 long breath hold with oxygen cam a. She tries to beat her breath hold record again with the oxygen. She does not make it but this is still a great effort with good heart beat audio.
1 long breath hold with oxygen cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She stops breathing during the rest periods like usual.
Extremely hard breath hold exercise. She holds her breath while exercising and during the rest periods with very little rest time before she holds it again. Awesome heart reactions and perfect heart beat audio.
M mode ultrasound during breath holds. She stops breathing while the M mode shows her heart in two different ways. Steth records audio.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Rhiannon.
Breath holding during ultrasound. The transducer is over her heart as she does a variety of breath holds. Steth records heart audio.
Jumping fast heart beat. She jumps as high as she can over and over which really gets her heart pumping fast.
Underwater in tub with no mask. She has nothing on her nose and her eyes are open as she holds her breath for as long as she can while remaining sexy. Long contractions and gasping for air when she comes up. She’s wearing her sexy cut off shirt.