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Trying to break BH record again cam a. This is her last attempt to break her own breath hold record with oxygen which is also the longest breath hold we’ve ever recorded. It just wasn’t her day to break it but she still tries really hard and gets long contractions.
Trying to break BH record again cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Feeling her belly noises. You place your hand on her perfect abs so you can feel her belly noises at the same time you hear them. Sometimes you can feel little air bubbles ripple across your hand and others you can feel the sound vibrations.

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General heart ultrasound. Really nice views of her heart chambers and valves, especially in the upper area. Perfect heart beat audio accompanies the nice visuals.
Patient complains of chest pains. We make this as realistic as possible. When there is a pause between questions the Dr. is taking down notes on his clipboard which is just out of view. Includes ECG, patient interview, palpation, ultrasound, auscultation sitting up and lying down.
Controlling heart with her mind. She starts out on her back as she tries to make her pulse rate go up and down with her thoughts alone. Then she stands up and does it again. It’s amazing how much she can change her heart rate, especially when she’s standing.
Belly noises while topless. She doesn’t eat all day until the shoot is over, so she’s hungry here and making pretty good noise. She’s also topless.

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Breath holding #2 cam a. She does some more regular breath holds for as long as she can while the steth and pulse oxymeter record her heart rate and oxygen levels. Like all of her other videos she brings something extra to this video via her sexy personality.
Breath holding #2 cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. By her 3rd attempt her contractions are getting pretty good. Great heart reactions after exhaling the air with short skips and erratic beats. She licks her lips often and moans a little during recoveries.
Heart tour with the best steth mic. She lies on her back while the steth is moved around to each of the major auscultation sites. Of course since this is Juno she doesn’t just sit there. She makes a lot of eye contact and looks incredible. She takes one good deep breath for each site. Super clear, amazing audio.
Ab pulse. Her abs are purfect and her waist is so tiny. The visible pulse across her abs is easy to record and especially visible each time she exhales. Also nice for those who like to see natural breathing or hear natural heart beats while completely relaxed.

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Please note that during Aradia’s last update the sites were being moved to new servers and a lot of people had trouble accessing her site. Her site is fully working again now so check out last weeks videos while you’re there.
Breath hold stretch out cam a. She does some nice long breath holds with last breath from oxygen while she stretches her body out in various positions. She gets some great contractions. Good heart beat audio and regular room sounds. Her heart is affected by the body position changes.
Breath hold stretch out cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Great belly noises before eating. Her belly is making a ton of noise because she’s starving and we’re about to go to lunch. This video is a companion to the belly noises after eating video. The steth is on her lower belly since we haven’t recorded there in a while.
Belly noises after eating. Now listen to the difference in her belly noises after she’s had lunch.

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Underwater sexy mask time. She does nice long breath holds without oxygen while wearing the mask. We cleaned it with the anti fog stuff so you can see her open eyes crystal clear. She lifts her abs out of the water during contractions so you can see them unobscured by waves.
Trying for new breath hold record with oxygen cam a. She tries to beat her own record of 7:4ty whatever after taking her last breath from the oxygen. She gets nice long contractions which stop and then restart more intense than before.
Trying for new breath hold record with oxygen cam b. Perfect heart beat is recorded by the Littmann. Awesome visible pulse can be seen in the v of her ribs. Most noticeable on cam a.
All about that ass. That may be the name of your favorite sushi roll but it’s also the name of this video. Flora shows off her incredible buns while working out. Lots of awesome bouncing with just the right amount of jiggle. Perfect heart beat is recorded.

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Underwater in the tank #2. She removes her top, unleashing her glorious breasts while doing extra long breath holds thanks to the oxygen bag. She presses up against the front of the glass and slowly moves around.
Long breath holds sitting up a. She makes it over the magical 2 minute mark which is good for sitting up breath holds. On the last one she’s lying back but still held up by her arms. The steth captures perfect, crystal clear heart beat.
Long breath holds sitting up b. We wanted to see what happens to her heart under the added stress of sitting up. She’s able to keep her pulse rate remarkably low. She gets some contractions and squirms the most on the last one.
Boob slide heart beat. She works her abs by twisting her torso which makes her magnificent breasts slide across her chest. These all natural beauties flop from side to side in a magical way. She stops to record her heart beat when abs get tired.

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Super vacuums cam a. She blows out most of her air and sucks her stomach into a  vacuum. Her ribs stick way out while her abs cave way in. She’s one of the best at this. Nice long times and on 3rd try she twists her hips and gets very unique beats.
Super vacuums cam b. This angle is missing the 1st 2 vacuums. She changes position for each vacuum. Perfect heart beat is recorded from the Littmann. After filming this she admitted that she wanted to feel up her own body and run her hands through her hair.
ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a breath hold while the ECG and steth record her heart. She keeps her heart rate low in the beginning then turns up the heat later. She turns this ECG sampler into a sexy and erotic experience.
Extended description: This is Juno’s first ECG video and she exceeds all expectations. You’ll get a good taste of her natural sex appeal here. Some girls just ooze sensuality without trying hard and Juno is one of them. When she sits up straight, she looks so cute and innocent and the new mic captures some of the sweetest and most crisp heart sounds we’ve recorded. But, the highlight of the video comes after she stands up. Her sexy movements and gestures are just the beginning. After she does some squats to get her heart pumping hard, she clutches the steth to her chest for some awesome pounding and shows you more of her sensuality during and after the breath hold near the end. This is definitely a must have video.
General Ultrasound of heart. Her heart is very easy to ultrasound. You’ll see super clear images of chambers and valves from unique, multiple angles and her valves flap around creating a lot of movement. Second half of the video captures some upper valve action. Nice heart beat audio.

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Ultrasound of heart on side. She lies on her side and the table is slightly inclined as the ultrasound transducer probes her heart. Awesome, clear views of her mitral valve in action.

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Doggie style breath holds cam a. She sits up on her hands and knees and holds her breath for as long as she can while the Stethoscope records her heart beat. This position produces and audible S2 split during breath holds. She gets nice contractions and good breath holds times.
Doggie style breath holds cam b. Sam as cam a except for the lower angle.
Hula hoop heart beat fun. She plays with the hula hoop to get her heart rate up and then stops to record the results. She plays with the speed of the hula hoop and sometimes it rolls right over her bare breasts which looks cool. Nice heart beat audio.

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2 breath holds with a PVC. She does two regular breath holds for as long as she can while the Steth records her heart beat.Rhiannon gets her first recorded PVC (heart skip) in this video. Pulse oxymeter on her finger records oxygen levels and pulse rate.
Juno listens to Rhiannon’s heart. Juno has listens to Rhiannon’s heart beat with her full stethoscope. Rhiannon makes it interesting with a few deep held breaths, blow outs and some exercise.

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Breath hold pushes after exercise. She gets her heart racing with exercise before sitting on the floor, taking a deep breath and pushing. She gets nice heart reactions and almost passes out. Her heart pounds hard and gets fixed S2 splits during recoveries. She tries a different position at the end.
Incredible belly noises. We’ve been on a lucky streak lately with the belly noises. Flora’s notoriously quiet belly was growling like crazy today. It’s non stop. Definitely her best ever and one of our best hunger vids.

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Exam for belly pains. She complains to the doctor that she’s having sharp pains in her mid to upper abdomen. The Dr. listens with steth, performs deep palpation, and uses the ultrasound. Meant to be as realistic as possible.
POV workout. She’s working out for her boyfriend who has a fascination with heart beats. If you can stop staring at her perfect bouncing breasts long enough you will notice she’s very sensual while working out. Various auscultation sites are explored.
10 minute breath hold game master a. She does the single breath every minute game and tries to make it to 10 minutes. She makes it to 10 minutes so I told her to keep holding as long as she can on last one and she makes it all the way to 12 minutes. The best performance ever for this video.
Expanded description. I told her how hard this video is and that most who try don’t make it to 6 minutes on their 1st try, but if she can keep calm and not rush that one breath she gets, it’s possible to make it to 10 minutes. It’s just unbelievable that she does a 2 minute breath hold at the end. Perfect heart beat is recorded.
10 minute breath hold game master b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She gets some great contractions and her facial expressions are perfect. She really shows the struggle she’s going through.

Today we welcome another new goddess to the family. Juno is Incredibly sexy in so many ways. She’s constantly playing with her long, dark hair, which frames her beautiful eyes. She has a tiny waist with perfect abs and her ribs stick out nicely during certain videos. There’s no doubt she’s gorgeous but what makes her really shine is her sensual personality. She’s flirtatious and sexy at all times. She could talk about cleaning toilets and it would be fascinating haha.
She bites her lip, looks down, showing her eye make up and then looks up at you with  truly amazing eyes. Just wait… You’ll see. She’s also great at all of the videos. She’s doing fantastic breath holds and she’s one of the best at stomach vacuums. Her heart is easy to record with the steth and the ultrasound.

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Rhiannon teaches her breath holding cam a. Rhiannon shows Juno how to holds her breath and joins in from the 2nd one on. Soon Juno is giving Rhiannon a run for her money. Juno gets some contractions and steth is on her chest.
Rhiannon teaches her breath holding cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. This is a great 1st breath hold video and you get two for the price of one. When one of them runs out of air she takes a breath or two and holds again until the other is done.
Underwater in the bath tub. She tries the oxygen for the 1st time and stays under for over 3 minutes on her 1st time. She goes over 3:30 on the next 2 attempts. She slowly moves around and opens her eyes occasionally. She’s very cute and sexy when she comes up for air.
Workout with heart beat. She works her legs to get her heart racing for you and records her heart beat with the Littmann. Here’s where you get the 1st real glimpse of her sensual nature. Her pulse is beating pretty fast and yours will be too.

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Belt restriction breath holds cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while the belt restricts her waist. She enjoys the restriction and wanted it as tight as we could get it. Great hold times and nice heart beat audio.
Belt restriction breath holds cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She gets nice long contractions and low oxygen levels on the pulse oxymeter.
Listening to each others heart beat POV. She works out in front of you and then walks up with her full stethoscope in hand so you can listen to each others heart beats. Only her heart beat is recorded in this video. She’s very sexy and seductive.
Heart beats in non traditional places. The stethoscope picks up a strong heart beat over various arteries and spots on her body. She places it on her neck, high chest, abs, shoulder, pelvis etc.

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Belly ultrasound with eating and drinking. The ultrasound is over her stomach area after she ate lunch. After a while she drinks some water and consumes a fish oil pill. The goal is to see the pill in her stomach. You can see some great digestion action going on and belly noises are included.

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Sensual palpation of chest. What makes this palpation video sensual? It’s the expressions on her beautiful face. Your hand on her chest has her aroused from beginning to end. Very erotic visuals to go along with the incredible audio.
Heart ultrasound with stop breathing. The ultrasound captures really awesome and clear images of her heart as she stops breathing without taking a deep breath in. She gets some funky erratic beats.

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New breath hold game. She holds the 1st breath for as long as she can and then takes a single breath before holding again. Then she takes 2 breaths and holds and then 3 breaths. So between each breath hold she gets one more extra breath each time.

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Living room exercise. She does a variety of workouts in the living room and then records her pounding heart with the awesome new mic. Awesome audio and she gets instant slow-downs, speed-ups and arrhythmia when she kneels and stands on breaks. Super sexy see thru outfit too.
Holding one position #2. She does the very hard exercise known as planking while her heart beat is recorded. Her heart ramps up to a pretty fast pace before the burning in her muscles is too much to bear. On the last one she does it reverse so her back is getting worked.