Wow I’m really excited about this new Goddess I have for you tonight. I’ve worked with a lot of awesome people over the years but every once and a while someone comes along who just kills everything she tries. Trilogy is super hot with an infectious smile and incredible, natural breasts. I’m serious, they defy physics. So full and perky even when she’s lying on her back.
Her personality matches her knockout looks and she did an amazing job at every video. Long breath holds with great contractions on her 1st attempt. A rock steady hand while holding the steth combined with a loud clear heart beat makes for some really awesome videos. I’m working hard at signing her up as a regular goddess with her own site. She’s very interested but wants to hear how these 1st videos sell. I see amazing potential in this girl so keep your fingers crossed and please buy her videos. 🙂

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Trilogy 1st breath holds cam a. She does some of the best 1st breath holds I’ve ever seen if not the best period. Really awesome contractions. Her 1st is with no direction at all. Next few are after coaching. Perfect heart beat and regular room sounds.
Trilogy 1st breath holds cam b. Did I mention she gets her oxygen levels down into the 50’s in this 1st breath hold video. In cam a the steth moves up and down on her chest with every heart beat.
Trilogy awesome heart tour. The steth is moved to a new auscultation site every few minutes and the difference in audio is really intriguing. Her heart sounds very different in each spot. More than anyone else I can think of. Deep apex sound and crisp, pulmonary and aortic.
Trilogy leg workout heart beat. Wearing a sexy and appropriate workout outfit she exercises her legs and buns while the steth records continuous heart audio. Once things are pumping she stops to rest and record even clearer audio. This is the 1st vid where you get to see her personality and smile.

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Just breathing breath holds combo cam a. She does the super extreme deep breaths and exhales while stretched out. When she gets high from too much oxygen she holds her breath, gets contractions tries packing in more air and keeps going until she can’t hold it anymore.
Just breathing breath holds combo cam b. She crams so much air in her lungs that it looks like she’s going to pop and it’s hard for her to make it through contractions because there is no room for her abs to squeeze. Perfect heart beat from steth and reg room sound.

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Awesome breath holds topless cam a. She is nipping at the heals of Rhiannon with these incredible breath holds where her contractions are long and oxygen gets into the low 50’s. She’s also bending into some different body positions here.
Awesome breath holds topless cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Perfect heart beat is recorded with the Littmann steth.
Double steth heart tour. She listens to her heart at various auscultation sites with the full Littmann steth while a second Littmann is nearby for your enjoyment. She experiments with breath play holding it in and blowing air out. You can also hear her stomach growling.
More awesome belly noises while starving. She is hungry and her belly is making more great noises. Some very long growls, gurgles and squeels. It was so loud that I could hear the noises from 10 feet away. She didn’t eat anything for about 18 hours.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Eva.
Breath holds standing. She does some nice breath holds while topless and standing. She holds the steth over her heart and the pulse oxymeter is on her finger. Good effort and nice heart beat audio. Her heart races very fast as soon as she starts holding her breath.
Cardio heart beat. She jogs topless to get her heart racing and then records her heart beat with the steth. Really nice boob action and an awesome heart soundtrack.
Neck pulse topless. She rests on her back while her neck pulse is recorded in a few spots. Her chest is in view for some of the video. The littmann records heart audio.

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Breath holding trying to pass out cam a. She tries really hard to pass out from holding her breath so long. She does get really long contractions. Great breath holds but no passing out. She’s wearing her sexy lingerie.
Breath holding trying to pass out cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Heart beat and regular room sounds are recorded. Steth is turned off during most intense contractions.
Super clear ultrasound of heart. The heart transducer images heart chambers and valves from multiple angles and locations. Really nice clear images plus the usual perfect heart beat audio.
Sexy underwater show. She does really long breath holds underwater while posing and showing off her body. She plays with her bottoms and pulls them down exposing part of her buns which she presses against the glass. Really awesome underwater contractions.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Rhiannon.
Amazing breath holds with pass out cam a. She does two amazing breath holds on her own, without oxygen. On the 1st she’s on the brink of passing out. On the 2nd she lets the air out and passes out at the same time. Her heart rate increases dramatically while this is happening.
Extended description. I never imagined she would be the 1st goddess to pass out from regular breath holding in a very long time but here we are. When she passes out and gets the samba, (losing control of her body) she looks like she’s having an orgasm every time. It’s very sensual. She assured me that it just looks that way and she doesn’t even remember it.
Amazing breath holds with pass out cam b. The Littmann captures great heart audio as her heart and body go through the extra stress of passing out. Oxygen levels get to the 30’s then disappear.
You control the doppler. As you visit various auscultation sites with the doppler she sensually experiments with her breathing, holding it in, blowing it all out. Then she exercises before lying in front of you. You listen to the same spots with her heart pounding hard and fast.
Double steth experimentation. She holds two steths on her chest. The full steth is in her ears while we listen to the other. She tries different things to make her heart react and swaps auscultation sites a few times. Near the end she does a breath hold that leaves her heart pounding slow and hard.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Hella 1 Breath hold with oxygen cam a. This is her only breath hold with the assistance of the oxygen bag. She makes it over 5 minutes with contractions. Heart beat is recorded with the Littmann.
Hella 1 Breath hold with oxygen cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Hella ECG controlling heart with mind. She stands still with the ECG leads attached and tries to make her heart go up and down with her thoughts. She succeeds with nice fluctuations but she cheats a bit with some unintentional flexing.
These are her last videos. She only shot for about 3 and a half hours, so enjoy.

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Smoking custom with heart beat. She sensually smokes a ciggarette while her heart beat is recorded. Her pulse goes up and down for no reason other than the smoking. Sometimes she lets the smoke barely fall out of her mouth.
Starving to full belly noises. She didn’t eat anything all day or the night before so she’s really hungry. She heats her meal in the microwave, sits and eats it while her belly noises are recorded the whole time. Noises start out OK but really get going as she eats.
Breath holding with doppler cam a. She does regular breath holds with only her own deep breaths before starting. Super long contractions and great audio from the doppler. She’s really getting good at these holds. Oxygen gets low too.
Breath holding with doppler cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. A beautiful friend of hers was sitting off to the side watching this. I believe these are her best breath holds ever.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Eva.
General Ultrasound. The ultrasound probes her heart valves and chambers while the Littmann steth records heart beat.
Heart beat during video game play. She absolutely loves playing video games like this one where she’s trying to survive on an island of zombies. Nice heart beat reactions when she gets scared or mad. You see what she sees on the TV and you hear room sounds along with heart beat.
Titacular breastivities. She starts out bouncing and jiggling her perfect C cups as an excuse to get her heart rate up then records the audio with the steth. Later she takes a more hands on approach to playing with her breasts. She uses her breast to hold the steth too.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Underwater tank fun. She does long breath holds with intense contractions while posing underwater in the tank. She turns and shows off her equally hot backside. When  her beautiful buns press against the glass it’s a real treat.
Incredible pass out ultrasound pushes. She does some nice pushes while the ultrasound captures great images of her heart. She gets some awesome slow downs and skipped beats. After exercising, during the push she passes completely out and fights to regain consciousness but needs assistance.
Extended description. Her heart reacts to every push. It gets worse when she sits up and then things get real good when she exercises before jumping up on the tab le and doing her push. She comes close to passing out a few times then passes out completely. Her body convulses and twitches then she tries to sit all the way up because she doesn’t know where she is or what she’s doing. The ultrasound captures her heart valves as the pause during a delayed beat. Definitely one of the best ultrasound videos ever.
Breath holds belt restriction major heart event a. She does two long breath holds with the hard belt. On the 2nd she sets a record for herself without oxygen. But what happens next is historical… her heart goes into a crazy pattern of intermittent tachy-arrhythmia that lasts for minutes. Absolutely perfect audio captures this amazing event.
Extended description. Holy shit this video is a smorgasbord for the ears for anyone who likes unusual heart events. After her intense 2nd hold where her oxygen gets lower than it ever has before, her heart goes into a crazy pattern of a few normal beats shortly followed by bouts of tachycardia mixed with arrhythmia. This off-beat rhythm keeps alternating and cycles like that for over 3 minutes straight, until the end of the video. If you’re into irregular beats, you must own this video.
Breath holds belt restriction major heart event b. This is the 1st time where her heart really goes crazy. She also experienced rare S4 beats (a beat just before S1) shortly after taking in all the air she could on her 2nd hold.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Rhiannon.
Super breath holds verge of pass out cam a. She pushes it super hard and is on the verge of passing out on the 1st one. The other two are similar. Oxygen levels go very low. She gets some samba and looks like she’s orgasmic after exhale.
Expanded description. She was determined to pass out on this day and she pretty much does. She fights hard through the contractions, arching her back and kicking her legs. When she opens her mouth to breathe she loses control of her body and gets the weird breathing mumbling thing that happens when passing out. She really does look like she’s having an orgasm but it’s just her reaction to the low oxygen levels.
Super breath holds verge of pass out cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She does not use oxygen for these. She does regular breathing exercises before beginning. Heart beat from Littmann. New breath hold records for her.
Super sexy face up tub time. She poses face up in the tub with nothing on her face. She really steps it up here, touching her mouth suggestively and playing with her hair. Long breath holds and one awesome moment where she starts to come up but changes her mind.
Expanded description. This is probably her best underwater video ever. She’s really sexy and comfortable. She also pushes her contractions for quite a while. During one scene she comes up and makes a loud exhale sound with her voice but then changes her mind and forces herself back under for another 10 seconds or so.
Doppler fun self exploration. She uses the doppler for the 1st time and enjoys listening to her own heart at various auscultation sites. She tilts it in different directions and experiments with breath play.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Visible pulse across all ribs. She lies on her side with her arm up over her head. A very visible pulsing can be seen rippling across all of the ribs in her chest and under her heart surgery scar. She holds her breath sometimes to magnify the effect.
Workout with perfect view. She works her sexy legs and buns to get her heart rate up then lies on the floor with her glorious ass facing us. It’s never looked better in her bright blue shorts. What a view, the heart beat ain’t bad either.
Super sexy tank time. She finally gets underwater after months of absence and it was worth the wait. She is smoking hot and sensual from beginning to end. Incredible face expressions, beautiful hair play, mastery of buoyancy, nice contractions, long breath holds. One of her best ever.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Hella stomach vacuums cam a. She new immediately how to do vacuums without any directions. Nice cave in and amazing ribs. Her heart beat is recorded with the Littmann and she changes body position a few times.
Hella stomach vacuums cam b. Same as cam a except angle.
Hella bike workout with ECG and steth audio. She rides the bike on a medium resistance to get her heart racing while the ECG and steth record her heart. Nice readings and audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Underwater nude in the tank. She poses underwater fully nude and gets pretty good breath hold times.
Pushes sitting and standing wacky heart A. She does nice long pushes so hard that it looks like her head is going to pop off. She gets nice heart reactions while pushing and crazy reactions when she stops. Her heart stops beating for a sec a few times.
Pushes sitting and standing wacky heart B. This cam is shot from above for a totally different perspective of this awesome heart video. You just can’t go wrong with either cam, this video rocks regardless.
Neck pulse. Her neck pulse is filmed from a few angles with a few lighting changes. You can see the pulse in a nice variety of places.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Eva.
Breath holding topless cam a. She continues to work on her breath holding skills and makes it over 3 minutes. She watches the oxygen levels which helps her get longer contractions.
Breath holding topless cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Perfect heart beat is recorded by the Littmann.
Bouncy twins fun time, heart beat. She jogs to get her heart rate up and her breasts bounce around, bringing joy to us all. When she stops to rest her heart beat is clear. She loves to tweak her nipples.
Visible pulse in chest and breast. The pulse in her breast is only visible some of the time. Where the shadow of her breast falls on her chest there is a very visible pulsing with every heart beat.