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Visible pulse between ribs natural. The visible pulse is recorded in the same place as usual but this time she is not holding her breath. You can still see it when she sits naturally. 1st she is relaxed, later it’s recorded after she exercises and her heart is pounding.
Neck arched pulse. Her neck pulse is recorded as she lies on the giant workout ball. Great closeup of her arteries and many other smaller neck veins.

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Underwater handstands custom. She does handstands for as long as she can while underwater. She gets really long, intense contractions and stays under for close to two minutes many times and over 2 minutes a few times. She strips off her top. 2 free minutes of bloopers included.
Self auscultations while on side b-play a. She does a variety of breath play while recording her own heart beat as she lies on her side. Perfect heart beat audio.
Self auscultations while on side b-play b. This angle is so unique that it’s like a totally different video when compared to cam a.
Ab workout with big ball. She works her toned abs with the giant ball and then records her perfect heart beat with the littmann steh. She’s sexy and beautiful in this video.

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Breath hold heart tour with oxygen cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can after taking her last breath from the oxygen can. You move the Littmann steth to various auscultation sites for optimum sound. Absolutely superb heart beat audio and she gets a nice arrhythmia on her 2nd breath hold.
Breath hold heart tour with oxygen cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. The Littmann steth captures pristine heart beat audio all over her major auscultation sites.
Look into my eyes. The cam is up close and very personal allowing you and Mari Mai to stare into each others eyes as the Littmann records perfect heart beat audio and breath sounds. She does a little breath play for you.

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Buns o fun #2. She works her cute little ass again and gets her heart beating quite fast. During rest she bends over in various ways and it slows her heart down considerably each time. Awesome heart beat audio from the Littmann.
Visible pulse in chest x2. The pulse across her chest and abs is recorded by two cameras and the results are side by side in one video. Perfect heart beat audio like usual and she gets some S3 beats near the end with steth in over apex.

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Breath holding right after smoking video. She did these breath holds right after the smoking custom video so her heart is a bit fast and slightly erratic. Her heart quickly recovers after she releases the air and she gets a few surprise convulsions in-between holds.
Neck and jaw pulse. Her neck is arched over a pillow, exposing her pulsing arteries. The area right under her jaw is especially active. Perfect heart beat from the Littmann.
Workout with bend over heart slow down. She works her legs to get her heart rate up and then during rest she bends over quickly to see if her heart slows way down like those before her, and it does. Jade’s heart sounds great in this video and recovers amazingly fast.

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Breath holding at sunset. She really struggles hardcore on these breath holds, squirming all over and fighting to keep the air in. It was getting dark outside so this video is a bit dark. It has regular sound, no heart beat. This is her last video for now.

I have a new oxygen machine. Don’t worry we’re not going to be using oxygen all of the time, just on occasions when I think up a new experiment. Also everyone will try it in the beginning to see how it works for them. For instance oxygen really works well on Victoria, Flora and Nike but hardly at all on Valkyrie or Mari Mai. Valkyrie actually does worse sometimes. I’ll also come up with a better way to get the oxygen to them when I get a chance.
In Nike’s ultrasound video I planned on getting a good baseline image and then she would stop breathing. She does do that near the end but the really amazing part is near the beginning when her heart suddenly races out of control within about 2-3 seconds. She looks up at me knowing that it just happened and laughs. She refused to say what she thought about but we will experiment with this more next time she’s here.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Nike.
Control of heart during ultrasound. Near the beginning her heart rate doubles within a few seconds for no reason and she immediately looks up at the Dr. She refused to admit what it was she thought about so you know it was good. Great ultrasound and she stops breathing couple times.
Belly noises while listening with full Littmann. I think this is the 1st time anyone has listened to their noises with the stethoscope in their ears. She’s getting good noises here and when it’s not good enough she moves her stomach which produces really loud noises.
Breath hold experiment with new o2 machine a. She does her 1st breath hold of the day the regular way and gets to 2:38. Next she does 5:38 and 5:55 with oxygen from a new machine. She stops on 2nd one because she couldn’t feel her hands. She also gets orgasmic like shakes afterwards.
Breath hold experiment with new o2 machine b. Super long contractions and great heart beat. The new oxygen machine filled up the bag she breathes from. She gets hot flashes and shakes afterwards. Her body is oiled up and looking fine. She cries but it’s just from allergies.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Underwater in sexy one piece. She looks amazing in her sexy, lacy one piece. She gets nice long contractions and they are easy to see with the white lace. She’s smoking hot in this video but things get even hotter when she strips to a tiny black g-string.
Breath holds on knees long contractions a. She holds her breath as long as she can while on her hands and knees. The lighting is really awesome and her contractions are at a whole new level. Her whole body bucks up and down. She gets some mild arrhythmia on her second and thirds attempts.
Breath holds on knees long contractions b. This cam is from ground level and in front. Clear heart beat is recorded from the Littmann. As her body gets low on oxygen her ab and back muscles flex uncontrollably causing her to arch up and down during her contractions.
Super buns workout. She uses heavy ankle weights and does one of the real life workouts that she does at the gym every week. You can tell by her technique that she’s a pro who’s serious about working out. Her body juts looks incredible and the heart beat sounds awesome.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Breath holds oiled oxygen experiment cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can after taking the last breath from the oxygen can. Her perfectly toned abs look awesome during contractions. Later she tries doing multiple oxygen breath holds in a row. She gets PVC’s at 9:15, 9:25 and 14:45.
Breath holds oiled oxygen experiment cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. We wanted to see what would happen to her heart with multiple breath holds in a row. 1st one is the baseline for us to compare. Remarkable reactions from her 4-1/2 min 3rd hold, then she goes straight into a 4th. Awesome.
Heart stopping on command. This video is soooo awesome! 1st she sings funny songs while exercising to get her heart racing then she lies on the ground in various positions. She figures out how to stop her heart for a sec and she smiles or looks at the cam every time it happens.
Butt beats. Her buns take center stage as she works out in sexy lingerie. During rest she bends over to see if her heart slows way down like Flora and Harmonia before her. She also brings some breath play into the mix as she bends over.

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Kissing breath control cam a. Mari has to hold her breath while Valkyrie kisses her. She taps valks shoulder when she’s dying for air but Valkyrie ignores her half of the time and when she does allow her to breathe it’s a breath from Valks mouth. Heart beat and regular sound.
Kissing breath control cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. This is a really awesome video. Valkyrie is a bit sadistic, even more than Mari Mai was to her.
POV Heart tour. She looks into your eyes as you move the steth around her chest, capturing pristine audio. She does a little breath play and pressure is applied to the steth at times.
Oiled breasts heart beat. Her breasts are oiled up and looking fine as her heart beat is recorded. After a while she exercises to get her heart thumping. There is a visible pulse in her chest at times.

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Smoking custom with heart beat. She smokes a cigarette, holds it in a bit, blows it out in a sexy way, glances at the camera, smiles and more. Her heart is beating fast from the smoke.
Underwater posing. She does general sexy posing underwater and achieves pretty good breath hold times. Her bottoms are a bit loose, teasing you by almost showing her goodies. Towards the end she has to put the mask on because the chemicals hurt her nose too much.
Pushes sitting up. She takes a deep breath in and pushes as hard as she can. Her face turns red and the veins in her forehead pop out. She gets pretty good results with her heart beat.
Nice belly noises. She is very hungry in this video. I let her eat a couple of figs just before we started filming this. She gets many loud noises and some growls.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Breath holds in a row from oxygen cam a. She takes a breath from the oxygen can and holds it for as long as she can, then blows the air out and takes a new breath from the oxygen. She repeats this 3 times while perfect heart beat is recorded.
Breath holds in a row from oxygen cam b. This is a close up of the visible pulse in her chest. Her whole chest moves with each heart beat but it’s very noticeable in the center.
Really incredible ultrasound of heart. This might be the best ult vid ever. Her heart is pounding super fast after exercise, then she holds a breath, then she blows it out and gets an extreme slow down with a skip or two. There’s a lot going on but the ult images and audio are incredible.
Neck pulse with heart beat. This is a general neck pulse video while her head is arched backward over a pillow. Very large area pulses with each heart beat and the audio is perfect.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Smoking custom with heart beat. She smokes a cigarette and slowly blows the smoke out in a variety of ways. Her heart beat is elevated the whole time but goes up and down a bit from the smoke. She tilts her head back in a way nobody else has before.
Bike workout with no rest. She rides the bike to get her heart rate up while recording her heart beat. She increases brings the intensity up and down a few times and doesn’t rest until the end. Nice fast pulse and perfect heart beat.
Good belly noises. She’s getting a nice consistent variety of noises and there are a few different camera angles.
Underwater sexyness in black bikini. She sensually moves around swaying her hair and showing off her body while doing really nice breath holds. She gets some great contractions and you can hear the moaning sounds in her throat. Very sexy stuff.

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Consistent Belly noises. Her belly is growling and making pretty consistent noise. Whenever there is a lul she moves her stomach a couple of times which gets the noises going again.

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Breath holding doggy style w/belt A. She holds her breath for as long as she can while up on her hands and knees. Her heart has a unique sound in this position. During breath holds she gets a sweet permanent split on S2. Plus, there’s a visible pulse between her ribs just under her top. A “must have” video.
Breath holding doggy style w/belt B. This version is zoomed in on the visible pulse in her ribs. It’s a very unique, interesting angle. Plus, she gets one of the hardest heart beat skips ever recorded at approx 6:30 into the file. This session was one of Harmonia’s best from an audio and visual standpoint.
Swimming with the fins and mask. She swims around with the fins for the 1st time wearing her little bootie shorts. Her legs and buns look amazing as she’s propelled through the water. Later she poses with the mask and gets nice contractions.

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More long breath holds. She does the 1st breath hold for an incredible 4:26 and there is heart beat recorded. The 2nd breath hold is for 3:12 and there is no heart beat recorded. You can hear regular room sounds. Very long intense contractions both times.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Breath controlled by Mari Mai kissing. Incredible video. Valkyrie holds her breath as long as she can while Mari kisses her. Valkyrie taps Mari’s shoulder when she has to have air but she can’t breathe until Mari says it’s OK. At that point Mari blows the air into Valkyrie and they continue.
Breath controlled by Mari Mai kissing cam b. Mari Mai pushes Valkyrie sometimes while Valkyrie looks up with pleading eyes and increasingly intense contractions. It’s a sensually sadistic video. Valkyrie’s heart beat is recorded and you also hear their breathing and normal room sound.
Workout lying on side with heart beat.. She works her body to get the old ticker racing and then lies on her side to record. Her heart slows way down at times and a sweet audible murmur can be heard @ approx. 1:20 and 5:30. You can see her react because she can feel and hear the pulse in her ear.
Sweet hip pulse with fluctuating heart. A very strong pulse is recorded in the sexy area of her hips. The cam focuses back and forth between the right and left pulses every couple of minutes. Her heart beat is erratic going up and down for no reason and skips a beat or two.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Mari Mai.
CPR breaths from Valkyrie with heart beat. Everything is perfect, full inflation, puffed cheeks and high air pressure at the mouth seal. This version includes Mari Mai’s heart beat along with the usual breath sounds.
CPR breaths from Valkyrie version 2. This is the exact same video but there is no heart beat audio. Just the breath sounds and noises of the room. Valkyrie stops occasionally to adjust herself or wipe her mouth while Mari Mai waits for air.
CPR breaths from Valkyrie close ups of mouth. Very clear and close up view of their faces. You can really see the mouth seal and pressure here.
Standing pushes and outs for heart. She does some great pushes which make her heart race, then she goes straight into air out holds and her heart rate drops so slow that it seems to stop a few times. Super clear hb audio. Plus, she gets some sexy arrhythmia @ 2:05 and 7:15.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Underwater fun on chair long breath holds. With help from the oxygen can she does a 5:22 then a 4:03 then 3:44 breath hold while sensually moving around and using the chair. She gives her usual perfect underwater performance.
Perfect ultrasound with some out pushes. Crystal clear valves snapping open and closed. After a while she takes a breath and blows it all out and pushes slightly while the Ultrasound shows what’s going on with her heart. Great audio the whole time. Steth records at apex and pulmonary.
Exercise with outs and slow down. She gets absolutely perfect heart beat audio while she works out and during rest she blows all of the air out to see what happens with her heart. It slows w-a-y down and she gets a huge skip at one point where it seem her heart is going to stop.