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Awesome underwater nude with new shoes. What an incredible UW video. One of the best ever. She is nude from beginning to end and wearing some special shoes that keep her feet on the bottom. Very sexy posing solo and with a chair. Long contractions every time.
5 lead ECG workout. She works her legs to get her heart pumping while the ECG records perfect readings and the Littmann records heart beat. Her sparkly bottoms are mesmerizing. She changes the auscultation site after each set.

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Eva General Ultrasound. The 2nd probe is used to image her chambers and valves. Heart beat audio from the Littmann. This is her last video.

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Amazing stomach vacuums near pass out A. She does some of the longest, no air, stomach vacuums ever in her 1st video and is on the verge of passing out on one of them.   SPO2 oxygen gets very low. She goes over 2 minutes with no air in her lungs. Perfect heart beat.
Amazing stomach vacuums near pass out B. Same as cam a except for the angle. She changes position once. Her ribs are very visible and stomach caves in nicely. Her heart really reacts to the struggle.
Visible pulse with surprise. The surprise is that she falls asleep almost immediately and stops breathing over and over again for 5-10 seconds while sleeping. Nice pulse in her incredibly toned abs.
ECG workout to 180. She does a fairly easy workout and still manages 180 on the ECG. The 5 lead ECG records absolutely perfect readings at all times. Perfect heart beat audio from the Littmann.

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Underwater with long contractions. She poses and moves gracefully underwater. Her breath holds are good with really long contractions. Near the end she strips out of her bikini. This is her 1st time UW this year.
Stomach vacuums cam a. She does her usual super deep cave in stomach vacuums while her heart beat is recorded. She changes position and the camera angle also changes.
Stomach vacuums cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Fantastic heart beat on both cams.

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Steth swap super fast heart beat. This time she ran up and down the stairs to get her heart racing before swapping the two best Littmann steths over the same auscultation site for comparison. Each set is a new site. Absolutely astounding heart beat sounds during her slow exhale technique.
Double steth breath holds. The best Littmann’s are strategically placed over her tricuspid and pulmonary areas. Through the magic of a mixer you hear each steth separately and together. Both steths go to both speakers. Her heart skips a beat @ 6:45 – a first for Victoria.

Today we welcome a new goddess to the family, Flora. She’s got an unbelievable body. Her skin tone glows in the light showing off every little muscle. Her abs are out of this world and her ribs are easy to see. She’s also a very hard worker with great willpower. Her heart races to fast speeds with little effort and it’s easy to record. Nice and loud.

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Underwater posing and swimming. She starts out posing and learning how to stay under for a long time then moves onto swimming. Her toned body looks amazing straining against the water.
1st Breath holds cam a. On her 1st attempt she receives absolutely no instruction. Next two are with direction. She’s already approaching girls who’ve been shooting for a year. Fantastic breath holds with good contractions. Perfect heart beat from the Littmann.
1st Breath holds cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. I can tell at this early stage that she will be one of our best breath holders.
ECG sampler 5 lead. The ECG records her heart as she lies on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and holds her breath while standing. Perfect readings at all times and just look at how high those peaks are. Her heart is racing for how little exercise she does.

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Breath holding double cam while you feel. She holds her breath for as long as she can while you feel her heart beat, toned abs and ribs. Filmed from two different angles. Perfect heart beat is recorded with the Littmann.

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Visible pulse bouncing steth head. One of the old steths is placed just above her belly button. Her pulse rocks the steth back and forth. Heart beat is recorded with the usual Littmann on her chest.

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Eva Hula Hoop full Littmann listening to own heart. What a great video. Her magnificent, perfect 10 breasts jiggle while her hips gyrate as she hula hoops. Then she listens to her own heart beat with the full Littmann stethoscope. Perfect audio over Erb’s point, pulmonary and a very thumpy apex.
Eva bouncy fun on the stairs. More jiggling awesomeness. This time we get breast on the way down and ass on the way up. Her heart is pounding fast and hard. Really awesome heart audio.
Eva incredible rhythm during fast ultrasound. She exercises before jumping on the exam table for her ultrasound. From the very beginning she gets bouts of sinus arrhythmia blended with mild tachycardia on inspiration (inhale). This goes on for quite awhile. Excellent audio from the steth.

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Stairs workout with heart beat. She runs up and down the stairs topless, to get her heart rate up then rests and records the heart audio with the Littmann. Lost of nice bouncing during the workout and perfect heart beat during rest.
Stethoscope experimentation. She experiments with her breathing and auscultations sites while swapping between the two best Littmann steths. Really incredible heart beat audio from both of them, especially during the exhales when all air is out of her lungs – produces amazing sounds.
M Mode ultrasound. The transducer is in M Mode as her heart valves and chambers are explored. Doppler audio can be heard in the background along with regular heart beat audio from the Littmann. Split S2 fans get ready, her heart at Erb’s point couldn’t get much sweeter.

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Heart beat sitting up sneeze snafu. She was sneezing all day long so we tried to record her heart after a sneeze, but… No sneezes until right after we gave up. What we’re left with is some nice heart auscultation of a few different sites. She looks extra stunning today.
Rib spread breathing. This is mostly for the rib and breathing fans. Her heart beat is recorded as well as regular breathing sounds. Back is arched over a pillow and main cam is down low for a new perspective as her ribs spread apart during deep breathing.

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Exercising in sexy outfit. She works her legs to get her heart pumping then experiments a little bit while resting and recording her heart beat audio. She’s got the sexiness turned up to 10 with awesome makeup and hair.
Sexy face heart beat. Close up of her beautiful face as she experiments with breath play and auscultation sites. She’s flirty, erotic and just plain sexy.

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Eva Underwater sexy posing stripping pool. She looks like a natural on her 1st time under and stays under for a long time. After some erotic teasing she takes her top off and plays with her magnificent breasts. She turns upside down repeatedly without any discomfort. Starts day changes to night.
Eva Dr. exam of fluttering heart. This is meant to be very realistic. Dr. checks pulse, palpates chest, auscultates chest in 4 major areas, sitting up, lying down and on side. Finishing with a short ultrasound.
Eva Breath holding cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. When she’s done holding her breath she stops breathing repeatedly without realizing it then all of a sudden opens her mouth and breathes in again.
Eva Breath holding cam a. She does a great job considering it is like starting over after a year. 1st breath hold is over 2 minutes. Phenomenal heart beat audio with some irregularities. She gets longer contractions each time.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Breath holding super fast heart and sexy outfit. She uses the Oxygen can to aid her breath hold time while wearing a very sexy outfit. Problem is, her heart is racing out of control. Nice long contractions and phenomenal heart beat audio.
Breast pulse x2. Nice breast pulse is captured from two opposite angles. After a while the area is oiled up and colored jewels are added. Perfect heart beat audio during relaxed state.
Hula hoop fun heart beat glitter time. She has fun using the hula hoop to get her heart rate up then stops to record the audio with the steth. Her body and face are covered in some shimmering glitter. She’s never looked sexier.

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ECG experimenting, listening to heart with Littmann. She uses the full Littmann steth to listen to her heart while she experiments with breath play, exercising and more. The 5 lead ECG works flawlessly.

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Awesome ultrasound of her own heart. She does a phenomenal job recording her heart beat with the transducer. Clear images of chambers and valves. You can see the curiosity on her face. Great heart beat audio.
Breath holds in tub with oxygen. She uses the oxygen can, trying to do her longest ever under water breath hold but her body was too tired. She does nice long breath holds, just not a record. She also struggles with the weights.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Visible pulses sitting up. Really incredible heart beat audio. Visible pulse is all over her neck and clavical area. Camera angle changes a few times. Exceptional clarity and a bonus… a rather noticeable mid-systolic click is heard throughout this video, a first for Harmonia.
Breath play sitting up heart beat. She takes breaths so fast that it raises her heart rate to exercise levels. She takes the deepest breath possible and packs extra air before forcing it all out. Sitting and standing. Fantastic heart beat audio and a few surprises.
Listening to own heart workout. She does a cardio workout before listening to her heart with the Littmann steth. The other Littmann sends perfect heart beat audio to the camera.