The following Nike videos have been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited for over a month. The left alone at the Dr. Videos is very realistic. You hear the sound that Nike is hearing in the room. For the scene where she’s listening to her heart, I added some heart beat audio from a different video. The Ultrasound video is really good if you like irregular heart beats.

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Left alone at the Doctor. Poor Nike is left alone. She gets bored and plays with everything. She starts by looking through a book on the human body, plays with blood pressure cuff, listens to her heart with steth, and messes with ultrasound. HB not captured at time of filming.
Super awesome fast heart ultrasound. This is like other fast heart ultrasounds, great images of chambers and valves but some cool stuff happens. Mild sinus arrhythmia during recoveries (sudden flucuations in heart rate). You can see this on ultrasound and great hb audio.

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Belly noises with sexy stockings. She listens to her belly noises while wearing very sexy stockings. Her belly isn’t going crazy with noises but she does get some very loud outbursts.

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Sexy smoking with heart beat. This was a custom video. It keeps getting better as we figure out how to shoot it. She sensually smokes while heart beat is recorded. Multiple cam angles including super close up near end. Really fantastic for those who like smoking videos.
Vacuum play while oiled. She really loves how her body looks during vacuums so she oils up and goes at it. She constantly watches the camera monitor checking to see how each turn and angle looks. Even her breathing between vacuums is sensual. Heart beat recorded with the Littmann.
Underwater birthday suit. Since this was filmed on her birthday it only makes sense for her to be in her birthday suit. Sensual mermaid moves and underwater contractions. Extremely sexy and artistic as always.

Side note for Zoe’s last breath hold belt restriction. She got the extra thick leather belt she wanted from home, that’s one thing… What happens while she’s wears it is another. She straps the thing on so tight that she has to release it after each take. And there’s an interesting twist to her contractions on her first hold where she jolts back and forth so hard, her boobs nearly come out of her top (cam b captures this best). Plus, she gets a sweet fixed split on her second hold after moving the steth closer to pulmonary.

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Breath hold belt restriction cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. There is no audio for the 1st 24 seconds in both cam a and cam b but perfect audio after that. I just wasn’t ready when she started.
Breath hold belt restriction cam a. She asked to do this video but she didn’t want the soft belt, she wanted the hard belt that digs into her ribs. She wanted it so bad that she brought the belt from home. Great contractions and perfect heart beat audio after 1st 24 seconds.
Belly noise fun. This is a combo of regular belly noises from being hungry and her helping the noises with her abs. She gets some nice loud ones. Once again her breasts are out of control.

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Underwater in pool 1st time. After the 1st few seconds she transforms into a mermaid who looks like she lives underwater. Very natural, graceful swimmer, mouth open most of the time, breath hold contractions. Really amazing, natural talent underwater.

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Ultrasound of stomach with sounds. She listens to her stomach with the headphones while the Dr. examines her digestive system after she ate a large meal. Great images of food moving through accompanied by some good noises.
Fast heart ultrasound with high freq probe. She exercises before the transducer hits her chest. Her heart seems a bit restless on first try, pausing from time to time. On second try, angle of probe is just right and captures great image of the lower half of her heart with large ventricals at work.

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Belly slosh fun. Using the regular voice mic she records the very loud sloshing sounds she can make her stomach do. She is extremely amused with some of the sounds and goes into fits of laughter. Her abs look incredible and the control she has over them is equally amazing.
Breath hold and vacuums while you feel. Your touch causes her heart to beat much faster than usual. On 1st one there is an instant slow down to about half speed and she almost passes out. When breath hold is over she doesn’t want you to take hand off so she does incredible vacuums and moans at your touch.
Underwater with new mask and fins. She swims around with the new mask and fins. The mask provides a large clear view of her face. Since it’s her birthday she’s in her birthday suit. Near end we get closeups of her face and longer breath holds with contractions.

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Starving to full stomach sounds. She is very hungry at the beginning but not a lot of noise going on so she eats her favorite bbq chips until she’s full. Stomach sounds pick up and you can hear the soda going all the way down to her stomach.
Belly noises no touch no listen. Her belly is making pretty good noises. She doesn’t listen this time and she doesn’t move the steth around for the clearest audio possible. Nice close up of her beautiful abs as they rise and fall with each breath.
Arm workout heart beat. This is a fun video. She laughs at herself because her arms are so weak. It’s a cute video with great heart beat audio from the Littmann.

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Breath control heart beat. She asks you, her boyfriend to control when she can breath. She gets tricked many times, into thinking that she’s about to breath. Fantastic heart beat audio. She really loves having her breath controlled. Over 10 minutes with no cuts.
POV sexy workout. She playfully bounces around for your amusement showing off her body at every opportunity, then she steths herself with fantastic results. She’s very funny, sexy and natural.
Bike workout with incredible audio. She works out at a hard resistance to really get her heart pounding. The heart audio is some of the best we’ve ever recorded.

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Breath holding #3 cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Breath holding #3 cam a. She keeps improving her breath holding skills and gets longer contractions. Awesome heart beat audio from the Littmann.
Workout breath hold heart beat. She holds her breath while working out in various ways. Sometimes she holds it right after the workout. Amazing audio of her heart under a lot of stress.
Ultrasound of heart with 2nd probe. The higher frequency probe captures great images of her chambers and valves from various angles. Perfect heart audio from the Littmann.

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Starving to full, eating. She was extremely hungry at beginning. Not much noise during 1st part of eating so I sped this part up or the video would have been over 30 minutes long. Really awesome noises after she’s about 60% done eating.
Super sexy POV heart beat. Is it possible for someone to get sexier in every video? Apparently it is. She’s just on fire here no matter what she’s doing. She strips off all of her clothes and comes up close for some fantastic stething at various auscultation sites. Great audio too.

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Workout, listening with Littmann, Blood pressure. She works out her sexy legs and checks her own blood pressure while simultaneously listening to her heart pound in her ears with the Littmann. Great video all around.
Breath holding cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Remember all of her videos are now higher resolution and quality. This angle reveals a visible breast pulse, you see the steth rise and fall with each heart beat.
Breath holding cam a. She pushes herself very hard, causing her face to change colors each time as her contractions worsen. Really awesome heart beat from the Littmann.

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No air stomach vacuums heart beat. She blows the air out of her lungs and sucks in for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded with the Littmann. Great audio of her large heart with a big change in tone going from Erb’s point to pulmonary.
Auscultation of fast heart. She exercises before lying on the floor. You concentrate stething her over various auscultation sites. Great audio and her heart gets a different sound with each site. She maintains eye contact most of the time and looks hot in this video.
Fast heart beat from bike workout. She rides the bike at a hard resistance to get her pulse rate up. Once she feels it’s going good she stops to rest. Nice fast heart rate and this is the first time we’ve captured her heart pounding this hard. Great audio from the Littmann steth.
Ultrasound during breath holds. Her heart is fairly easy to ultrasound during breath holds. She starts out with full breath holds and later does 1/4 breath holds. Oustanding images of her tricuspid and mitral valves in action. You can clearly see the beats as they happen in real time.

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Foot show heart beat. Valkyrie really wanted to show off her pedicure. This video is all her idea. She shows off her feet from all angles, and does this in an extremely sensuous manner. Her heart being recorded at various auscultation sites just makes it even sweeter.
Breath holding blood pressure. She does 3 awesome breath holds and gets some long, intense contractions. The blood pressure machine checks her pressure every minute. Pressure goes through a nice predictable change that mimics the intensity of her heart beat.
Smokin hot listening to own heart. She is unbelievably hot in this video as she listens to her heart with the Littmann. The other Littmann is stuffed in her bra, sending audio to cam. Every move and facial expression is erotic. Outstanding audio throughout. A “must have.”

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Continuous stress ECG heart beat. She starts out holding her legs raised till she can’t take the burn. Later she holds squats. Jumbo ECG and Littmann records activity and her heart responds beautifully, pounding hard under the constant stress. Great heart beat stress video.
Awesome POV heart beat with 195 bpm. She does jumping jacks with lots of topless bouncing and gets an incredible 195 bpm on her first try. Each time she comes up close and you steth her at a new auscultation site. Great visible beats and phenomenal audio from pounding to relaxed.

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Breath holding #2 cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Breath holding #2 cam a. Her large heart sounds great in this one. She continues to improve her breath holding skills, getting longer contractions now. Littmann records at Erb`s point.
Ankle and wrist pulse. She has a pretty good pulse in both locations. Perfect heart beat audio from the steth.
Ultrasound of fast heart. She exercises before jumping on the exam table. Nice images of her large heart chambers and valves working hard. Great heart beat audio from the steth with some fluctuation in heart rate as she recovers.