Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Siera.
Heart tour sitting up. She moves the steth to major auscultation sites and captures great heart audio with the new Littmann Master cardiology steth. She plays with her breathing a bit to alter heart.
Breath hold pushing with ECG. She does a variety of breath hold pushes and it effects her heart greatly. She gets very long heart beat skips after letting the air out. You can also see it on the ECG.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Super fast heart ECG. She rides the bike as hard as she can on the hardest setting without the steth on her chest slowing her down. As soon as her heart is beating out of her chest she records it and captures incredible audio.
Breath holding standing. She stands and holds a single breath for as long as she can while the ECG records her heart. Nice contraction and heart audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Zoe.
Breath holding with ECG new steth. She does some more fantastic breath holds with the new Master cardiology steth and ECG readings. Her heart sounds amazing in this video. Steth is moved to new spot in between breath holds.
Visible pulse chest and neck. We start out with chest pulse but it’s not very noticeable. What is noticeable is how great her chest looks. Next is neck pulse and it is very strong. Heart audio is really great. She falls asleep in this vid and snores a little at end. I nudge her and wake her up.
Fantastic breath hold pushing. She starts out doing no air holds while standing and later switches to full breath pushes. Her heart goes really crazy with super hard pounding during the holds and immediate slowing to almost nothing when she lets the air out.
Bike ECG workout. She rides the bike fairly hard with no steth on to hinder her performance. As soon as her heart is racing she grabs the steth and records perfect audio of her heart pounding very hard and loud.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Super visible neck pulse. The lighting is just perfect so her neck pulse is bulging out a lot during each heart beat. The new steth records perfect heart beat audio.
Visible pulse between ribs and chest. Great visible pulse inbetween her ribs on the side and in the middle of her chest. Different lighting set up and the new steth records heart beat.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Self ultrasound fun. She checks out her heart with the ultrasound probe and has a lot of fun in the process. Great heart beat audio. She is very fascinated with what she sees.
Breathing through straw in tub heart beat. She breathes through a straw while underwater. Her heart beat is recorded with the steth. Towards the end the steth floods with water and has a different sound.
Nice Belly noises. Her belly is pretty consistent with the noises each day. Variety of growls and gurgles here. She listens with headphones.
Breath holding ECG standing. She holds her breath for as long as she can while under the extra stress of standing. Long breath holds over 2 minutes. Her heart is really effected by this video. It pounds very hard, loud and fast during breath hold.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Neck pulse with Great heart beat. You can see her neck throbbing from bottom to top and the arteries pulsing with each heart beat. The auscultation site is changed 3 times. Heart beat is as clear and awesome as it gets.
Super fast bike ECG. She’s wearing the new electrodes which record better ECG during movement. You hear regular sound while she’s trying her hardest to get to 200BPM. Soon as she stops crystal clear heart beat is recorded.
3 incredible breath holds 22% o2. All three of these are extreme with incredibly low oxygen levels. On one her o2 gets to 22% before disappearing and her pulse rate gets into 40’s. Auscultation site is changed for each attempt. Amazing heart audio with skips.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Sexy heart tour with new steth. She sits upright and auscultated her heart. She’s very sexy and flirtatious. She does a few deep inhalations and exhalations.
Super vacuums oiled #2 cam c. She does some serious, hardcore vacuums that are so good we filmed them from 3 angles. Later in video she feels with her hand. She get fantastic contractions. Heart beat from new steth.
Super vacuums oiled #2 cam b. This angle is from the feet looking toward her head. In cam C and cam B you can see how much she caves in around the hips. Very awesome.
Super vacuums oiled #2 cam a. The usual side angle. All 3 of these are so different and awesome in their own way. I highly suggest getting all 3.

Today we welcome back Siera. She just had a baby one month ago and already lost 20 pounds. She said she still has a bit to go so you will see her shrink between each shoot. She has no stretch marks.
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Siera.
Breath holding with ECG and new steth. She takes a single breath and holds it for as long as she can, which is a very long time. Heart beat is recorded with the Master Cardiology steth. ECG records heart beat.
Heart tour with Master cardiology steth. She rests on her back while her heart beat is recorded at major auscultation sites. She holds a deep breath and blows it all out for 10 seconds in each spot.
ECG workout. She does some cardio to get her pulse rate up. Since no HB is recorded at this time I sped the exercise up 200%. Her heart pounds very hard and loud when she stops to rest and the ECG records perfect readings.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Zoe.
5:50 single breath, breath hold. She takes a single breath off of the oxygen can without any deep breaths beforehand and holds it for 5:50. Contractions last almost 4 minutes. ECG is recorded. 1st she does a single breath-hold with no oxygen can.
Expanded description. 1st She does a single breath, breath hold to set a base time and she does an amazing 2:40. After resting she does another single breath, breath hold but this time she takes the breath from the oxygen can. Her contractions go through very interesting stages. At 1st it looks normal but as time goes on her ribs stay constricted and the contractions are non stop. Her face starts to turn color. After letting the air out she gets that rare full body shake that Gaia used to get. You can see the beginning of it in the sample video. During the most intense contractions the heart audio isn’t the greatest but it is fantastic at all other times. After her record breath hold she says that she was in a euphoric zone listening to pink floyd on her i phone. Whenever she squeezed her eyes shut she saw bright colors and she really enjoyed it. She wanted to immediately try it again. By the next try however her body had, had enough and gives out at 2:51.
Heart tour experiment with Master cardiology. She records her heart with the new Littmann Master Cardiology steth. She moves it to various auscultation sites and soon discovers that holding her breath sitting up causes a major upset in her heart. Once she figures this out the video starts to rock.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
The following videos all use the new Littmann Master cardiology steth. I pulled the head off the Binaurals and stuck it to the microphone short tube but don’t worry we still have the rest of the steth, unmolested and ready for future videos. I’ll be able to switch out the Master Cardiology and the Cardiology III heads between the short tube mic set up and the full ear piece regular steth set up.
Breath holding visible pulse cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She plugs her nose with her fingers for something different.
Breath holding visible pulse cam a. The lighting is set up to show her awesome visible pulse between the ribs. She pushes herself like always and gets great contractions. Her head turns purplish red in the process. Great audio from new steth.
Master cardiology heart tour. She moves the steth around her chest and experiments with her breathing. Holding it in and blowing it all out. After 5 minutes a rubber piece is attached to the steth head. Audio is really awesome at all times.

Uploaded 2 new videos to New Goddesses.
Last breath holds cam a. These are not only her last breath holds but also her last videos period. She does a great job and gets good times. Her heart really pounds and goes a little nuts after she lets the air out. Perfect audio.
Last breath holds cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. This girl sexiness comes naturally. It’s a shame she lived too far away to become a regular.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Visible pulse with a heart beat twist. Really nice visible heart beat. Steth is moved to all major auscultation sites. Usually the steth doesn’t move in visible pulse videos. She stops breathing sometimes and raises pulse with exercise. There’s a special treat at the end for “split S2” fans.
Super fast heart ultrasound. She exercises to get her heart racing very fast before the ultrasound images her heart. Great heart beat audio and nice images of her chambers and valves working very hard.
Awesome heart tour sitting up. She sits topless and smiles at the camera listening to her own heartbeat over Erb’s point and pulmonary. She does inhale and exhale holds at your command and her heart responds wonderfully. Since she’s petite, every placement of the steth brings out  new intricate sounds. On her last few exhale holds, a loud innocent murmur can be heard.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Aurora.
Breath exchange with Valkyrie. One of them takes a deep breath while the other blows all air out. They then exchange a single breath back and forth until one of them can’t do it any longer. Heart beat recorded with steth. Two cam angles in one video.
Pt 2 Aurora pole dances for Valkyrie. Now it’s Aurora’s turn at seduction. She spends half the time sexy dancing and the other half making out. Another super hot video. Heart beat audio, and their voices are recorded. Heart beat is created.
The heart beat in this video is taken from one of her dance videos and altered to fit in with what she’s doing in the video.
More sexy dancing after a few more drinks. Well she’s had 2-3 more drinks now but it doesn’t seem to do anything but make her an even sexier dancer. Smoking hot moves and fast heart beat when she stops to rest.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Mega hot pole dancing for Aurora. Valkyrie brings Aurora into her bedroom and shows her some pole dancing moves in between all of the kissing. You hear the music as it sounded in the room along with their voices and simulated heart beat.
The heart beat in this video is from one of Valkyries other videos. It goes up and down along with what’s happening in this video. You hear the heart beat at all times even when there is no steth on her chest.
Breath hold kissing with Aurora. They hold their breath for as long as they can while kissing. The heart beat in this video comes and goes because they pretty much forgot all about it once the kissing starts. Great breath holds, awesome contractions, sensual kissing.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Harmonia.
Workout self doppler experiment. She does a variety of exercises and then quickly lies on the ground and probes her own heart with the doppler. She does a great job of finding the valves. She wanted to see what her heart would do going from upright to lying down.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Lyssa listens with the Littmann. Lyssa listens to Nikes heart with the Littmann and asks her to do all kinds of things to change her heart audio. Big breaths, no air, exercises and more. She moves the steth all around heart.
Underwater heart beat open eyes. She holds her breath underwater with nothing on her nose and her eyes open some of the time. She gets good contractions. Great heart beat audio from the steth.
Breath hold workout from hell. She holds her breath while doing hard core exercises and the strain on her heart is recorded. This was extremely difficult but worth it. Nike never complains, what a trooper.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Aurora.
Breath hold pushing, standing, topless. She holds her breath as long as possible while pushing. Her heart beat is recorded with the steth and it has a nice reaction after she lets the air out. She has a few spray tan marks on her breasts, they are not scars.
ECG workout topless. She does a variety of exercises while the ECG and steth record her heart. Some of the exercises cause her fantastic breasts to bounce nicely. She’s using the new ECG electrodes which work better when the subject is moving.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
New girl deep breathing heart beat. She starts out breathing normal. Then she takes the deepest breaths she can and blows it all out each time. She stretches her body out, expanding her ribs to the max. At end she holds her breath.
New girl Breath holds #2 cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while the steth records her heart beat. Pulse oxymeter records her pulse rate and blood oxygen levels.
New girl Breath holds #2 cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She’s very sensual, naturally.