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Visible pulse in chest while standing. Her chest pulses with each heart beat while the steth records heart audio. You can see it in numerous places if you look hard enough. Look at the edge of the shadow from her bra strap.

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Breath holding in the tub. She does regular breath holds for as long as she can in a hot bath tub.
ECG fast heart with arrhythmia. She jumps onto the exam table after exercising and the steth records perfect heart beat audio. She gets arrhythmia, nice long pauses between beats which can be seen on ECG and heard.
Ultrasound of abdomen with heart beat. Her abdomen and organs are examined with the ultrasound while the steth records heart beat. You can see many places where arteries and organs are pulsing along with each heart beat.

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Ultrasound sitting during BH with ECG. She holds her breath sitting up while the Ultrasound peers into her chest from the usual visible pulse spot. Nice ultrasound images of the chambers and walls of heart during contractions. Mild arrhythmia, great audio ECG.
Bike workout continuous heart beat. She does a cardio workout for more than 8 minutes straight before stopping to rest. Super clear and awesome heart beat audio the whole time. After workout heart goes back to normal.

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Extreme stomach vacuum while oiled. She blows her air out and sucks in her toned stomach hard core for as long as she can, which is a very long time. She gets contractions too. Very visible pulse in stomach. Heart beat from steth. The lighting or camera angle changes after every attempt. She was paid extra to shoot this custom video for a fan.

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Sitting up visible pulse breath holds. We experimented with the lighting. Her super pulse is visible across her whole chest. You can see it in the middle under her scar and between 3 ribs. It pulses from one side to the other.

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Breath holding while standing heart beat. She holds her breath for as long as she can while standing to put extra stress on her heart for great heart beat audio. Her heart does sound awesome and beats from mild to wild.
Belly noises 11-22-11. She was starving before she started shooting like always. Then she ate a piece of candy. She gets some great noises.

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Breath hold with oxygen can cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can after taking her last breath from the Oxygen can. Heart beat is recorded with the steth.
Breath hold with oxygen can cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. This cam is hand held and slowly circles around her.
Effects of breath hold on arteries lungs. The ultrasound shows her arteries and lungs as she holds her breath and gets contractions. You can see the arteries pulsing with each heart beat, then being squeezed and stretched during contractions.

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Underwater heart beat, Awesome! The heart beat in this video is not just good it’s some of the best we’ve ever recorded. I think the water helps get a better seal. Steth starts under breast then on each subsequent bh she moves it up closer to the pulmonary area.
Super clear doppler exploration. I control the doppler, focusing on the valves. The probe is tilted in micro movements bringing out various sounds of the valves. Things never heard before in this video. Includes one breath hold and fast pulse after exercise at end.
The above videos have samples.

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Visible pulse on side and back. Her amazing visible pulse is recorded as she lies on her side and holds her breath. Near the end you can even see the pulse in her back. Her entire chest pulses with each heart beat, front side and back. Equal to her previous visible pulse videos. Steth HB.

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Breath hold pushing sitting up. She pushes so hard that it looks like her head is going to explode. Veins popping out of her neck, face changing color, and it has a nice effect on her heart.
Doppler valve sounds. This is a phenomenal doppler video. I focus the probe on her heart valves while also controlling the volume levels. The result is the best doppler audio we’ve ever recorded and really unique valve sounds.

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Auscultation of heart during breath pushing. She holds her breath and bears down while the Dr. listens to her heart with the steth. Great audio as a result of extra stress on her heart.
Breath hold dancing. She seductively dances for as long as she can while holding her breath, then she picks up the steth and records her heart beat until it goes back to normal. Good breath holds and heart audio.

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Breast pulse, can’t keep a good heart down. Her breast pulses with each heart beat. She exercises to make it pound harder. You can see the pulse all over her breast in numerous places and also just under her collar bone. Great heart beat audio from steth.
Breath hold standing for heart beat. She holds her breath while standing and almost passes out about 8 times in this vid. You can see her eyes roll back and she flinches but manages to stay upright. Her heart races from slow to fast and everywhere in between with minor arrhythmia.

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Underwater 3 minute breath holds. The 1st hold is just under 3 minutes and the next two are over 3 minutes.
Auscultation of chest with ECG. This is similar to the other heart auscultation videos released recently. Perfect heart audio from all of the major spots. This time I added ECG readings to the mix. Super slow heart rate down into the 40’s. Multiple cams.

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Visible pulse in stomach. Great heart beat audio as her stomach bounces up and down with each heart beat. Visible from belly button all the way up. She stops breathing sometimes. Also a great video for those who like breathing. Nice under rib highlights.

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Auscultation of fast heart. She exercises before jumping onto the exam table. Dr. listens to her heart in all major spots, starting on the right and working his way around the chest. Great audio of her heart beating hard in her chest then gradually returning to normal.

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Sing dance heart beat awesomeness. This is the funnest video we’ve ever made. She sings her lungs out while also dancing to a fast paced country song. Then like our dancing videos she stops to rest and record her heart beat. You can tell she’s a great singer even though she’s bouncing around and very out of breath.
Hand stands heart beat. She does longer handstands than anyone before while her heart beat is recorded. She also does a head stand for a while. Even though she’s straining and upside down the heart audio is good.

Valkyrie fall down go boom. Yesterday Valkyrie was here making videos but she had trouble with the 1st idea of the day. She was supposed to hold her breath while standing, pushing and flexing every muscle in her body. After about 3 seconds she would start to pass out and fall to her knees. I laid a thick blanket down and some pillows to help soften her fall if she went totally out but as you can see in this video she ends up going the other way. It’s a fun video. Valkyrie was not injured in the slightest. We gave up after a few tries and moved onto something else. Enjoy!

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Bath tub torture. She is in super hot water that makes her skin turn red like a lobster. Easiest to see when she’s getting in cold water tub. When she 1st gets out of hot water she almost passes out and has to stop walking for a second to compose herself. The cold water makes her very cold. Heart beat recorded.
Masturbation with doppler sound cam a. She pleasures herself to orgasm with a vibrator while simultaneously recording her heart with the Doppler. Really good doppler audio. She listens along with you.
Masturbation with doppler sound cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.