Uploaded 3 new videos to DivineValkyrie.
Goofier dancing. This time she has fun with her dancing and goofs off a bit. Heart beat is recorded while she rests. Filmed from two angles.
Dr. visit for Belly pain. Again she is very convincing in this video as she complains about serious stomach pain. The dr. palpates and checks her out.
Fantastic heart ultrasound. She’s just resting while the ultrasound picks up extremely clear images of her heart. There are some views that I haven’t really seen before. Two probes used. Steth records audio.


Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Lyssa.
Ab workout with ECG, beep and heart. She gets surprisingly good readings during her ab workout and perfect readings while resting. The ECG machine beeps with each heart beat while steth records too.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Nike.
Bouncing steth visible pulse. The steth is placed on her stomach where it bounces up and down very noticeably. Perfect heart beat audio is recorded and there is also some stomach growling.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Halloween Spooktacular doppler. Just in time for Halloween, Valkyrie is a zombie as she uses the new doppler for the 1st time. She does everything from lie still to breath holding, breath experimentation standing up, and exercise. She is a zombie, a very scary, yet sexy zombie.
Extra fact: Valkyrie really wanted to do something special for the fans of our sites for Halloween. She worked non stop at 2-3 jobs for the past few days, got two hours of sleep this morning from 5-7AM, did a wrestling shoot for 4 hours and then came here to shoot this video. She did her own makeup too. I’ve never worked with anyone so dedicated to our videos before. Hopefully her efforts are appreciated by all. ūüôā
Breath holding with oxygen cam b. I ordered oxygen cans from a new company and Valkyrie is the 1st to try them. She takes her last breath from the can which adds about a minute to her time. She makes it over 5 minutes with extremely long contractions. 1st she does a breath hold with no oxygen for comparison.
Breath holding with oxygen cam a. Same as cam b except angle. Her contractions start at 3:12 and go over 5 min. Truly amazing. She said that it felt very different with the oxygen. She was much more light headed during and afterwards and her body wanted to breathe but her mind seemed OK to go longer.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Nike.
Ultrasound of lungs, diaphragm arteries. In this awesome new video we take an in depth look at Nike’s lungs including the arteries that move the blood in and out. Her diaphragm is also clearly visible. Nike is fascinated and messes with the image by controlling her breathing. She discovers that every time she breathes in a certain amount of air you can see into some cool branched arteries as soon as she lets the air out or takes in more the artery¬†disappears.
Breath holding with ECG and heart fun. She puts so much effort into these breath holds that she breaks out into cold sweats and causes her heart to go up and down in speed. It also skips a beat or two. Really fantastic audio and ECG readings. Check out her face in some of the sample images. The heart action is so good that we continue recording for a while after each heart beat.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Harmonia.
Visible pulse with thread and finger. A piece of thread is tied around her ribs and positioned directly over the super visible pulse as she holds her breath. Later you place your finger over the spot to feel it. Great heart audio from the steth.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Lyssa.
Breath hold experiment #2 ECG. This is similar to her breath hold experiment last week but the amount of time she does the easy breath holds before starting her maximum effort is different. She gets super low oxygen of 40%. Crystal clear heart beat.
ECG beep workout. On her 1st set all you hear is heart beat from the steth. After that you hear both heart beat and beeping from the ECG machine. She tailors her workout to the beeping, doing one squat for every beep. The faster it beeps the faster she goes.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Breath holding back arched cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while her back is arched over a pillow. She gets the usual long contractions and heart beat is recorded with the steth.
Breath holding back arched cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Heart fun together. Valkyrie is aware that her boyfriend loves heart beats and feeling her pulse. She seductively asks you to feel the pulse on her neck, ribs, stomach and chest. You both listen to her heart with the steth and headphones.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Nike.
Visible pulse neck and stomach at once. In this cool video you can see a very noticeable neck pulse and a stomach pulse at the same time. Filmed with two cameras and synced to the exact millisecond. Crystal clear heart beat from steth.
Ultrasound of abdomen with audio. The ultrasound explores her abdomen showing various organs as well as her digestive system at work. Everything is very clear, possibly the clearest ever. Includes stomach noises from steth.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Lyssa.
No air stomach vacuums with ECG. She does some very impressive stomach vacuums. The times are long and she sucks it in nicely. ECG displays her heart readings and steth records audio. Her super slow heart goes out of rhythm after she pushes herself and gets really low oxygen levels.
Heart tour with ECG. This is an audio tour around her heart while she’s at rest. The steth starts on one side and slowly works around her heart recording a variety of audio. Sometimes you have to push the steth down to get a good seal but most of the time it’s fine without help.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Indias Realm.
Ultrasound of heart with higher frequency probe. Ultrasound captures great images of her heart and the jumbo ECG readings play along the top. Steth captures heart audio. Some new views here that I haven’t seen before.
Belly noises on sofa. She was starving and making a lot of noise. It’s constant here with some really great and long squeels and growls. It’s been a good week for belly noises after a long dry spell.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Ultrasound while not breathing. She stops breathing with various amounts of air on her lungs and pushes or squeezes down a few times. You can see her heart change shape. Great heart beat audio from steth.
Belly noises in sailor outfit. She’s starving just before lunch. Her belly is making noise the whole time with a few great growls. She’s fairly amused by what she’s hearing and talks about it.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Belly sloshing with 2 different microphones. She’s hungry here but full of water. She sloshes it around with her sexy abs and it makes a ton of noise. Later we record the same noises with a microphone that is not touching her stomach. This is also a great video for anyone who enjoys amazing stomach control. She pushes it out and sucks it in like a professional belly dancer for a long time, only stopping to breathe a couple breaths before starting again.
Visible pulse in chest and neck. Visible pulse between her ribs under her breast and partially on her breast, then the camera pans to neck pulse. We go back and forth a few times. Great heart beat audio from the steth.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Nike.
Heart beat while breath hold in tub. She holds her breath for as long as she can while the steth records her heart beat. Great heart beat audio and long contractions breath holds.
Ultrasound of fast heart with alternate probe. She does a cardio workout to get her heart racing before the higher frequency ultrasound looks at her heart. Really nice images of valves flapping open at a rapid pace and chambers contracting. Also great heart beat audio.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Valkyrie.
Ankle and wrist pulse with ECG. This is a custom video that we just shot yesterday. Ankle and wrist pulse are shown while heart beat is recorded with steth. Jumbo ECG readings play along bottom and the machine beeps with each heart beat. The pulse gets better and better as the video plays.
There is also a short part where her pulse rate increases for no reason which makes her laugh and the laughing causes it to go even faster.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Lyssa.
Breath hold experiment with ECG. She holds her breath until she gets her 1st contraction, then stops. She does this twice to get her body used to not breathing before she tries a maximum effort time. She passes out in the beginning from too much breathing. Jumbo ECG and really clear heart beat from steth.
Hunger growls. The last time she ate was 11PM the night before. It was about 3PM when we filmed this. She drank a small amount of soda before we started. Belly is making noise the whole time with really loud and long growls at times. Also lots of popping noise from bubbles.

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Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Luna.
Breathing and vacuums heart beat. She takes deep breaths and does some stomach vacuum while her heart beat is recorded. She changes positions and does some on her side.
Cardiac event during workout. She’s doing a lower body workout when her heart starts giving her trouble. She collapses on the floor. Her breathing is rapid and shallow as her heart goes crazy. It eventually resumes a normal¬†rhythm¬†and she wakes up. It’s all simulated.
These are the last two videos of Luna for quite a while. She moved to the other side of the country and won’t be back for a long time.¬†

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Sexy dancing with heart beat. She dances to another one of her favorite songs and stops 3 times to record her heart beat. This is the 1st time one of these videos has been recorded from two angles. She’s very seductive, swinging her hips back and forth like a true goddess.
Underwater foot custom. This video is the result of a customer request. Her feet, buns and legs are in the shot at all times. She’s also required to do very long breath holds. She was paid extra for going over 2 minutes. Her times are¬†1:44 – 1:56 – 2:26 – 1:42 – 1:55 – 1:51 – 2:34. If her eyes didn’t hurt so badly she could have done longer.
Just breathing with heart beat cam a. Heart beat and breathing sounds are both recorded. She takes the deepest breath she can and blows all of it out fairly slowly. The way she breathes in will be of interest to vacuum fans. Her ribs jut out and stomach caves in, then it slowly fills up until it extends past the ribs. At the end she holds her breath.
Just breathing with heart beat cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. I think this is the better angle for this video. Lighting on her perfect 10 body is incredible. Toot toot.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Workout with heart beat in blue outfit. She does a normal workout to get her heart rate up and stops occasionally to rest. Great heart beat audio. Many new camera angles capture her up close and further away.
Visible pulse with bouncing tooth pick. This is similar to the other amazing visible pulse videos harmonia has released lately but the lighting is different and the toothpick is placed over the spot where her pulse is most visible. The pick bounces up and down with each beat.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Nike.
Unbelievably awesome ultrasound. I think this is one of our best ever. She holds her breath in various ways including pushing. You can see a very clear image of her heart valves and chambers. They stretch and squeeze when she gets contractions or does the pushing. Her heart changes shape before your eyes. Audio from steth.
She also gets minor arrhythmia from pushing herself and her pulse rate goes up and down sometimes for no reason in-between breath holds.
Good belly noise, heart beat and visible pulse. Yes all three in one. She didn’t eat for about 30 hours except for a small glass of milk 2 hours before this was filmed. Her belly makes pretty good noise with some loud growls. Visible pulse in stomach causes mild heart beat audio in the background.