Today you get to know Trilogy. I think you will like her goofy, comic con loving, video game playing, role playing, world traveling personality.

Get to know Aurora as she answers the 1st batch of questions. This was filmed on her 1st day and she’s a bit nervous.

Valkyrie fall down go boom. Yesterday Valkyrie was here making videos but she had trouble with the 1st idea of the day. She was supposed to hold her breath while standing, pushing and flexing every muscle in her body. After about 3 seconds she would start to pass out and fall to her knees. I laid a thick¬†blanket¬†down and some pillows to help soften her fall if she went totally out but as you can see in this video she ends up going the other way. It’s a fun video. Valkyrie was not injured in the slightest. We gave up after a few tries and moved onto something else. Enjoy!

Today we get to know more about Valkyrie via a series of questions that will be asked of all of the currently working Goddesses.

Today we’re getting to know Mari Mai. Before filming these videos I tell them to share what they like to do for fun and mention what their favorite thing to film is. That’s all the direction they receive. In the next batch of videos they will be asked specific questions.