July 2nd is my birthday. To celebrate I’m having the biggest sale ever on old videos. You can get any 50 videos of your choosing from our old closed sites or fetishgoddesses or new goddesses for $100. The average price for these videos would be $500 if you bought them the traditional way. Or to put it another way you are getting these videos for $2 each. The biggest discount ever. This sale ends on July 2nd. If you want 100 videos send $200. If you have any questions or would like a list of available sites to choose from, email me.
How to participate Send money to my paypal and a separate email describing which type of videos you would like to receive. For example (only bath tub videos in bikinis or only videos with ECG readings). If I have any questions I will email you back as many times as it takes to make sure you are getting the videos you want.

Lila will be here tomorrow (Sunday) shooting her first custom. If you have a paid custom for her there is still time to get it in. Rhiannon will be here on Monday and Riley will be here on Tuesday if you have customs for them.

Rhiannon made a little video for her fans so you can see what she looks like. She’s coming in to shoot in a few days. She might not be able to do much in the way of breath holding because of her lingering cough but she’s going to try and she can film some of the other things. Nobody asked her to make this nice video. She did it on her own. Enjoy.

Watch a personal video from Rhiannon.

Update on past models coming back. Rhiannon was supposed to shoot about 2 weeks ago but she had a cough so we pushed it back 5 days because she was sure it would be gone by then. Instead it got much worse. She took a covid test and the results were negative. As of yesterday she said she’s feeling better each day but it will still be a few more days minimum before she’s ready to shoot. Riley is still too busy to find a day to shoot. Jadis will be in to shoot within a few days. Anance will be in to shoot this week.
On another note our newest model Lila has been researching these fetishes and she found out that some women are into it too. She thinks that’s hot “her words”. The fetishes are very interesting to her and she’s really looking forward to shooting more.

I’ve had many fans ask me when Divine Riley is going to shoot again. She will be here shooting soon. It would be nice to have some paid customs for her to shoot while she’s here. She’s super busy so who knows when we will see her again after this next shoot. Send in your ideas.

You may have noticed a lack of posts lately. Circe is in the middle of moving to a new place but she will be in to shoot next week. Cleo moved to another state. She says it’s temporary but who knows. Valkyrie is in another country until the end of June.
So because of all of this I have been working hard on finding new models and I’ve been tracking down old models for a reunion of sorts. So far the only one I’ve heard back from is Rhiannon. She is going to come shoot some new content soon.
This is a great time to go through the sites and buy some of those videos you thought about and then forgot about. Or ask about a custom bundle from the closed sites. You can ask for very specific bundles such as only breath holds where they pinch their nose. Or only heart beat videos on the bike etc.

Hi everyone. With all of the things going on in the world right now our sales are way down. Like over 50% from a few months ago. Luckily all of the models have other jobs to make up the difference but this is my only source of income. Please buy more videos, order a paid custom or even send in a donation to keep things going. It will be greatly appreciated. I’d hate to shut down after 14 years.
Valkyrie will be here shooting monday, Cleo next saturday, Anance and Circe sometime this next week.

Super fit Circe is going to be here on Wednesday if you have a paid custom idea for her. Anance will also be in around the same time.

Divine Valkyrie is back home now and ready to shoot customs. A few people had asked her to make one in the past week or two but she was out of the country. Please send in your request again.

Divine Cleo is back if you have a paid custom request for her send it in. She was here shooting a few days ago and will be again very soon.

It’s short notice but Divine Cleo will be here shooting on Saturday the 12th at 2pm pacific time. If you have a paid custom Idea and can send payment before then we can probably shoot it.

Divine Jadis will be here shooting on January 3rd if you have a paid custom video request send it in now and we’ll make it happen.

December is a really hard month for us. Our sales take a nose dive into abysmal territory because everyone is buying presents and traveling for the holidays which means they aren’t buying videos.
This would be a great time to order a paid custom video. I know a few of the girls are really struggling right now.
Order a custom bundle set of old videos or
Make a donation.
If you can do any of these things it would help us out a lot and be greatly appreciated.