These are the last videos of Lacy.
Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Lacy topless heart beat tour. Extremely clear audio of her heart from the major auscultation sites.
Lacy cardio workout and heart beat. She does jumping jacks and then stops to rest while her heart beat is recorded.
Lacy ultrasound of her heart. The cardiac transducer probes her heart from a variety of angles and in different modes.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Neck pulses from super neck. She has an unusually strong neck pulse that puts all others to shame. Here we record it from a variety of angles.
Beautiful chest pulse. She’s breathing normally this time as the chest pulse is recorded. Her scar area where she had heart surgery moves the most but her entire body moves with every heart beat. Later we record the pulse after exercise.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Selene.
Aggressive lap dance heart beat POV. She says she’s going to give you a lap dance and you expect her to dance in front of you with some light touching. What you get is her grinding on your junk the entire time. She stops twice so you can record her heartbeat.
Jumping jacks heart beat. This video is pretty simple. She does jumping jacks to get her fit heart racing and then stops to record the results. Nice quality heart audio.
Self pleasure while listening to her own heart a. She listens with a full stethoscope while bringing herself close to orgasm a few times before finally allowing herself to orgasm.
Self pleasure while listening to her own heart b. This is the view from above.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Contraction fest with back arched over pillow a. She really pushes herself and has long contractions while her back is arched over the big pillow. After two regular breath hold attempts she tries the last one with a single breath.
Contraction fest with back arched over pillow b. Really fantastic effort for those who love to see someone with very strong willpower pushing it to the limit. She’s looking pretty hot in her little yellow shorts.
Neck pulse after cardio. She’s sitting up on the stool. Each scene starts right after she does a bunch of jumping jacks so you hear her heart transition from fast to regular 3 times.

I’ve had a few people write to me asking for younger models which is hilarious to me since most of our current models are in their early twenties. A couple of them are 21. I also get requests for older women like Gaia. Today’s update is for those who are curious about an older woman’s heart. She’s the oldest we’ve worked with so far.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Lacy breath holding cam a. She does the 1st with no prep or instruction then improves greatly after a crash course in apnea. It looks like she’s getting occasional contractions on each attempt but they are not real contractions in the traditional sense. She does average times.
Lacy breath holding cam b. She has the stop watch in her hand for the last attempt which helps her go longer than any of her previous attempts. Nice clear heart beat audio.
Lacy belly noises. Her belly is making constant noises in this video. Occasionally there is a loud outburst. It’s been a dry few months for belly noise fans. This is the best we’ve made in a while.

Reminder to send in custom video requests. We’ve made quite a few custom videos for customers in the past couple of months.
Models who are currently available for customs.
Harmonia, Bast, Phyra and Danny Cee.
Next month Trilogy and Victoria will also be available.
The minimum for a custom is $100 USD. But the actual price depends on how difficult it is for us to make. Some customs can cost $400 to $700. Send us your idea along with how much you’re willing to pay. We occasionally film customs that have nothing to do with our usual content.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Danny Cee.
Very nice doppler ultrasound. The transducer is pulling in some nice clean images of her chambers and valves. At most times you can see multiple chambers and valves at once. The doppler feature is turned on so you can hear her valves opening and closing. Color feature at end.
The big smoking experiment #2. She does a single breath hold standing, an exhale hold, a push hold and 3 regular holds in a row. She does each thing before and after smoking a huge amount so we can hear how smoke effects her. She gets woozy and has to sit.
Self pleasure while deep breathing. I asked her to see what happens to her orgasm if she takes big deep breaths the whole time. Her head is turned towards the cam in a way that looks very nice. Her orgasm is strong and the heart beat is clear.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Selene.
Bringing herself to the brink POV. She brings herself as close to orgasm as possible over and over again but she’s not allowed to actually have an orgasm until she hits the 9 minute mark. Plenty of natural moaning. This cam shows her point of view.
Bringing herself to the brink regular view. Super clear heart beat with almost zero vibrator noise. Her heart goes up and down as she gets close to orgasm numerous times. When she’s finally allowed to orgasm it’s a very strong and long one.
Ultrasound of her heart left lateral decubitus position. We try a new camera view that’s closer in on her chest. Multiple valves can be seen hard at work in the same view. Doc also examines one valve from numerous views.

Look who’s back from her long vacation. Beautiful Phyra is back in rotation.
Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Phyra. All of them filmed today.
Really nice breath holds cam a. It’s been a long time since she’s had to hold her breath but she gets right back into it like the champion of willpower that she is. Her contractions seem to go on forever as her face turns purple.
Really nice breath holds cam b. She pushes herself very hard as her body squirms around and her face quivers trying to hold the air in. Perfect heart beat audio captures some small skips and irregular beats shortly after contractions start.
Squats with crystal clear heart beat audio. She does squats from various angles and her heart just keeps beating faster and faster. It takes a long time for her pulse to return to normal. The audio is very clear and loud.
1st time underwater in the tank a. She was on a swim team years ago so she was ready to try underwater modeling. Her first time under she does no prep and just tries to relax her face. She opens her mouth and moves around slowly as she learns how to keep herself held underwater.
1st time underwater in the tank b. She gets some nice contractions each time.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Visible pulses and goose bumps a. She holds the deepest breath she can while a very nice visible pulse is recorded in her chest. The shadow from her top really makes the pulse stand out strong.
Visible pulses and goose bumps b. This is the view up close. Her skin moves forcefully with a great range of motion. She has goose bumps all over her skin.
Visible pulses and goose bumps c. This alternate view shows the movement even better. Crystal clear heart beat audio.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Danny Cee.
Heart beats turn her on so she pleasures herself a. On the car ride over to the studio Danny Cee mentioned that she’s actually turned on by heart beats now after shooting all of these videos. We take advantage of that in this video.
Heart beats turn her on so she pleasures herself b. She listens to her heart with a double sided stethoscope and you can hear her heart speed up as she gets aroused. She starts touching herself and then breaks out the big gun to have multiple orgasms.
Expanded description. She may have admitted her newfound love of heart beats before, I can’t remember. Regardless it’s nice to see a woman actually get aroused by the sound of heart beats.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Breath hold workout BASTeriments. This video is incredibly difficult. She has to hold her breath while working out in various ways. Sometimes she holds her breath during the workout and sometimes she holds it as soon as the workout is over.
Trying to break her breath hold record a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded. She gets to the 4 minute rage 4 times and has a little bit of Samba on one attempt accompanied by a purplish face.
Trying to break her breath hold record b. This is the view from above. She really tries hard and gets some nice contractions.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Danny Cee.
Smoky breath holds until she passes out. She takes a big hit of her medical herbs and holds it in her lungs for as long as possible. Her heart is all over the place. After doing this many times she starts to pass out while her heart goes does some gymnastics inside her chest.
Expanded description. You can easily see her entire persona change as the herbs take rapid effect. Eventually she’s so high that her heart slows way down and gets quiet. At that moment she closes her eyes and starts to lean back, about to fall off of her stool. I tell her a few times to sit on the floor before she comprehends what I’m saying and sits down. It sounds like she’s getting some arrhythmia during this time but there is movement noise from the steth so it’s hard to say for sure. The heart beat audio is crystal clear the whole time except when she’s passing out and transitioning to the floor.
Beautiful visible pulse. Her flawless skin moves quite a bit with every heart beat in this sweet visible pulse video. Her ab pulse is very strong and sharp. I also included her full breasts for those who enjoy a double pulse.
Ultrasound experiments right after smoking too much. This is filmed immediately after her smoking video so she’s high as a kite. The Doc experiments with various views and gets some great views of her heart chambers and valves working hard.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
String theory visible pulse a. We tie a pink string around her chest so that it is directly over the area that moves the most when she holds her breath. nice twist to the usual visible pulse video.
String theory visible pulse b. This is the view from her chest towards her hips. After filming the string bare we add a round piece of glass to the mix.
String theory visible pulse c. This is the view from her hips towards her chest.
Balloon breathing during exercise. She has to breath through the balloon for as long as she can while exercising. It’s extremely difficult as her muscles burn that precious oxygen but she pushes herself to keep going with really nice heart beat audio.