Q: Why don’t you sell High Definition videos 1920×1080?
A: Believe me, I want to really bad. The video that comes out of my cameras is so clear and detailed. I wish you could see it in it’s original form but it’s just not possible yet. I get charged for the amount of space I take up on the servers. HD video files take up 3-4 times the space of our regular files. When I’ve experimented with HD files in the past there was no difference in sales but it cost me a lot more to upload the larger files. I could easily make an HD file that doesn’t take up much more space by using a low bitrate file but the quality will be worse and magnified because of the larger size. Anything with a lot of motion like underwater or working out requires an extra high bitrate or everything will be pixelated. I’m hoping that our web host will change the policy soon so we can offer HD vids. Clips for sale has no charge for the amount of space taken on their servers but they take 40% of sales, which is too much.

Q: Will you sell me DVD’s or BlueRay’s?
A: I have all of the equipment and knowhow to make Bluerays and DVD’s. In fact a couple of years ago I offered both for sale on Apnea’s web site. Problem is burning DVD’s is very time consuming, along with going to the post office almost daily. Also DVD sales would mess with our current online sales. The whole world is switching over to electronic video delivery rather than DVD’s so I don’t think this will ever be an option.

Q: I can’t download video files because I don’t own a computer, or I have dial up etc. can you send me files on a DVD?
A: Yes, If you have no way to download our files, I can send you video files on a DVD but they will be the same video files everyone else gets when they download from the internet. This means you will get individual files in the windows media format .WMV. It’s not a regular DVD that you can stick in your DVD player and play on the TV. You will probably need to watch the files on a computer. It is possible to hook a computer up to a TV. I have a computer hooked up to a 65″ HD TV. You just need the right cable.

Q: Can I video chat with one of the models or pay them for a web cam show?
A: Several of the models have expressed an interest in doing this. I just don’t know how to do it and make it profitable. Our web host has told me it’s impossible to do this from the goddess sites. So it would have to be done on some other service like Skype. If anyone out there knows of a way for us to do web cam shows let me know.
We’ve talked about doing free video chatting with our customers perhaps once or twice a month on a specific day and time. Again I’ve never video chatted before so I could use some help from knowledgeable customers.

Q: Can I come out and work with some of the models in person?
A: Again several of the girls have expressed an interest in doing this but when I’ve mentioned it in the past on the fetishgoddesses web site, only a couple of customers showed an interest. We want 10-20 people to come at once. And we would have to charge a cover fee to attend. It would be a 2 day event. The girls could rotate between groups, Dr. office, then Workout-breath hold room, then pool. When I get a chance I’ll set up a survey or sign up form for this. Hopefully we can get it all worked out.

Q: Can I send one of the models a personal gift?
A: Yes, nobody ever has before but I know the girls would love and appreciate anything sent to them. If you want to send in a gift just email me and I’ll give you the address.

Q: I have a piece of equipment that I would like you to use in a video can I send it in?
A: I spend almost everything I make on new equipment so any help would be greatly appreciated. I could definitely use anything medical such as…

  • oxygen masks
  • oxygen hoses
  • stethoscopes, especially if it’s an unusual model that picks up a different kind of sound.
  • the scope used to pear into noses and ears
  • hospital gowns
  • a blood pressure machine for the wall like all hospitals use with the big dial.
  • a full stress test machine. (hoping that some day we pick up a millionaire customer who’s in the giving spirit).
  • underwater goggle, full face masks or the old type that’s just a big circular window.
  • swim fins or anything else for the girls to use underwater.
  • A 12megapixel or larger DSLR used or new. I had to sell my professional camera to buy the ultrasound machine. I want to offer some life size pictures of the goddesses. See next question.

Q: Can you provide life size pictures of the goddesses that I can hang on my wall?
A: This question has never been asked but I’m going to test the waters anyway. I’d like to offer life size, highly detailed pictures of the goddesses doing various things such as. Holding their breath, Stomach vacuums, posing with a stethoscope on their chest, posing underwater etc. We can even take custom requests.

Q: Will you offer 3D pictures or video?
A: I already own a 3D camera thought it’s just a point and shoot. It does make very awesome 3D pictures and videos and I don’t need glasses to see the 3D. I use the Fuji Finepix Real 3D camera. I’m going to offer some 3D pictures in the near future for free on the fetish goddesses site. If you have the same camera you can simply drag the files onto your mem card and view on your cam. You can also see the 3D effect on most 3D tv’s and computer’s

Q: What happened to the drowning and breath control clips?
A: The credit card companies in the USA have rules against these videos so we can’t upload them any more. If caught we would be banned and lose the ability to accept credit cards. You can still find the clips we filmed in the past at our clips4sale stores. Gaia and Aphrodite have really fantastic drowning and breath control clips there. Unfortunately clips for sale automatically makes shitty vid caps from the video and I have no control over the images. They show pictures from the first few seconds of video when nothing good is happening. The videos are much better than the pictures convey. I may film more of these videos in the future and upload them directly to Clips4sale.

More questions will be answered here as they come in.