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Crazy standing breath hold games with PVC’s cam a. She takes a single breath and holds it for as long as she can while standing. Then she does 5 squats before the hold. Next she does 10 squats hold and 15 squats hold. She has to hold breath at least 1 minute.
Crazy standing breath hold games with PVC’s cam b. This is extremely difficult. She gets intense contractions and her body bucks around on her while her face turns very purple. Her heart also goes crazy with all kinds of stops and pvc’s.
Expanded description: There’s so much going on in this fantastic video that there isn’t enough space to convey it all in the video description space. Each time she holds her breath she does 5 more squats than the time before and she has a goal of holding her breath at least one minute. She does make it every time but it get so hard after 10 and 15 squats. On her last attempt she goes back to a regular standing breath hold like the first one but she has to beat her previous time. She smashes it with a very long time.
Heart controlled by her mind. She sits with her eyes closed and uses her thoughts to control her heart beat. She does succeed at making her bpm go up and down.