Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Ultrasound of heart during breath holds. We wanted to see what’s happening with her heart when it stops and skips during breath holds.
Super amazing breath holds trying for new record a. Every time she shoots we work on her breathing techniques so she can continue to set new records and become a 5 minute model. Here she tries super hard and gets close to her record but is a few seconds short.
Super amazing breath holds trying for new record b. Her contractions are really long and intense. She moves her legs all over and arches her back numerous times. During every attempt her heart skips, stops, and does all kinds of unusual beats. Black out samba during 2nd attempt.
Sexy ab pulse with back arched over pillow. Her abs look really nice when her back is arched over a pillow. The cam is zoomed in so you can see the visible pulse.