Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Visible pulse with belt restriction breath holds a. She has the belt squeezing around her waist as tight as we could get it. She holds the deepest breath she can and the cam focuses on the area with the most movement between her ribs.
Visible pulse with belt restriction breath holds b. You can see the pulse created by her heart all over her body. Chest, ribs, breast, stethoscope. She starts lying on her back and later she’s sitting up.
Bouncy Tata delight with bunny ears. This video is all about beautiful bouncing breasts and ass. She goes back and forth over 3 steps so she’s always close to the camera. She does two times facing forward and one facing away. Nice fast heart beat during rest.
Bouncy Bunny belly noises. She is getting some nice noises but she can make them more constant if she moves her stomach in and out. Big variety of all kinds of loud noises.