Riley is launching a new messy site today called She truly loves deserts and she also loves rubbing deserts all over her toned body face and hair. This is her idea, she buys the deserts and we film at her house. This won’t interest most of our usual fans but a few of you may like what she’s doing. She’s going to be trying other food related things on her new site but it will be mainly focused on getting messy with deserts. Updates for this site will appear here just like all of our other sites.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Ginger-Sweets.
1st burping video. She drinks some soda to enhance her burping abilities and then lets them fly.
1st messy cake video. She rubs the cake all over her body, sticks her feet in it with socks and without enjoying the feeling between her toes. Finally she can’t resist sitting on the cake. Her little heart panties and white top get covered.
Showering her 1st cake video off her body. She washes all of that delicious cake off of her body in the shower.
Eating an entire watermelon. It seems truly impossible but she eat this whole watermelon. When she finishes the first half you will swear there’s no way she could go on but she does. As her tiny waist expands she gets very uncomfortable and is in pain from being overstuffed.