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Incredible super vacuums with oxygen in 20’s a. She’s trying to get her oxygen as low as possible with long vacuums. Her vacuums are amazing and her oxygen levels are as follows 1st 56% 2nd 36% 3rd 25% 4th 29%. She gets samba and all kinds of unusual sensations.
Incredible super vacuums with oxygen in 20’s b. At the end of each attempt she starts squirming around, moving her legs and arching her back as she attempts to hold a vacuum during contractions. Sometimes during recovery’s she looks like she’s having an orgasm.
Incredible super vacuums with oxygen in 20’s c. This is the same as cam a but has no heart beat audio. The room audio is very clear because we are at that magical time when we don’t need heat or air conditioning.
Expanded description: This is definitely one of our best vacuum videos ever. It has everything including some awesome heart reactions. Super sexy recoveries where she’s struggling really hard to stay conscious. Gorgeous abs and ribs. In between each attempt she described all of the weird sensations she was feeling in her body. She got hot and cold sensations, tingling and total loss of feeling in some extremities, weird ear pulling in sensations, chest tightness, blacked out vision, odd sensations in her nether regions and probably a few more things I can’t recall.
Ultrasound exploration of organs. The Doctor explores all over her abdomen with the ultrasound transducer. You can see organs and food being digested. Some belly noises.
Cardio work out for fast heart beat. She does some cardio work in her bright blue bikini then stops to rest and record her heart as it transition from fast to slow.