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Oxygen breath holds first time is amazing cam a. She tries oxygen breath holds and gets a best time of 6:27 with 2 minutes straight of contractions. Of course her heart is skipping beats, stopping and beating erratically. She makes a mistake on her first attempt so we are including it for free.
Oxygen breath holds first time is amazing cam b. She gets too high on first attempt and doesn’t breathe in much of the oxygen so her time is 3:30 but she still fights hard and has great contractions and heart problems. Her next two attempts are flawless and very good.
Listening to each others heart beats. She stands before you as you steth her chest and she listens to yours with her own stethoscope. She’s flirty and sexy whenever you look up at those big beautiful eyes. Later she does some exercise so you can hear her heart pounding harder.
All about them abs cam a. This video is about 1 thing and that is showing off an incredible set of abs in as many ways as possible. She’s flexing, doing vacuums and bending in various ways. If you like toned sexy abs this is your video.
All about them abs cam b. She touches and caresses her own body while showing off that tiny waist.