Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Contortion breath holds cam a. She does a variety of difficult contortion poses and holds her breath for as long as she can. It’s so extremely difficult that she starts getting contractions within seconds but she fights to keep going. Heart beat is recorded.
Contortion breath holds cam b. Holding your breath during contortion is very challenging but she gives it her all anyways and never complains.
Very visible pulse sitting upright cam a. She holds her breath to push her heart out and make it extra visible. When she runs out of air she forces a bit more into her lungs and keeps going. Really cool to see and hear her heart reacting at the same time.
Very visible pulse sitting upright cam b. Every time she forces more air into her lungs her heart beat completely changes. She was looking down and watching it most of the time. This angle is as good as cam a but different.