Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Comparing 5 stethoscopes after exercise. You can hear clear heart beat audio while she exercises. When she rests she listens to her own heart with a stethoscope. She does this 5 times with 5 different steths. At the end she talks about her favorite and least favorite.
Ultrasound of abdomen. Her belly isn’t making a lot of noises here but the ultrasound captures some great visuals of her various organs at work.
Heart ultrasound with ECG. Nice images from the cardiac transducer along with heart audio and ECG readings. Towards the end she lies in the left lateral decubitus position for more clear images of her chambers and valves.
Topless visible pulse. I noticed during a different video that the light was hitting her abs just right and showing a very nice visible pulse so we filmed it. She’s resting in the first part and in the last part her heart is beating fast from exercise.