I’ve remastered almost all of Valkyries underwater videos so they are now in HD with a much higher bit rate so there is no pixelation from waves or fast movement. It’s a huge difference. Valkyrie is one of the best underwater models ever. She has a perfect 10 toned body and oozes sex appeal under water. I’m uploading these videos in chronological order so the first video is her 1st time ever performing underwater.

Uploaded 3 newish videos to Divine Valkyrie.
1st time underwater in the tub. It’s fun to see her 1st video where she has to wear a nose plug because she’s not used to having water up her nose yet. She eventually takes her top off and her breath hold times get longer with each attempt.
1st time underwater in the pool swimming around. She is swimming around and playing underwater. She wears a nose plug for the 1st minute and then takes it off. It’s amazing to see the transition from newbie to underwater goddess in this one video.
1st time Underwater posing. She’s already an expert underwater goddess by the time this one is filmed even though it’s from the same day as her swimming video. She poses seductively, gets nice contractions and holds her breath for nice long times. She is at her peak fitness level in these videos.