Today Riley gets her own site because a lot of people love her videos.
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Breath holding with back arched over pillow cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while stretched out over a large pillow. Her rib flexing during contractions is so hard that it causes major disruptions to her heart beat.
Breath holding with back arched over pillow cam b. The view from above. This is a fantastic video for ab and rib fans as well as heart fans. Her poor heart is getting squished and squeezed in this one. Her times aren’t as long as usual because of the major back arching.
Sweet heart sounds during contortion posing. She holds each unique contortion pose for as long as she can until it gets painful then rests for a while before doing the next pose. Great audio from the steth which is stuck onto her chest.
Neck pulse with ECG multiple angles. Her entire neck is pulsing with each powerful heart beat while the arteries dance. The heart audio is extremely clear, Camera angle changes multiple times.