I found the original HD files of Rumor underwater and decided to make them available in 1920x1080HD with much better detail. These are a huge improvement over the originals which were 702×406 and used a much lower bitrate. Her underwater videos are some of the best we’ve ever recorded. Her video with Alex is the best selling video ever across all of the sites because it’s scorching hot!

Uploaded 3 Newish videos to Divine Rumor.
HD Underwater sexy posing. She`s wearing small pasties which barely cover her nipples and the results are awesome. Her toned body catches the light just right. She gets great contractions on her 1st time under. Nice handstand walking across the bottom.
HD Underwater swimming with pasties. She swims and plays around underwater doing somersaults, handstands, rolls, mermaid swims and more. As an awesome bonus, each time she comes up for air she bounces on her feet causing her breasts to bounce in a heavenly way.
HD Mega hot Underwater kissing with Alex. They kiss each others bodies for a while before finally coming together in an embrace. Their underwater make out session is beyond beautiful. This is probably the hottest underwater video we`ve ever produced.