She started out as one of our thinnest models ever then became the biggest. Now she’s lost most of the weight and is looking more normal than ever before. Welcome back divine Iris.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Iris.
Breath holding to 3:27 cam a. She pushes herself really hard with long intense contractions every time. Each attempt is longer than the one before and her last one is 3:27. Her unique heart is beating pretty fast during all attempts.
Breath holding to 3:27 cam b. She gets some nice unique heart beats throughout this video but no skips or pvc’s. Really good facial expressions as she fights to keep the air in.
Nice belly noises after eating a fruit cup. She was hungry and ate a small fruit cup right before filming this. Her belly is very active making all kinds of great noises. You can also hear her heart beating the whole time.
ECG Lower body workout with runaway heart. The ECG machine is not happy today so her readings are garbage during the workout but pretty good during rest. Her heart gets racing to about 180 on her first set and can’t slow down to below 130 on her 3rd set.