Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.
Riley Super breath holds cam a. She has a goal of 5 minutes today. She doesn’t make it but she does get her best breath holds ever and is on the verge of passing out on her last attempt. She also get some nice heart reactions from the stress.
Riley Super breath holds cam b. Her first attempt is a real shock to her system but she gets into the groove on the second attempt and each time is longer. She puts up an incredible fight with back arching leg movement and mega contractions.
Riley Super breath holds cam c. At the end of her last attempt she starts to lose some air as she starts to pass out and then when she starts breathing you can see she gets a little samba and is out of it for a few seconds.
Very detailed abdominal exam. This is a custom video. Doc listens to lungs and heart front and back sitting up and lying down. Percusses and auscultates abdomen and finally palpates light and firm. Multiple angles.