Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Listening to her own belly noises. Her stomach started growling as soon as she arrived so we filmed this first thing. She’s getting a variety of noises with occasional growls.
Breath experiments and pushes for heart hiccups. She gets some great heart reactions. When she starts a push her heart is so quiet that you can barely hear it but it pounds louder and louder until it’s ear splitting. Fantastic instant tempo changes from very fast to almost stopped.
Expanded description. As soon as she starts pushing you can tell she’s pushing really hard because her face and chest change color and you can hear her muscles flexing until the sound of her heart overpowers. When she tries a standing push she almost passes out and has to stop so we finish the video with her kneeling.
ECG sampler with unusual heart beat. During rest her heart is beating a few fast beats and then a slow beat. This repeats the whole time she’s lying down and you can see the pauses on the machine. She rests on back, holds breath, stands, exercises.
Bike death with ECG. She was asked to ride the bike for about 9 minutes straight and slowly amp up her pedaling speed but at about 6:35 she feels like she’s going to die and has to stop. The recording continues non stop after she stops and includes her heart pounding out of her chest.
Expanded description. She really pushed herself here and I didn’t know that a prolonged cardio exercise like this would effect her so much. She does workout but doesn’t do cardio exercise at the gym. After she stops pedaling she leaves the bike to sit on the floor then she realizes that the camera is still recording her so she gets back on the bike. The rest of the video is her recovering.