New Model Gina has a perfect 10 body where everything is in proportion and toned.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Fetish Goddesses.
Gina very clear heart ultrasound at rest. The Doctor finds it very easy to get good windows into her heart chambers. Multi chamber views with multiple valves in view at the same time. Great video over all.
Gina Fantastic visible apical pulse. She has a nice pronounced visible pulse at the base of her breast. Camera angle changes a few times. She falls asleep for a while and snores. 
Gina topless heart tour cam a. She gives a tour of her heart sounds by moving the steth to the main auscultation sites. At each site she does a breath hold for variety.
Gina topless heart tour cam b. This cam is for those more focused on her breasts during the heart tour. You can see her whole body rocking slightly with each heart beat.